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  1. This section is built up of what all humans believe they are entitled to,well the most cant handle..this virtue cause it comes at the price of admittance.if a person has to admit there wrong in view they believe that everyone's will think their wrong at everything, it's there own vanity, pride that gets hurt.
  2. Truth-- this virtue comes with the stopping power with power of a million suns wrapped in a mega millions blast when it real, An this is real
  3. Now that know of spiritual understanding an what comes with insights of understanding.i moving on to the next virtue. "Truth"
  4. You notice that I'm always explaining ,...understanding- you know, it's great,,, You see I figured that it was going to be a little longer before the monitor witch is you rabbi,come to read to share with the others my words..checking to make sure I'm well placed,well I got a treat for you,cause this virtue is all most done an unless your like the others,in witch we both know the truth, that's why when you go to tell them to save your "self preservation"your gonna say how I'm "something" they should read this, ( except key he's a bit different kind, hes well blessed for he caught a purposeful mislead then knew soulfully something,was off) (I believe )-as the others payed no attention,as the argued there beliefs.
  5. Can tell you that all the men here that spoke with disrespectful intentional words about the father,son,heavens existence-They are not true to there convictions,in witch I'm gonna talk about within upcoming virtue called faith.An all the powers that come with it.
  6. If I misspelled words i have this on purpose, it is to allow error to be excepted here an anyone should feel safe to speak their minds an hart here with no judgments,this is my personal insights as well as information about issued dealings,upon peaceful resolution, not grammar,nor religious beliefs I'm geared towards protecting saviors people not to impress, if I wanted to impress the kid that tried a childish trick of using scripture in a drawer trick-i know the rules of misquoting ,the supervisor quotes written in red installed as a warning to all,as a men if he would go an re-read his an my conversation he would see that the proof was layed to him,such as his non caring action-the distance in witch we are away from eachother.. an what preoccupied his attentions, the gender of the one watching him,that wanted speak to him,in physical form an that's he blew off & (that's why strange things like the overwhelming lil white cars an global surcurity agents dealing in spiritual/religious affairs were the pretty lady an the 2guys at the convince store),-he wont put that together until he reads this) he never askin himself how I knew these things.I did enjoy not giving him answers around questions he thawt was important an by not giving him satisfaction of bending to his will with answering. Instead I have the answering he deserved.i
  7. I can say that 2010 when the living embodiment of the d.v.l- should up to a place translated to English the city of serpents an let the head exerciser of demons run to tell everyone of tha ones presents, an the priest was challenged that if anyone cared the world would stand an take notice if they didn't care then they would be deaf,to his words,no one cared,3 years later new religious leader was appointed.
  8. At first came here for ideas,as well as a journal,then the others took my peace,interrupted with there ambitions an drive.this made me turn my focus on to resolution of cyberbulling.I have to be always truthful an in peaceful you get to read how overwhelming cyberbullies can pressure a child/adult -until they become victims,as well as the physiological breakdown of class c-type bullies,as well as the violators system of collapse when they realize that they have chosen the wrong/worst target on this planet.A messager of authority.-vos,estic lux mundi-
  9. I was taught to speak by using a methods of the living word,my native tongue can only be understood by by very few.thank you for asking, if you find someone that comes with love an read out loud to them,my words at each breathe comes a period only sentence ended to you,but to them I am totally understood,an if loved one of my supervisors peaple then they will help further understanding,my words.A bother to me is you have to read from the whole beginning your in part 2
  10. At this point the sujects begun to forget an in confortbilty went back to wait for the next vicim well..about the intrusion.. pulling my positive process away from my goal an placing it on in to the feeling of going uncontrollable. Because I'm bound by certain restrictions I have to move strategically an always with peace.
  11. At this point the sujects unwiting has already lead me to his squad, intelligent,is they hehe,we gonna find out in the upcoming virtues
  12. When all religions decided converted to the exceptance of"monies"financial transference to electronic credit transfer system throu electronic banking services that they past over your private information over to that service to best suit your needs,when this took place thing call constituency flowover takes place .this.flow brangs friendships,business partners, rivals, good guys,bad guys an every thang in between.when everyone had gotten together in affiliations without anybody realizing or not questioning or being labeled an shut down brought everyone' in to affiliation,an under new laws,the chip that's implanted upon your debit/bank card is claimed to be an decrypted security devise.the capabilities over the powers toward information is endless,,,upon learning about how many clergy are within places never expected, soch as company officials,doctors,lawyers gamers,clergy enforcement,in every field clergy every company across the planet so PayPal Xbox Sony an all the affiliations that own own us as we own them, every one will see the benefits,
  13. Witch this in mind,everything in philosophy comes from a something eles as new wave philosophy grad students an myself had sat down an had a discustion about the power of the world wide media an influence on the our an upcoming generation an I realized that peaple are affected with a poised attention upon there tech so hard that the phiscal dangers of our world is forgotten.with in keeping a safe thaw t set out to make a contribution. Through the virtual world an make another big change in the physical one,an for this is i dont gets payed, an wanna know why ???🎶I payed attention an. Live by thy examples set by an angel of a guy🎶🎶🎶with this I make it really loud an let it ring,🎶it's to the king of the angels that who is song 🎶
  14. The theorie flow as such, The cyber world is a.universal where we all are equally equipped,an with this equality comes action there of,so within keeping peaceful resolutions in mind have figure out a way to eliminate issues of hate(unless otherwise noted) from within the virtual world...witch inturn prevents tragedy for the real one.
  15. As a further development of understanding of who or what you deal with you can begin to anticipate the actions made before they are ,allowing you to prepare proper for the bullies perspective change.understanding a person allow you to make sure never to forget every indavigual is there own unique case ,thes subject have left themselves wild open because the since of confidence an comfortabilty, (false sinces of power) on it's way to bring shattered making the bullies become frozen with astonishment an trapped by there own admission, further leaving digital fingerprints an proof but then because I have understanding an I.know that they says there's no God an attack heavenly cast/host, attack peaple faith push there agendas,I going to use the very thing they said don't exist --divinity.i can you this ,by the time you guys are reading this, an the way it's set I would have been two virtues a head of you if so I release: understanding
  16. With the proper application of spiritual understand, you gain the of "advantage of personal insight" the indavigual your dealing with ,in the case at hand the offenders have followed the proper bullying procedure (cleshea) a an used milnipulation of trouble thou athortive powers,--this tactic heavly used for centuries as a tool of silenlance ,an is now broken so it only works if properly used,
  17. I believe that if done most proper almost ever situation can be resolved peacefully with the right method an a spiritual application most offenders,just give up. The philsophy on these methods come from the original universal church, establish year of our lord age 34 1st century judea the messaha,angered by the men of religion the messaha looking at stones scattered around he began to talk to Himself as the men watched him,as he walked to the biggest stone an watching him closely he clutches the stone then lifts an carried it. As if no weight was applied then placing it on the ground an states in that from the base of thus stone is a marker that line the end witch off Sets the ground an it mark -a starting point an after a 2 -1/2 to3 ft wall high wall with two entrance the structure was a big square it was completely the he stated these words for as long as their religion remains corrupted these wall will stand ,may stand throughout time,an to all that hear for the can come for warship free of penalty an to praise God with no conditions of punishment,this house is of stone and the roof as hi as the heaven,an this house shall stand for all to all and of for this house of free thinkers will stand always known only as universal church -an the methods of angelic virtues were beginning to be taught as well as other teachings when savior was murderd the universal church was torn down an the stones were smashed an the rest was taken to the new Rome an crushed under foot then reconstructed to completion they laid a foundation an the universal got a new look an then locked closed an under lock an key only open upon a new pope takes charge ,1,938 years later ,Where i stared at a big cathedral as i stood within the ponicifical,academy looking out the window,that the universal church said the old monsinour ,then he said it came here an became a threat,from the messaha,for it will cast a shadow across the whole Catholic church until the day comes for the spiritual cleansing throu truth comes to pass an that house is clean an all wicked men shall flee into the night.. in 2007 ,I WAS BLESSED WITH. THE CHORE OF TENDING TO THE FLOORS ,I did an I was claimed blessed thanked for my.service,an return to u..s.a an 2 years later I was asked to join the u.l.c 2009 on Francis birthday lockin,both. Universal. Houses together ,then I went into service an took a contract of faith cleaning up the name of the ulc,I said yes 84 months later everyone loves us now an we are respected,
  18. When this was constucted this proposal went to the whole electronic entertainment platforms, the proposal amongst hierarchy within media&gaming industry was gladly excepting of the initive action placed,
  19. As the consumer I hereby promise an guarantee to abide an fall subject to all regulations,as well as release all personal data not excluding your credit card info, bank info,to be used towards the purpose in for witch this devices.witch means that banking chip there on your credit cards,,dedit cards, well it dose many things.
  20. Governing officials are children of real ministers of u.l.c from every nation,you will be invited to a party that consist of 8 -4 judges 2-cyber guardians-an you an the offended, if deciddeciding not to go then a cyber banking system operations will alert your cellphone ,email as well as the violators system notification,of "automatic credits transfer" from debit to debit, when you filled out the information on anything electronic devices by placing your email address,an name,you signed a waiver of compliance to use the device- written with in a subsection somewhere it states the provider of this platform maintains a serious of responsibility to the safety an welfare of the consumer as having this responsibility come certain right of protection laws to enforcement as if it own privite governing power,this power allows outsourcing to other privite agencies as well as to say in accordance with state an federal regulations -the consumer personal information will never be sold,to freelance privitize acquirers, but is freely shared amongst properly accredited association,agencies,groups,as well constituency's that share the same interest as provider an consumer alike,upon entering information..
  21. Because the children chosen from all around the world that act as ,governmening officials your have the right to defend yourself,in conflict ,to will be judged according to the emails, wording Intent Threatenin Drive The trial will be fair
  22. Look here I don't care what religion you are, came to me with the assumption as well as act as a child when not getting what you want,did you ask me anything about me nope,you all took over my forum of trying to figure out your issues until you finally became a sermon,none of you at all has put anything useful on anything important,in on any changes to better the world, you beg for proof but refuse to Look in to it,as for Christian either your born a Christian or your not,that's why your reactions are as they be,did you know that real Christians of the savior tribe know that our proof comes with in the works we do,not only that we don't do our work to be saved,we do them for the grace of an the rest brought distress to my processes of safety, did you know the savior didn't.take to kindly to religious sorts,an stood aginist it?or he fought religion in favor of female civil rights.did you know this ?? I'm working on try to figure out how to prevent with peace bad,such as the shooting that kill two little boy in a schools parking lot in California,an you brang religious affairs ,if your gonna behere,you come with wisdom cause anything eles is not cared less upon,got now being that your a cyber bully I thawt about it all night an as a real officiant not ordained off the net but by hand I'm gonna let the children chose so if I was you I'd get an Xbox an an a PlayStation cause your gonna be cyberly,charged for the crime of cyberbulling.upon your found guilty you may by fine up to 5000 credits awarded to offended party's throu the electronic montary transfer,
  23. I.know how you can get all the proof you need. Even thou i think you should probably heed., with the use of this knowledge ,comes at an unforgivable price, before you go use in what I'm gonna to tell you to say, you better stop an think twice, maybe take a moment to pray, ,for again as warning whence after use of this wisdom-used in conviction i half to say,..not heaven nor hell will allow you to stay.. Now that said,from anicant biblical text canonized in the council of hippo year (383) than agian by pope innocent year (405) this trespass extends to.before these dates -spoke from the mouth of God held by all universes as the only trespass aginist all who stand an hear it,--clear out your heart,mind, soul use 100 percent conviction, a place where 3 in faith, drawn together in thy,name, clear out throat make your voice as loud as you possibly can, so from hell all the way up through the earth up to heaven so they all can hear it ,make clear your voice an blasphemy the holy spirit ....
  24. John,,the questions are for you
  25. So if you don't carry faith then how are you considered a clergy member ?did you get ordain from the net?