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  1. Something that makes me shake my head is in Rome 2. years in March 500,000 peaple at the same time became demonicly possessed that's why I'm major schools like Harvard makes you take classes on how to cast out demons
  2. With the tech of to day their uncovering everything they found Sodom and Gomorrah foundation outline an they. Know how the insanity happened as well as amotams sank by God hands ,boat an uncovered 88 of the false worshipped idols,an they were taken to a privatize museum owned in the most haunted city in the world by Damian hurst
  3. If your a minister that works special or private sector, just listen to wat they are saying as a open ear,I've for chose words wisely when working in comfort, confirm there emotional stability before leaving then positive light only offer prayor if at ease at the. End of comvo
  4. But she left fast so I followed behind i then alerted law enforcement let then no I'm in service an request an unmarked meet up with my location, preferably female officers are easy to talk to an in about 10min into convo on safety there's a bang at her like a monster was out there,it happens agian myself an the officerstood at ready right she looks at the peaple hole an it's him an 3 of his buddy's he says I know your home ,officer call it in order no light an then the dude giggled the door it was on I swing that door open able the bum rush was on we made a sandwich enforcement from the back me an my second from the front ,reasons he showed up was cause she gave him a vibe,,,me an the officer both no a difference, so keep your phone on you always....
  5. There was a further more info about creator., .my armor makes my blade proof but can t stop a puncture,I think somethings strange I gonna happen with in the time of now til 2022,tonight as was sitting at the cafe,an noticed this dude an this met up on a new date he acted all soft her to an I watched them she left her phone in the table he picked it. Up turned on her location app,then start an argument with her then leaves,she looked at me confused ,I started to tell her,
  6. Returned home then sent to the headquarters came home an now helping out,.
  7. I believe that if done most proper almost ever situation can be resolved peacefully with the right method an a spiritual application most offenders,just give up. The philsophy on these methods come from the original universal church, establish year of our lord age 34 1st century judea the messaha,angered by the men of religion the messaha looking at stones scattered around he began to talk to Himself as the men watched him,as he walked to the biggest stone an watching him closely he clutches the stone then lifts an carried it. As if no weight was applied then placing it on the ground an states in that from the base of thus stone is a marker that line the end witch off Sets the ground an it mark -a starting point an after a 2 -1/2 to3 ft wall high wall with two entrance the structure was a big square it was completely the he stated these words for as long as their religion remains corrupted these wall will stand ,may stand throughout time,an to all that hear for the can come for warship free of penalty an to praise God with no conditions of punishment,this house is of stone and the roof as hi as the heaven,an this house shall stand for all to all and of for this house of free thinkers will stand always known only as universal church -an the methods of angelic virtues were beginning to be taught as well as other teachings when savior was murderd the universal church was torn down an the stones were smashed an the rest was taken to the new Rome an crushed under foot then constructed to completion they laid a foundation an the universal got a new look an then locked closed an under lock an key only open upon a new pope takes charge ,1,938 years later ,Where i stared a big cathedral as i stood within the ponicifical,academy looking out the window,that the universal church said the old monsinour ,then he said it came here an became a threat,from the messaha,for it will cast a shadow across the whole Catholic church until the day comes for the spiritual cleansing throu truth comes to pass an that house is clean an all wicked men shall flee into the night.. in 2007 ,I WAS BLESSED WITH. THE CHORE OF TENDING TO THE FLOORS ,I did an I was claimed blessed thanked for my.service,an return to u..s.a an 2 years later I was asked to join the u.l.c 2009 on Francis birthday lockin,both. Universal. Houses together ,then I went into service an took a contract of faith cleaning up the name of the ulc,I said yes 84 months later everyone loves us now an we are respected,
  8. Where in this case second subject: is the pleaser,this subject looks at main subject as an idolized character wanting the approval from main subject he looks for point of pain of emotional instability then proceeds,to add more an more pressure add in on the domination factor furthering helplessness til a emotional regression leading more into a depression.the 3rd subject : The instigator this subject addin forced rush of nagitivity ,usually a tag along that wants exceptance,..these three men judged wrong,
  9. entry 2: if you reflect on the pages 1-7- in the perfect example of dismayed emotional connection this is the break- (dismayed) -distress over something unexpected; (emotional)- anything to do with feelings;(connection)i- a relationship in witch a person, thing ,or idea is linked or associated with something eles) ,with this I've been tackling issues,an I was listening to some children laughing as the watch their tablet when out of of nowhere one of the lil girl began to cry uncontrollably, as she throu her to the ground throu her pain, she said I wanna die as her mom rushed to her aid,-I asked if she was alright? an come to find out her girlfriends went to the movies an then they told her her ill boyfriend don't like her. No more,watching that reaction was eye opening ,thinking as a parent I ask my own youngest for a insight an shaking,in a head in discussed he asked if I could help within the battle aginist bullying? then he let me know how far it goes. from system to system as he invited to a party where 5 ,,,I met his squad an In,this party they all told me there stories about being bullied. I decided then to except oral contract to contribute an I decided to see if I could find clergy ideas, bout this issue when I got something better,billy's that hide behind a ministers,face mask.knowing the tactics,of virtues with the implications of spiritual methods of progression I attracted them,with proper wording :To attract war speak only of peace, if your hungry,tell all the peaple that your belly is full ,an they brang food,so in this knowledge, they had to come an they acted as I knew the would first the main bully ,came with attitude of never good enough.this subject use the abuseful mentality that made to break a person in to making a mistake then using that mistake as fuel as well as proof that your less than,.after first subject is considered to be comfortable in a dominating position..
  10. I could let you three go,but forgiveness was a main goal for the savior, when I received the message I was tasked with authority,so I'm thinking that you were not ordained by hand only on the net I got many options, you stated not faithful ,need proof so you guys can't fall back on the father son or anything in the spiritual realm,witch means your abusing privileges ment for clergy, thus means your perpetrating in acts of clergy to perform as you see fit,as to obtain personal gain -personal merits witch means any direction can be played,even jail time in some cases, if I asked the public what they think ,about cyberbulling.upon a hypathical 10 year lil,girl your minister word convinced to kill her self what would they say?other clergy member will chant until your throu to the streets an shamed.perhaps I let it go ..if you can answer three questions between member's of the same house
  11. This whole convo is an unjustified emotional connection, you should go an re read from the beginning, I only used one verse,example of --God's possible motions- an I accessed the situation an from the beginning with criticism, to wear a 10 year Little girl down an when I showed the weaknesses of wanting to be excepted ,instead of kindness more critical talk ..then you tried the tactics of manipulation/tricks with wording ,to future install hoping that your pressure would so you can claim your glory of victory, then proceed in to name callin where then like fools you congratulated each other as if you achieved what you thawt,was a win you then departed after last couple of insulting lines then cold shoulder then the little ten year old hanging on your cold calculating,,word an hour later committed suicide, an her parents wouldn't have never thawt that she would have gotten that from does that make you feel preacher men huh?
  12. John,Pete,(cuch) you to should be ashamed of yourselves,exspecially with your names,a consistent reminder of faith,love authority an forgiveness,an instead you decided,putdowns,accusation and namecalling,witch is unbecoming of an gentalmen,an a clergy member.
  13. Do to the situation here as an officiant it is my pleasure to inform you that according to a supreme court ruling the text message even in forum style are considered to be a living document an is admitted in to court,upon my determination I believe that all of you are in violation of cyberbulling.upon this. Finding it is up to myself to proceed with the proper action as I see fit...with this I may as my first course of action is to press the great importance of protection against form of abuse,as of now your violation of everything opposite of what both the ulc, an savior, stand an stood for when dealing with using the civil word;an do what right,I am going to use the words you all have written as a sermon,to be delivered to the heads of religion council to allow them to they have an example of how word's damage the spiritual welfare of individuals.i may turn over to both the ulc.headquarters as well as the universal church in Vatican city where I am known by title of retrieval officiant canonized under the universal law (vos estic lux mundi)for those who don't speak Latin it translates -for you are the light of the world.Because of the false impression that you are minister,an supposed to act accordingly, you will stand as examples,at this point is issue up to my discretion.
  14. Proof is a funny thang,when working in faith field cause it comes with actions, not by askin. For it ,buying it.these guys are all got. Me wondering with selective reading,asking open end request for magic tricks an when the last to show up is when the fire works start...cause my proofs of change iv giving ,helping other religions,cleaning up ulc name ,an the apprehension of clergy,abuse violators 3 changes of proof, the men that come here,cause I gonna ask questions.
  15. That is so funny one by one with judgement on the mind before meetin,they crack there motions when there told they they.are caught dead to rights what deniel,gonna come out of it hmmm I'm sorry, ooopppps perhaps an when its all said an done an all is brought to..the light im gonna ask these judges one question.
  16. In service to the Lord not to military you goon?? Lol I forget your so young,, to service within the religious field,
  17. Can't wats there in concrete you refuse to research the changes of good action ,,cause your faith is weak an I am for sure that later tonight when you re-read you'll see clearly as. You read ,I have no need to lie ,truth is a great thing ,stay blessed
  18. No I didn't offer you proof of myself I have simple bumblebees example in physics you red,an took another convo upon your self cause you don't want to listen or wanna venture thing as you see fit instead of what is written you sir are something eles fraud ,lol I think your. A fight junkie an cause you can't understand or find your way you fight with others to surfice well that don't work on me another fail attempt of want proof of your idea's go find I've been called worse the difference between them an you is justice, you can't say I offered proof of an thing more then a physic lessions on aerodaerodynamics an what's impossible to you is possible for God that's all ,I gave to you your proof that only you know ,you past over that cause your witch hunt in an that don't work either so with that. What eles you got??
  19. I just gave you proof of me --look up your city on the bishops accountability an those peaple there, is my proof of myself but denie that you will won't ya??
  20. No I didn't offer you proof of myself I have simple bumblebees example in physics you red,an took another convo upon your self cause you don't want to listen or wanna venture thing as you see fit instead of what is written I have an I do are way different things
  21. The more time that goes past it's alway funny to me that peaple such as yourself need proof an when its. Givin always to be said is a denial statement ,what I dose for me is makes me even sadder when thinkin that the lion of the. Tribe of Judah had to go throu, dealing with peaple ,it makes me further understanding the man he was. the saviors witchs most kindest an graceful host, I was sent into service with a message of authority, clearing a path of 36 major city's missions 18 subcity missions installing brotherhood loyalty, an kinsmenship,gifts used assistance with universal law enforcement gift used ,where were you at???
  22. No I didn't offer you anything you red,an took another convo upon your self cause you don't want to listen or wanna venture thing as you see fit instead of what is written I have an I do are way different things
  23. Now I could care less of but. Yesterday event that's different. Why do you need proof,of something that you shouldn't have to question to yourself,I knew who I serve with out dout,I don't mind if you believe me or not about my path so now what?You say anything you wish, cause you gotta be right,cause i won't do something that entertains,your fantasy,,well kid if you would caught me as a younger man I woulda entertain your wishes thinking. I done good ,an woulda made no impact then sand in the desert but good try
  24. If you need proof, then as I told everyone across the world,look up s.t.e.v.e the way it's written an that.long purple line pointed differently then all. The rest points to a starting that arrival point
  25. You know I've been throu this dance so much that,it don't matter what i say,even after I gave you a privilege of knowing that others pay attention to you so much that a person you never met 1000 miles away from you knows of a gimps of a moment in time of your life,an you insist,hmmm,