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  1. When the savior spoke about the anti-Christ spirit living in there in his time ,,creeping around.. it took a little over 2000years before it found the right time to breathe in to existence the idea of the designed genetic host made up of best sciences has or have to offer ,,upon this taking place the living embodyment created will take the grand stage...we are ready for this, for the most part,such as when is first act as pretending to be God comes I'm the first he meets,an when we do I believe he will take to heart our convo an no proceed with a failed chore made by idol worshipper of material,
  2. After that... I continued my search for the person I'm tracking each time I got close I missed by only moments,all the things that are in written in this form is considered to be a living document an feel free to look in to accounts recorded here are 100percent truth.futher more technology is great when used properly ,but for the uses that I/ we believe the anti-Christ has planned for well that's a different story... so far all the other companys with strange working that have appeared ...i have come to believe if they are in league with a no name silent financial backer an vacated when questions arise it was funded by the a-c ,
  3. When to much light was shed an peaple begun to ask questions the technology company, closed down an vacated with in 12 hours after a the first agent of religious affairs was sent ,him an I entered the building spoke with a p.r person an a chairman herd such a weird story we alerted homeland security by the time the search warrant came they vanished
  4. In 2010 I met 2 reps of the anti-Christ witch lead my to a den of money worshippers witch lead me towards bigger and bigger contributers,toward there money God a-c ,,when I truly found out how many. Factors was play I.was one step behind behind ...its public info but media brushed over it fast a man.charlie had received the first implant named by the technology company (Mark. Of the beast) many companies have there hands in when it was brought to the light ,Google jumped up in fear an admitted they're involved with production with out questioning ,Charlie had been supplied with credits uploaded he jumped on to the media bragging on money at the wave of his hand,I was to late all the tricks thrown at me tracking down Charlie ,the implants was giving the. Green light as ok an now china,Sweden, as well as Yugoslavia, have majority Mark of the beast chip.
  5. No I don't I only know how to write in sich a why everythings detailed contractual,story ,parable style poetry, so no I dont, As for the Mark of the beast statement,people are trained by others to view things in the box in witch they are put,well this subject has no box so here's the truth ,from 2007 An til 2018 cause of certain experiences/credential I've was requested to do religious investagarie. type work ,666 a misdirection,in sorts let's say a new plan was set in motion for the time your in
  6. (So like this) Anti-Christ fact or fake? (Topic) Ive been chasein a representative of the anti-Christ an lost him in China after the Mark of the beast chip was installed in first recipient, -what do you think of marketing chip an its architect?
  7. Get Rite to the point,got it 😎
  8. When I write as if to start at a beginning , then give examples,to further develop an understanding issues at hand as well as authors,experiences,so readers becomes familiar an relatable to me ...... so write style change no more examples??? An ---Only focus on facts of issue,
  9. All your insight is good always feel free to add ,critical at my first issue an insightful thawt,on others issue if you 

    1. Cml


      Young man I believe your gonna be a great instructor as we walk through my lessions of forum writing 

  10. Alright Mark thanks for that what do you mean run on post dose nothing for understand??
  11. I just learning an all the advise is greatly appreciated, don't give up John ,so what other things do you think I should work on
  12. I'm going introduce a new topic soon,,this forum is written in such away that it has to be read from the beginning (story style)
  13. I would like to say thank you for helping with this issue, having someone to bounce off of helped alot...from here I now i can go back to the crisis prevention part,instead in the immediate actions part, we are one of the few states that nothing like mass shooting or otherwise like that yet,an it's not if it's when..when I first brought issue up,let me tell you if I was a politician no office for me lol
  14. Well my friend,upon reading what you said, I realized who to take this time an I let a seasoned veteran a staff sergeant .,explain what you said an with my experience with combat an there gonna revise plan an my states thawts lean a lot thorwds an self-righteous attitude, if you take out a map in almost in the middle is where I'm at...a star there that sticks out point my location ...please don't put your finger on the star cause you may crush my house lol
  15. These are the same people that said if you are in our school an you find anthrax your supposed to find a plastic trash bag get inside it tie the end an wait til help comes...
  16. No it's not my presentation,or speaking skill my problem is getting them to understand that an smart planned evacuation plan is better then a child hidding wait to be found,by the weapon,I was told that confusion would happen so it's better if kids push desk over lay on floor like it's a shield, i said my 'll year old is just supposed to lay face down behind a flip desk while a wallkin machinegunning whoever is popping. Shots,cause his girlfriend left him no way, you would think stay moving an low trying to avoid sight til an exit could be located if drill is taught proply every one dose there part so there like when you where in school an had to wait in line for. Lunch
  17. An those guys were not. Nice .an I can't seen to get educated guys to listen what's up with that? My first attempt was in a suit,2 attempt I wore my authority gear ,3 attempt I wore my fugitive retrieval officiant gear,witch everyone thanks is sweet,, kids always say think of hero of some sort, any suggestions???
  18. In the 90's I did sub-contract security work alongside u.s military- a chaplain I was called then, i went a head of there transport by 9hours an proceed to peacefully unarm a paramilitary group an told the men stories of my supervisors,travels an when everyone realized after the laffeter was done that I had piled all there weapons together, after relieving the ammo first us troops arrived an let the guys finish my candy before detaining them
  19. An we're going to protect ,children an women, aginist shootings,an kidnappings,I've touched the hands of over 500,000 of all kinds men,woman,clergy of all kinds,angels,demons,wannabes,an atheist alike,an left all in positive light,we have peaple working on school tables that block bullits,bullet proof backpacks an such but...its the escape route that wins I'm having a hard time getting schools to listen when/If they lock down innocent suffers, law enforcement stuck to procedure,an restrictions are at a disadvantage
  20. When someones here we can talk change The topic or we can discuss the topic At hand I'm going to use this forum when nobody's around as a here are a couple of facts about myself -1.iv been called a foremost expert in the field of angelogy, witch means the study of angels.2 I'm known from Rome to home
  21. As we talk many topics will be spoken,on.everythang from love to things that may sometimes be so strong that it changes the world of the ones that get told about our conversations,see the motto,lol as we speak you may notice I speak differently, that's because I write as if we're all face to face
  22. Case in point, I as a clergyman noticed a couple of men waiting to offend a older couple ,,well using the method of politeness I used the angelic virtues of faith,mercy an temperance an the couple walked safely home an one would be offender ran off an I helped the other get a job
  23. Alright here's the thing humans are installed with heart ,feelings you know,an the good peaple are the ones that suffers when dismayed humans choose to go harm them well,i been given certain gifts an I believe that I can figure out a way with your advise to catch peacefully before they can act you see
  24. Wondering about peaceful methods an tactics and strategies aginist unjustly acts of dismayed emotional connections