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    the suffering in my life that has become a desire to seek and serve God
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    everyone must form their own relationship with God
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  1. I can only point you to the scripture that I base my beliefs on. Matthew 7 verses 1 and 2. accepting or rejecting this idea is simply a matter of personal choice.
  2. professing to be a Christian and being a Christian are two different things. possibly the majority of this "Christian majority" are not Christians.
  3. read the Bible if you would like to understand my perspective. it is a much more authoritative source than what I am
  4. 1corinthian 6 is actually saying that it is wrong to have lawsuits against your brothers and sisters and that we should resolve them amongst ourselves and not take the to mans courts.Matthew 7 verses 1 through 5 are the teachings of Jesus regarding judgement of others.
  5. Ravi Zekarias points out that when you ask a question you must examine the assumptions you are making when asking the question. as to whether slavery is morally right or wrong would include the assumption that man has authority to pass judgement which the Bible clearly states we do not. so judgement of a culture as to their morality should be left to God and God alone
  6. you "wise and learned gentlemen" can have your forums to yourselves
  7. please do ignore me. i would much prefer that
  8. greetings to you and welcome to the group. I also am a new member here.
  9. teaching and instilling are subject and matters of opinion. and as opinions go I believe education on a wide range is of much benefit to people. I cant speak for other people but I myself would much appreciate if you directed your commentary toward the original post rather than at me.
  10. attempting to instill a "philosophy" that is disagreeable to the parents of a child would be problematic whether it violates any particular amendment or not. even if a class would be broad based and encompass many different philosophical views there would always be someone that finds a problem with it and would try to sue in court to have it stopped. it certainly would be offensive and a shame if a child would end up being way more tolerant and open minded than the parent
  11. the ACLU would probably be johnny on the spot to put a stop to teaching philosophy in grade school lol
  12. I can't claim to have done any scholarly research but I have always understood that debt and sin are used meaning the same thing. some translations of the Lord's prayer say " forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors" and another says " forgive us our transgressions as we forgive our transgressors". it could also be expressed as "forgive us our injuries as we forgive those who injure us" etc. there are many ways to say that same thing. so it's my belief that Jesus full well meant sin and not financial obligations. however do keep in mind that He also taught that we should "give to Caesar what is Caesar's' , that we must be charitable, that if we are sued for our coat we should give our shirt also, etc. so forgiving others of their financial debt to us would seem to be a very pleasing thing in the sight of our Lord. as to salvation being a free gift I think Luke chapter 14 explains that it is a reward rather than a free gift. Jesus states the "cost of being his disciple" and I think that shows that it is a reward for our faithful following of Him and that it's not at all a gift. Jesus taught in parables so I'm not sure if He meant this as verbatim literal or if He was trying to give us pause to stop and take a good hard look at what we would have to endure as His followers. but I am certain that He was stating again that we would have to deny ourselves and give up our lives; that we would have to seek Him and not the things of this world. as I said before I am certainly no scholar and am submitting my opinion based upon my understanding. I may full well be wrong. Praise be to our Lord and King for revealing Himself to us and may we gain in knowledge and wisdom of His will.
  13. hello Amulet. my name is Michael and I am a new member of the forum. I wanted to say thank you for your efforts to provide this means of communication for us. i'm sure it can be a big task and I appreciate your work.
  14. it's good to hear that you have been found and returned to the flock. praise be to our Lord and King that His mercy and love does not give up on us