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  1. Above st matthew is patron of bookkeepers,bankers,investment firms,security guards ,civil servants...
  2. the stage play.Oliver has a scene where Oliver cleaned his bowl of greul and said more please...
  3. and for whats happened on this daythe calender...
  4. For credence i9n what I have said:my mother said that rural areas ,like where I live now,use unlicenced road houses to help financially support their law enforcement,all the way back in the late 1870s...She grew up next door to the vice squad capain of the Pontiac police dept...he was a backyard mechanic type,like in the movie walking tall,til middle age,when he moved into being plainclothes in the post office,not as physically demanding in middle age...then he moved on to sports anchor for a news telecast on t v,...I look like his nephew,,a doctors son,who worked mechanics slo9ts in the detective bureau,who also carried a federal deputy marshals badge at the same time.... My mother said I wasnt going to be a detective,so don t go into being a mechanic,as 1/3rd of the detectives worked automotive,and the pontriac polic dept had a 1/2 doz that halfway looked like me,and some of them like to be on the low road,and I would be picking up their heat.My mom had been a state psych nurse in the late 50s /early 60s before moving into vthe pontiac police dept in the mid 60s to 70s...I feel she may be why they hired guys that look alike as a routine,to defray them working the low life routines,and thus have alibi s...So,I ended vup with a 2 yr degree in mental health /sociak work....I had a minister in my teen yrs at a episcopal church tell me he had a SOCIAL SCIENCE LIB ARTS DEGREE,THE EPISCOPALS DON T HAVE TO DO RELIGIOUS MAJORS IN COLLEGE,THEY COULD DO SOCIAL SCIENCE MAJORS INSTEAD OF SEMINARY SCHOOL...BY THE WAY... to
  5. I sent a set of my health and longlife vresource pages with a talisman set on paper,in to the forum ,soyou canrunsome sets off for the crew there,as well as being a fundraiser for fresno branch of the universal life church,after thanksgiving,hope you got that...
  6. 2 weeks to christmas today,merry christmas to you all;excuse my typos above....apx 459 rentals in my county of apx 90,000 population as correction on previous entry,,,
  7. Ive a 1/2 dozen or so thug detectives on my block,who have repeatedly been regularly breaking in my house and tossing it like its a jailcell.Probably with a automatic lockpick gun/tool,no forceable entry.They ve repeatedly stolen my personal effects,especially my religious medals and its over 10,000. worth the goods over the past 15 yrs now.Ive called the police...In my heart vof hearts I believe it is the police. I had a uncle in town ,dead now,that wanted me to take up management of one of their unlicensed road houses,so In looked a little deeper and saw a half dozen and more on the block.They use places like that to hang out in acting like barflies,Im handicapped and old,also dont need the extra hassles,while they would like free labor for such a scenario,besides a fallguy to steal my humble homestead out from underneath me,to turn into another county rental property,I was told they had about 90 000 rental places here in this county of 90 000 population,including the 3 lots to my west property line ,on my 1 acre site... The undercover detective that ran the Shelby Christian Rehab Center,that went belly up next door to my easter property line was a guy named Britt,with Universal life church credentials. Then they btried putting in a unlicensed roadhouse with the exccuse of needing extra funds to run the place on,while it was a undercover op...Me,Ive worked a yr and a half back in the 70s,in the detroit area,before getting a job with thev Michigan State civil service/mental health dept as a Psych attendant/nurse 03 with a 83% on the state exam. I worked my way thru community college in a " Mental Health/Social Work" paraprofessional major.My mother did 10 yrs at the Pontiac Police Dept,my dad had a military police occupational specialty during WW2/He also did a couple yrs in civilian life as a uniformed guard with Burns security,which was bought out by Servitas/ now,the drug cops are going overboard and thieving on a conti9nued rutine on my humble singlewide,especially being pill thieves on my OTC health bfood store supplement,and clothes,religious paraphenalia,etc...If anyonr in the chuch has connections,you can pass this on to the feds as I feel is a hate crime ,with my being handicapped and old,at 67 yrs old...
  8. an eastern folklore,was the jinie was like a rafael translates to mean,god heals and is the healing archangel /patron saint...
  9. StDymphnaand 4 way saint cross that has st christopher,st mary ,st joseph with child Jesus,andSacred heart Jesus/miraculous medal on other side...saint Nicholas is good as a protector type saint,patron to children ,pawnbrokers,sailors,alsoknown as santa claus...saint gabriel the messenger/announcing angel card is also patron to ministers delivering the word/
  10. correction, is where to look for inexpensive saints medals,they are down in Talahassee,FL in the states capitol,northern FL/ How about the charactor Benny,in one of the Mummy movies,where he had a few dozen on a chain ,to ward off evil.Well,american indians had medicine bags,like red ones,that can handle more than a few.You could get your own,maybe the church website shoud gey some strong polyester material and offer different size bags,like with mason line polyester twine ,instead of a chain for around the neck :maybe 36 inch lengths and melt it over the nott to seal the knott/ this is good for any religious medals and cross...
  11. I also need to state again,as like people getting divorced,I Keenan HBostic am not responsable for anyone elses debts,public or private /my lawyer said to take a ad out in the local papers classified section ,when I was gettin devorced.This time I hear the police types aswell as my relatives in the police have put 1`/2 dozen unlicenced road houses in my name.Probably because Ive done 6.6 million in stock,between my 4,5,6 leaf clovers coupled to my health and longlife resource pages.The Longlife ressource Pages,are alternately coupled to a taliman set as charity fundraisers,inluding the Red Cross and the Armed Forces of our Military over the past30 years.I put apx 600,6000.00 ,in my extended families name in to the red cross for them to use as a tax deduction,not having a taxable income for me to use thusly.I have 1/2 doz aunts n uncles in law enforcement,one told me,thats the 1st time vI ever got a tax return on his detective grade pay,a uncle Greene,who married one of my dads 7 sisters.My dad,who had a Ed major out ofMichigan St U,also had 7 brothers raised inboth N and S Carolina,Im % miles noth of the State line to S Carolina here/That is all/end communique



















  12. I thought it may be time to add some more/St John the Baptist is also for heart patients,the sick,and nursesa as a patron saint. has some of the inexpensive saints medals,as well as cards,for those like me,old and on a small soc sec check to live on,with health rap0hael is the patron saint of med personnel as well as patents one o9f the best to get his matthias replaced judas as a apostle,and is 0patron saint to reformed alchoholics;st paul is agai8nst bpoisonous snakes like out west francis is said to be protective,and,for merchants,animals the environment...pestilence,ie,pandemics,st roch;ST Brgid ofIreland is a patron to scholars;stb peter and andrewv his brother,are 0patrons of those who make their living on the weater like sailors /fishermen/merchant anne is also known as hannah,wass mary mother of christs momst anne is patron to grandmoms,,and miners,domestic housewives...old age pensioners patron st our lady ofconsolation;Nurses:raphael,catherine of sienna,catherine ofgenoa;st agatha...elizibeth of hungary as well as shes p-atron of care facilities and to the poor;if you have back troubles,st lawrence medal is one you should get//overall health is infant of prague= which is baby jesus/medal for a holy deathst joeseph,ST andrew avelino,st christopher,or ,micheal the archangel who is also protective and most popular for males whi8le mary mother of jesus is most popular for females///
  13. st john of god is a patron saint of thos with cardio/circulatory conditions,From the middle ages,spain/portugal,gotb out of the army,as a mercinary for the pope,started the hospitaler movement.So,hes also a patron saint of medical personnel as well ashospitals and nursing homes,as well as thepoor,sick,old ,and dying... he s the one carrying a sick man above...