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  1. I did when I had dogs &/or cats. They were part of my family.
  2. I would be interested in reading more on that. Can you direct me towards anything online or in books?
  3. It's comforting to read of balance, honoring both the mother & the father.
  4. In Awo, drums are used to heal, communicate, honor the orishas, meditate, dance (it's own form of healing/spirituality/meditation), trance. The body of the drum, made from the tree connects the earth/material to the sky/spiritual & the skin (head of drum) represents all beings. In drum circles, some experience entrainment, getting lost in the rhythm to the point that we loose sense of time, space & are completely lost in the present moment, the experience of union.
  5. Well I had pecan pie in my mind but someone mentioned pizza & it's been so long that I had a good slice of pizza that I would trade my sweet dessert calories for a slice of pizza. yummy, hot, cheesy pizza, chewy extra cheese pizza with thin crunchy crust...mmmmm Back in the day, I would have had beer before my dinner, pizza, pecan pie & the Irish coffee, but the metabolism isn't that quick anymore & I don't want to get big as the house.
  6. I was sure I was gonna answer warm homemade pecan pie with whipped cream on top with a cup of nice hot Irish coffee until I read pizza & now it's a toss up between the pecan pie & a NY pizza (I mean real NY pizza like from the village...not just NY style from any other state). I guess it would depend on my mood...salty or sweet....mmmmmmmm Ok, now I gotta drive up to NY for some pizza & a tall, cold beer. {sniff, sniff, sniff} yeah, I smell a road trip coming up.
  7. Depends... at home...usually nothing to go out...comfortable at pagan festivals to drum... loose fitting pants/sweats & tight shirt or no shirt at pagan festivals when not drumming...colorful, different, flowing with a cape if the temperature is colder & topless if the temperature is hot.
  8. If I were a believer of thechristian mythology, I might be tempted to believe that there was a cover-up to hide the truth of Jesus & Mary's relationship & Mary's role in the whole deity hierchy. One of the things that turned me off to Christianity when I was growing up was the anti-sex & anti-woman attitude of the religion.
  9. I really liked Illusions, my favorite by RB. Currently reading St Mary Magdalene: the Gnostic Tradition of the Holy Bride by Tau Malachi. I also have a new book which I should be starting soon, Process & Reality by Alfred Whitehead.
  10. I finally saw it today! I thought it was really good.
  11. I would have gone yesterday but had relatives visiting. Will be going on Mon. for sure.
  12. Can ya tell me a little about this one? I remember the title but can't remember if I read it or if someone told me about it. I started reading Holy Blood, Holy Grail after I finished Da Vinci Code. Finally got I-Ching the Tao of Drumming which I waited about 4 months to come in so will start reading that soon. Have been reading Built-Ins, Storage & Spacemaking. Am currently focusing more time & energy on rearranging furniture & redecorating the house, waiting for the temperature to warm up so I can complete my refinishing jobs on a dresser & a couple other pieces. Have a whole bunch of books piled up & waiting to be read.