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  1. These charming prayer beads was created to honor Mary Magdalene and the Garden of Eden. Delicate Rose Quartz for self love, Garnet for passion, silver Goddess charm for Mary Magdalene, silver Tree of Life for the Garden of Eden, invoking the continual power of higher consciousness. On a nylon stretch cording.
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    Excert From Burning Of A Witch

    Thank you so much so the feedback! Thanks especially to Salem I copiaed iand piasted to ia document to reviaew whiale workziang on iat. Pleiase forgiacve the spelliang here the kzeyboiard ias messed up iand we ciant fiagure out why! Gliad you enjoyed iat. IA got more popcorn!!
  3. In the ancient kingdoms of long ago Speaking words of love in the ancient tongues The languages now forgotten How empty was her soul even now Without him by her side They held each other close in the dark She felt him enter her chambers Even when he was, absent from her presence She heard his voice in her slumber deep And reached out her hand to him She opened her eyes in the darkness To find he was not there Her soul screamed in its agony She felt the hot tears on her face He had her soul Her love had been a gift she put in his hands… Now everything seemed to be adrift Tossing and turning on the ocean tides Never truly knowing the reasons why How love is a fleeting thing Trust became hot tears of sorrow Burrowing deep into the heart of The princess of long ago What truth is this? The truth she hears. Is there more to be told of this disturbing tale That rips asunder heart and soul…and leaves the mind Wretched with the thoughts of unknown emotion Oh but for one moment that he would confess his true desire Confess a love borne of such lies and deceit To regain his honor Searching deep within the recesses of his own heart That such truth should be a lantern of light to set his spirit free The Goddess lift his soul to the Heavens, to sit at the feet of the Holy Ones In complete surrender of that truth…
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    Lonely Lady In A Gown...

    I dont know I actually liked it. Very sad but enjoyable.
  5. Burning of a Witch By Rev. Morgana RedSkye Black “If ye will save yer life, then ye would confess to be a witch.” “If I will confess to be a witch, then I would be condemned to die, my lord.” The Magistrate slammed his fist on the table beside me. I felt the chains cut into my flesh as I jumped in fain surprise. The cold winter wind blew outside the window, like a woman’s cry of pain. Indeed, for as the chains cut into my wrists, blood ran down my arms, and fell in tiny red droplets on the cold stone floor. “What do ye fear most my lord, that ye believe me a Witch, or that I am a woman, a woman ye once loved and now condemn to die?” He looked at me with daggers in his eyes. In his heart, he knew I spoke the truth, but it mattered naught. This man, claiming to be so holy and righteous, was only a man and subject to the will of his peers and not to his own heart and soul. It mattered naught that he had loved me once. He motioned for his man who stood still as a statue by the door, who moved toward me with his whip in hand. The man grabbed me by my hair and threw me to the floor, I bit my tongue as pain shot threw my body, I refused to cry out, for to do so would show my weakness. He tore the thin blanket from me and raised his weapon of torture. The whip came down and cut into my skin sending ribbons of blood across his face. Repeatedly, the whip sliced my flesh, I thought in that instant, I would die. I got to my knees; crawling to a chair, I braced myself for the agonizing sting of his man’s whip, pleading silently to the earth to open up and swallow them. I collapsed, my chest heaving from the searing pain that swept through me like a thousand knives, still the whip came down till I heard the Magistrate in his grating cynical tone; “Enough.” “End yer torture Elizabeth, ye can end this, and all ye have to do is confess.” He leaned over me whispering in my ear. I lifted my head slowly and gazed at him with blood shot eyes, a single tear escaped, sliding down my face. He took out a cloth from his pocket and wiped my face, I turned my face away from him, cringing from his touch that I was once enraptured by. I looked into his eyes so full of fear and hatred, wondering why he had turned on me in such a loathsome manner. “What say ye, Elizabeth?” I summoned what strength I could and pushed myself to my feet. “Never.” “Then ye leave me with no choice.” He swept from the room, slamming the door behind him. I heard the key turn the lock and my heart sank. The man that had me once yearning for his love and his touch on my naked skin had turned on me in the cruelest manner. I knew then that by standing amidst the hypocrisy of his beliefs, I was condemned to die. In the passing of the day, and I only knew of its passing by the light coming in by way of a small window built too high for me to escape from that the hour was late, no one returned for what seemed an eternity. I closed my eyes, wishing myself in my home with my family around me, and that this madness would end. Opening my eyes, I looked to the window and saw the moon, that glorious moon that under which we had shared a lover’s tryst… Magistrate Matthew Pendleton stood in his bedchamber with a cup of wine in his hand. He drank the liquid and threw the cup in the fire asking God to purge him of his duty. He wrestled with his heart and his mind. While he knew Elizabeth was a healer and a midwife, and was skilled in her craft, he believed there could be no possibility of witchcraft. That was until a neighbor had spied her sweeping her front porch from east to west and singing. He turned and walked out on his balcony gazing up at the same moon. He closed his eyes, and asked God to forgive him. It filled him with dread at the prospect of sending his beloved Elizabeth to die by way of a blazing fire. He never knew his God to be so cruel. He thought of going down to the prisons and releasing her, putting her on a boat to a distant land and joining her after he conspired his own death, but he could not. Questions would be asked, for his reputation preceded him in court. It was then he caught the faint scent of lavender on the wind, and a soft caress on his face. “Elizabeth,” he whispered. A knock on the door startled him. He went to it and found the guard.
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    Simply put- BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for sharing this.
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    On Silent Shore Ii

    I loved it! Excellent!
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    Excerpt From My Book

    An excellent read!! Let me know when it comes out so I can finish the story!
  9. Follow Me By Rev. Morgan Follow Me, I am She who is Eternal Many names have I, many faces have I They all know Me There is great joy in My love Be ever mindful of My love for you I am within you, I am the loving Mother of all The Muses are My daughters, let them inspire you They weave tapestries of colors at the dawn for Me Let them help you find the beauty I see in you Let them adorn you with white, gold, and silver And lead you forth to My temple Which is the silver Moon Listen to My voice that rustles the leaves I call to you, kneel before the altar, which is My body The Earth, the original altar, the one that ever was Cast you frankincense in the fires Delight in My Holy presence Take your nourishment from My breasts Let Me bless you with the gifts of Grace, Peace, and Understanding Weave you jewels into My hair, the sparkling stars Your Eternal Heavenly Father Who holds the seed of all Life The Horned Hunter Wild, Untamed, and Free Running King Stag Through the forests Kneels before My radiance He is the Golden Sun, I am the Silver Moon And together We are One.
  10. Come Unto Me By Rev. Morgan All souls go forth They come unto Me The Source of All Life Delight in all things With love, all things are possible Do not give into petty jealousies But banish negativity from your lives I will send My helpers to you The many heavenly beings of pulsating light Remember Me, I am the Sun, the Moon, the Stars The Eternal Womb of Life, I am always with thee Let the music in your heart carry you on The music from Heaven you hear plays for Me The angels sing praises of Me, the Mother Goddess Radiating pure pulsating energy to you My children They come together, chords stuck on golden dreams Drink My sweet wine, breathe My heady fragrance Heal yourselves through love and understanding Let My arms and My great wings encircle thee Protecting, guiding, comforting, My children do not fear The waters of your life are flowing away from you Put your anger aside, put down your weapons I will pour My love upon you and be you healed. I call unto you, rise up out of chaos and despair. Be the Sacred Children of the Shining Ones Follow the path of Perfect Love and Perfect Trust Let the Lamps of Knowledge and Light Illuminate the path of stepping-stones I set before you Cast into patterns of crystals reflecting rainbows I am the Cutter of the Cords of your lives As I am the Womb from which all Life springs So shall you return to the Sacred Cauldron Which is My Sacred Womb, death brings rebirth I am forever changing, yet ever the same This message is My gift to you, to teach you Remove negative emotions; let your negative habits die Give them unto Me and I will transform them to Light Let your prayers rise up like the smoke of incense I adore its fragrance, which is like the rose I Measure the Cords of your lives It is by My will that I will call you back to My womb In the fullness of your lives, or at its beginning When I have a higher calling for you, it is by My will I will take you back do not fear it. You, My children are Lamps of Light Shining forth My will and My power Through you My will is known, hearken now Until My will, be you not afraid When the storm comes, I will bring fire and ice I will bring wind, and flood For you, My children, I weep For you have hurt My body deeply Poisoned My rivers, cut down My trees Slaughtered My animals with no honor Murdered each other with hatred and prejudice You have polluted My Sacred Breath This the Air you breathe and take for granted I give unto you freely for My love of you You have squandered and wasted your resources Behind your closed doors, anger lurks in your hearts You long for peace, you wait for love You bargain with enemies and make war with your neighbors My children, you are not alone in your agony I hear your cries and they fill Me with sorrow I sent you a Savior, My Daughter Aradia You let Her be transformed into a demon My heart broke, but My love is eternal, unconditional You cannot let this madness continue! I will call My Priests and Priestesses together I will tell them to arm themselves with My weapons Beauty and strength, Power and Compassion Honor and Humility, Mirth and Reverence Love and Laughter, Joy and Peace And when the battle is done, I will call their souls To come unto Me, setting them amongst the many stars And the story of their sacrifice Will be exalted in the Heavens They will be of the Heavenly Hosts The angels will sing in one accord of their flight And the generations to come will delight in their glory.