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  1. I felt the same way,when ask to perform monkeys tricks, I apologize
  2. Gifts an wisdom of a Devine nature should never be used to gain personal merits nor the intertainment purpose for the benefit ones own pride,
  3. Come on ,she could been there for any purpose you didn't say is there something I can help you with did ???nope when you got that feeling an looked up for a second glance an she wasn't standing there did you even second think??or when you ear rang from outta nowhere one the right side real loud for only a few moments making stop what you were doing? Perhaps that tone you heard was something eles huh?
  4. Ok key good good job,that right in response to saviors,teachings hold on I have to respond to this-cuch,a daring chance of insulting my intelligence,with a disrespectful request of use divinity gifts for a more parlor trick to impress a person that bypass an angel yesterday an didn't think twice after look in up from your cell phone, you stared right at her,so if you can tell me how- come it's easier for you to focus on a piece of plastic an egnore the rest of the world?
  5. Notice i speak of savior more then the father- You vanish with a stroke of a key,once you go it was never Jesus 2,046 year ago is still spoken of today,you can't seem to handle the human side of Jesus how do you think you will fair in real convo about the father,you would be as a child in the middle of an ocean ,Jesus walked on the waters when ask he said father controlled the waves ,that there alone puts any about father in a convo with you out the window
  6. Notice i speak of savior more then the father- You vanish with a stroke of a key,once you go it was never Jesus 2,046 year ago is still spoken of today,you can't seem to handle the human side of Jesus how do you think you will fair in real convo about the father,you would be as a child in the middle of an ocean ,Jesus walked in the waters when ask he said father controlled the waves ,that there alone puts convo out the window
  7. It funny you say you want proof food for thawt,I say to the peaple "Jesus spoke with john"The peaple agree,"I say I spoke to john" an the peaple say loudly,that I'm crazy,witch makes you not exist, you can't prove who you are can you? Your gonna claim your real right?
  8. Can handle the fight no more,an to think you wanted proof an can't even notice when the proof is speaking to you with a civil word,Jesus has 365different names,the devil has 241names I personally have 45 names from an then,, ,we got -you 3 names an a nickname perhaps you should go an try something new,like following an example,even children that mimic spiderman understand what an good example looks an what's excuse now mom call you up from the basement to take out the trash?
  9. Single huh?Jesus had a wife so you failed that challenge,,he was a master of love,you can't walk through anything for noboby unless its for mountain dew cause oh my feet hurt,once you get.past a comfort zone,,can't be kind your to smart to be like that,according to the list you provided,lol you've been knocked down to using only 3word,so no sermons spoken by you ,wow an to think these weak examples,of you can't do -witch allows me to know your character even more ..these challenges givin,are human,not his angelic form so wat now?
  10. See can't even achieve a simple action, such as kindness, instead an jesus behavior excuse if it's not proof then try it , you parents ,teachers all your life over an over agian said to behave yourself,so you should have no problem cause you been trained all your life an what ...all talk no action,an you could act like savior he brought unconditional,to the floor an you can't even get past your own, thawt let alone act like the king of the angels,I bet you have to drive to the store,I think if you attempted to act as Christ you would. Give up before you would even started.
  11. I.never assume,an don't waste time with guessing,I'm doing something a ill different then that,with each time your finger hits that keyboard you leave a trace of openness an that trace leads to insight,,insight lead to impression, impression, impact ,impact brangs forth change,
  12. Oh your one of them guys,you need peaple to give you proof cause your to unsure of yourself so you find reasons instead of trying the simple action of compassion like a creation of God because if you did then proof comes within your actions,than what you lose your false drive of non-existence,I'm figuring you don't wanna lose the your weapon of insecurity.
  13. Yes I do know. What proof is why do you ask?
  14. For a person who don't believe in the father you sure do spend time on idea's about him,witch means you just want to fight ,so this morning imma bite I think that somewhere along The line God didn't get you the answer you wanted so your looking for reasons to give excuses instead of tackling your personal issues so you make time for all those peaple huh?I don't think you can't even get past your own worth let alone that list you displayed.An not only that why make up your unseeing,of father acts within in your life but take the time to leave your self open to individuals tha might harm you,sounds like you have father issues,, did your dad abandon you?or is your vulnerable method away to gain more reasons an excuses?
  15. To me it's the same as arguing about being human,blue eyes tell Brown eyes that he's dum cause he seen green eyes,never thinking,that all three sets of eyes are human, for all non -believer who really want proof then try to perform the saviors,actions of a good man the easiest of the challenges
  16. I try to always give respect to an persons idea but when I comes to it ,I can see the flaw in the thawt process such as- setting back to ask yourself if the creators real,then searching for a way to prove he's not real,is proof he does or why question it ,the person who has to question is scared, an only bad kids are scared. These simple conversations of beliefs is wasted time cause there's to much proof saying other wise
  17. If a man needs to quote scripture an can t find his own words he is a controlled substance that's been programmed, I find that a person who argue an bouts over religious beliefs. Then he hasn't takin the time to research the past nor the paper the words are written on,an if there is no proof the savior exist then how do you know of him?
  18. Another peacefully sought resolution was the clergy apprehensions within the unversal law that was pasted.look up your city on the bishops if whatever city you live in,had violators then as you look at tha clergy list before You.. then I / we was there, an nobody even noticed when offender disappeard an was brought to justice.all done with peace.
  19. The words Diplomatic an peacefully resolution should never be put in the same sentence in to the same ,I'm in accordance with the laws of man,an church's ,I only have but one authority, and the ordinance of peace won't allow diplomats to make a real show cause they war based,I am a representative of the Galilean,an is the furthest,thing you can get from diplomatic,issues I serve are not conflict based,they are based one unjustified actions aginist,the sick weak an the meek -like stealing women for instance
  20. Now back to man stuff ,across my deck a high priority issue is at hand, The rash of abductions. this has become such a practice that is uncontrollable that my agency as well as spiritual sub-contract security are soon will work alongside church's to reinsure the safety of a public an assist with the apprehension of violators,spread the message of protection :pay attention to your environment ,keep open communication an at hand when alone,leave whereabout info when leaving encluding arrival an departure times, of destinations visited,these abductions are focused on females of all ages ,spread this message an be vigilant.
  21. Faith statements is all this whole thing is made for, I'm using this forum as a bounce room for different kinds of ideas on peacefully resolutions,towards worldly issue's.unlike all my colleagues, I chose this route, I believe that everyone is entitled to truth,if you don't like the way my words are written, take this into concept ,you are in my soul with each word you read,an that has made me a wealthier soul,as for being surprise when running into peaple you know when you come here don't be,I have touched hands ,hearts,heads,an minds of over 500,000 clergy members an left everyone in positive light an when word gets out im writting ,to read my entry's its going to beconsitered a grace of wisdom, so if you can't understand wat I'm saying then find someone,have them read it to you and then you will.
  22. There is truly no such thing as a believer in nothing,an the reason your on this forum,is because of your thawt process,the man issues are not actions by the creators hand ,they are human issues.Caring not for the father is your freedom.This was one of those thing givin to you as a gift,when my supervisors ultimate sacrifice was made witch washed away the sins of the tree of knowledge, just let it be known ,-the boss cares about you,the son had your name in the palm of his hand,way before your guardians/parents gave to you. proves he cares, they made it like that so you so you could come here to inform us that you don't care about them.Intersting
  23. Many times in with in my travels,I have met with individuals that say there is no proof that the father exist,the son is fake,so on an so forth, I have come to find that if proof is given to the non-believer they will still maintain there own view, until ...they feel the heat,you see people don't change when they see the light,they change when they feel the heat. So with that said,heres a "simple" proof, in physics "the bumblebee"-according to theories within aerodynamics,that state because of the bumblebees design makes it sciencticly impossible of having the capability of flight. God makes anything possible.
  24. Jon why didn't you just say use punctuation?. Yes I can do that so from here,I'll writes like a columnists .thanks again
  25. The Mark of the beast chip,was an is just another attempt at control,attempt before this one was trying to prove that human beings affection for each other is wasted energy,an artificial intelligence, robotics is the way of the future,then had artificial intelligent females,put in brothels,in Ireland an for 120.00 an hour you got your,a.i.hooker,it didn't work the way they wanted it to they company vacated,ideas ,heaven put a end to that