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    Photography, Dance, Documentaries, Inspiring Quotes.
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    I have two cats and they are my BFFs. I love animals. :)
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    Access to basic necessities. Kindness, Hope, Inspiration, Autonomy.
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    Love is the Law.
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    ULC - Ecclectic, Quintessence, 93/93 - Love and Will

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    Educator / Development Director
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Blessings from Senior Lightworker Violet Lucas   MH, RMT, CTP

 Universal Life Church Online - ULC Forum - ULC Seminary - ULCHQ Modesto, California.

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"A man is truly ethical only when he obeys the compulsion to help all life which he is able to assist, and shrinks from injuring anything that lives." -A. Schweitzer



Hello and welcome to my personal page. 


My first name is Violet. Formally, I am the Senior Chaplain and Administrator of ULC Online in partnership with our beloved Senior Pastor Kevin Andrews. I help with ministering services to our ordained ministers through the main website and the ULC Online Forum.


I was ordained through ULC Online in 2001 and began my volunteer work with ULC on this very forum shortly after my ordination. I have officiated ceremonies and have led prayers at gatherings. I speak as an invited guest on podcast radio shows to discuss different perspectives of spirituality and human connection as well as subjects related to overall well-being.


I grew up in Southern California and in 2012 relocated to Arizona with my husband. I have two sweetheart cats whom I think of as my soulmates, and I have a fondness for nature and all animals. :twohearts:


English is my primary language, and I am literate in French, Spanish and Classic Latin. I enjoy photography, dance, and music. I appreciate little tidbits of wisdom that often arrive in the form of quotes and phrases at just the right time.


Much of my active work as a minister today deals with healing and blessings. I am a trained holistic healthcare advisor and energy healing therapist. I hold a diploma as a Master Herbalist. I am also a Reiki Master and Crystal Healing Therapist.


I am knowledgeable about many paths and doctrines, including New Age Theosophy, Cabalistic and Esoteric studies, the interpretation of Alchemical emblems and other ancient symbology, mentored under Adam McLean.


My current calling is midwifery/doula training work to hold vigil and coach those who are in a terminal state and assist them to cross over peacefully and with dignity.


If asked what hobbies I would like take time to learn more about, I would love to progress my skill with playing the piano or learn how to draw. And if asked what gives me a sense of fulfillment, I feel truly at home when I have the opportunity to use my skills and training to be of service. :pray:


I give wholehearted thanks and gratitude to all who are a part of Universal Life Church Online and for sharing in the work founded by Kirby Hensley and to all at ULCHQ. I am thrilled that our work as ministers makes a difference in our communities.


With loving blessings and kind regards,


:purpleheart: Senior Lightworker Violet A. Lucas

Love is the Law