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  1. The bifurcation process usually described in the appropriate academic literature is not sequential. What I am proposing is not merely sequential but linear as well. A linear but nonsequential bifurcation process is possible, of course, but is not optimal for most students. Most prefer that bifurcation be sequential as that dovetails nicely with the facts as we currently know them in Quantum Cosmology. With that in mind, reconsider the commitment of Science to nonspecific factuality. In such an epistemological quagmire, facts do not merely become optimally "known" and laterally experienced but
  2. All must learn to play the piano. You must git your ship TOGETHER! Everything you know is WRONG! 😜
  3. Other than being an expensive sheet of paper on your bedroom wall, or an ego-booster, it has no purpose that I can see. If you are an author you can put PhD (or some other alphabet thingie) after your name. If folks want a "better" degree (still not accredited for real but it actually takes a little study and lotsa money) that is still FAR easier than actual college or university, see the University of Metaphysics and The University of Sedona (both are run by the same old guy).