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  1. & Prayer to sacred heart,devotional pics of Jesus praying... a good luck horseshoe charm... A Prayer to our Guardian Angel: Angel of God,my guardian dear,To Whom His Love, Commits me here;Ever this day[or night]' Be at my side;To light & Guard, To rule & guide. Amen
  2. Elsewhere in Bible lore ,it says there are seraphim & cherubim ,angels & archangels,dominions.These are all different ranks,like in the army,or military,or Government. In our Govt,we have executive like the president,which is parallel to old kings,which above is God/ God tells the rest of them what to do,which is delegating ,while the angels are the closest to mankinds everyday affairs,is what I believe,& the dim understanding I have ,far from knowing it all. Be Blessed Amen Rev KHBostic
  3. Dan56 you are free to beleive whatever way you wish,but it doesn t mean I m not free to do so as well,Freedom of Religion,& freedom of Speech... September 29 is St Micheal the Archangels feast day.He & his angel army put down Satan & his minions rebellion in the lore of the war in heaven... I read thru Asimov s guide to the Bible.It said there wasn t much more than the 10 commandments ,when the Henrews were neaten in battle,Carried off into captivity. When in Babylon,modern day Iraq/Iran,they studied up on their captives religion that had a lot to do with angels. They figured the angels favor had a lot to do with them losing,& so added a lot into their religion from this experience.For a long time for a lot of Hebrews,they started having closer relations with angels,as God wasn t so interested in the everyday lives of man. The Book of Enoch & angelic language is part of the Masonic tradions,along with Cabala ,some middle eastern stuff,& ancient Greek & Egyptian mysteries.The shriners & Rosecrucians ,are mystery traditions along the same masonic path that go beyond the Regular Freemasons 3rd degree.My dads family has maybe a dozen members,including the female Eastern Star lodge for female masonic types...PS,the G is said to stand for God in the Masons Emblem...
  4. A Marriage Prayer,Prayer to the Sacred Heart Of Jesus,Saint Christopher Patron Saint of Safe Travel/Travellers,pic of him carrying Jesus,one for luck is 4 leaf clover with a horseshoe/a double luck pic...Be Blessed ,Amen.Rev KHBostic
  5. Hemp is the non psycho tropic cousin to Marijuana.I m grateful itwas legalized because it can produce twice to 6 times more product ,than hay crops. Hay is the 4th leading farm crop in the country,there s corn ,wheat & soybeans ahead of hay. The hemp can be blended into silage,with the wheat...corn ,corn stalks cut up,etc. The seed s of hemp are copius,& used to be made into hempseed oil,that was made into oil base paint.So its a added profit ,just to grow it for that.Cotton seed oil went up when hemp was outlawed...The Hemp fiber is added to cotton to make a stronger,warmer canvas... Tweed is a kind of cloth suit coats are made of,& is cotton maybe 40 % ,hemp 30 %,& wool ,I suppose some polyester can be added in as well... Out in the S Western areas,they really need to plant it on account of climate change.Its the most drought tolerant crop to raise....That will furnish food for the animals,beef & others. Plowing hemp into the soil,it ariates,& rots down to green manure,adds nitrogen fertilizer.
  6. 1st is enlarged silver 1/2 inch St sells2nd is a Latino St Jude is one of the 12 Apostles /It is also a St Judas Tadeos as opposed to judas escariot...They have a St Judes childrens hospital around Charlotte ,NC named after him,a patron of impossible & difficult cases ,some speculation that he may have been Jesus Christs 1/2 brother...Other side was St Cristobal ,equals St christopher...
  7. Something like 40 of them for $3.75 to $.25/ I got some... They look like antiques,distressed as different from being sharp. These are larger versions of the 4 way 1/2 inch crosses at St Pauls street that are silver plated & 1/2 inch 100 for 23 bucks & S/h @nd pic is a Saint in the SW States said to bless the kitchen.My Moms dad,naturalized Canadian,Irish/French, had a restaurant ,& catholic on her side while my dads side is protestant. A prayer didnt come out so good,I tried to edit out,didnt work... Next is a tent city,back in the Great Depression they called them Hoovervilles,after the president.Now,after record disasters,this is the way to go... maybe sells tents under sporting goods ,a 10 x 20 for 120 to 150 bucks,probably needs blue tarps for rain flies...maybe 2 or 3 with a travel weekend trailer for cooking ,would help for a time. I read stories where Churches in California would let people park in their lots after business hrs,& sleep in cars...Then, a home altar I saw online...
  8. They said this could bee the middle east,but its Detroit where money should be spent rebuilding instead of looking out for the rest of the world.Be Blessed ,Be the Change Revkhbostic Once again these are available on Ebay,I m not getting anything from them,I will assure you...
  9. You might want to type charms & pendants into search engine there ,to also cruise that section for your medicine bags you all Be Blessed revKHBostic
  10. St George was patron Saint of England,kind of close to St Micheal arch angel.A picture of some mini st bens in gold; A couple religious cards found on ebay,if you type religious devotional cards in search engines, Copy some prayers off them if you can t afford them is my suggestion & Be Blessed in Gods Names Amen Rev KHBostic PS St Paul Street Evangelization has a store where they sell thereligious medals 10 apx 25 bucks wholesale . scroll to bottom of page where it says store & click to go where the medals are sold You could say I rev khbostic sent you if you want be Blessed REv khbostic
  11. St Benedict was elected as head of the monastary of Nursia .His feast day is in a few hours on July 11th. They moved it fromthe lent season so as not to distract from the 40 days leading up to Easter. Saint Benedict lived something like 500 years before the ghutenburg printing press was invented,like the Ghutenburg Bible. He inherited 300 books worth a small kings ransom.So,he put all the Monks to work,copying them, as well as starting all the monastaries accross Europe to do the same. Then,they started pharmacy herb gardens,& ministering to the sick,infirm,aged,& dieing souls. Some monastariies were known for healing,becoming hospitals,others more known as Educational centers. I would guess some were a little of each. So,St Benedict became the patron Saint of all Europe & was credited for taking Europe out of the dark ages ,thusly. A copy of his medal below,its credited for being against evil,& as a exorcism holy medal. They are sold on Ebay,also amazon, I found is a catholic site where 100 medals go for about 25 bucks whlsl I like their small 1 inch 4 way cross for that amount as it also has St Christopher on it /he s for safe travel ,as well as a St Micheal the Archangel on one side while the other side has your guardian angel 100 for apx 25 bucks + S/H if youre interested ,Ebay & amazon charge a lot more /so bless yourselves ,& maybe the medals with a short bless these medals lord God Almighty in the name of the Father,Son ,& Holy Spirit.Amen. as well as any other medals you may wish to obtain,Blessings Be Upon You. Rev KHBostic
  12. Heres a resource to check out is a nice place to buy used books but charges about 4 bucks for ea book you buy could get what you need...
  13. I htought it was really nice ,instead of co worker,you could insert whoever needing such prayer/insert name here... I have a book called" The Vita Nutrient Solution,} by Dr Atkins.He says the amino acid Glutamine can cut recovery time in 1/2 ,its the most abundant amino acid in our muscle tissue.When we get trauma,ie, accidents ,heart attacks,strokes, surgery,are laid up in sickbeds,stressed,our bodies may dump up to 1/3 rd of our glutamine out of our muscles as a secondary cascade effect. This can be ordered from any number of health food store suppliers.Use search engine online for such... Ive been doing Health & Longlife Resource pages coupled to 4,5,6 leaf clovers,or a talisman set /As a charity fundraiser for the past 30 yrs.This portion of info Dr Atkins says,can be worth 20 thousand dollars by doubling recovery time....So I included the glutamine as a resource in my resource pages, which I also refer to this situation.... My Doctor told me I had about 50 % heart function after a echo cariogram session,10 yrs back...I did a update to say Co Q 10 is the go to health food store supplement,& now theres a improved form called Ubiquinone/I got a Email this morning from theyre a email health food store, I ve used the past couple yrs Anyways,for the next 2 days ,Ubiquinol,100 mg,2 bottles of 60 is about 30 bucks,plus S/H under crazy deals,deals of the month.Regular price is double that amount. On the glutamine,its best to use the powder form & use apx 5000 to 10 thousand mg.The caps come in 500 mg ,so its best to go with the powder. Whey protein Concentrate is also excellent & has about 5000 mg in a scoop/I recommend 1/2 a scoop at a time ,like 1/.2 in morning,& 1/'2 in evening... usually sells powder glutamine 2 pound apx 40 bucks,big box stores usually carry Whey protein powder /concentrate for about 17 to 20 bucks per 2 lb jar about 60 doses per 2 lb container,good for all sick pts& chronically ill/It can make the difference between life& Death... Another abstract I ve studied says vitamin C acts as a vasodilator & helps with recovery from bypass operations,keeping the blood flowing. My Health & Longlife resource pages,I added Cayenne red pepper formula that has ginger & hawthorne is excellent for those with circulatory issues.Cayenne has vitamin c,& so it acts as a vasodilator,about 5 hrs at a dose...Be Blessed RevKHBostic PS,chronic viruses rob us of arginine which is a vaso dilator...taking the amino l lysine with arginine cancels out feeding viruses that like our arginine,& arginine & lysine are in the whey protein concentrate powder.I don t like the isolate form of whey protein,but sometimes thats all you can get...I get arthritis type symptoms with the isolate forms is why I don t like it...Be Blessed,Be the change...
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    I hope everything works out good for you,friend,& the Blessings of God be with us all,in the name of the Father,Son & Holy Ghost.Amen I Joined back in 1982 ,I believe...about 36 yrs here...Rev KHBostic,Hon DD,AASc,&SWT i
  15. DMSO stands for Di methyl sulf oxide,it s anti inflammatory ,so it quells physical pain. Its available over the counter online. 1/2 the Natl Football League uses it for strains ,sprains bruises & muscle aches,arthritis symptoms,etc...I saw some on Amazon ,as much as by the gallon,or just 8 or 16 oz bottles. The area to be applied to has to be cleaned beforehand,as it goes right thru the pores. It/ie,the DMSO must be diluted to about 50% strength,using distilled sterile water that usually goes for 2 or 3 dollars at most drug stores.Or boiled & cooled water at home. We must look at why people get hooked on opiates to begin with,& this may save some from chronic opioid dependency... Some say ,its pain relieving effects can be as strong as morphine without being addictive ,especially for auto immune conditions. The City of Chicago School of Medicine & city Hospital has a unique use of it by intra venous administration for car crash victims. It keeps them from permanent paralysis,by quelling the 2ndary inflammatory cascade that causes more damage. It was discovered by the Russians.We must only use the health food store variant of it,& avoid the hardware store variety. Veteranary docs are using it on animals these days too The type of DMSO to take internally comes in capsule form called MSM=methy sulfonyl methane. Scientists & Doctors found MSM is what DMSO m,etabalizes as.Its in health food store type outlets by itself,& also in formulas containing glucosamine & chondroitin as a triple threat for all kinds of arthritis ,& cancers only early signs seem to be arthritis type symptoms.Inflammation that this quells,makes cancer more agressive so its also a 2 for 1 here. There s 40 to 60 million Americans living with arthritis,& related rheumatoid conditions... .Be Blessed ,rev KHBostic,Hon DD,S.W.T,& AASc/
  16. In The Book of Common Prayer/Episcopal/Sept 1979 ed,Seabury Press pub/Pg 814 Starts general prayers& Thanksgivings/#56,on page 831 has a prayer for The Victims Of Addiction: O blessed Lord,you ministered toall who came to you:look with compassion upon all who thru addiction have lost their health and freedom. Restore to them the assurance of your unfailing mercy;remove from them the fears that beset them;strengthen them in the work of recovery;& to those who care for them,give patient understanding & perservering love .Amen An Irish Benediction:May the road rise up to meet you, May the wind be always at your back; May the sun shine warm upon your face, & the rain fall soft upon your fields, & until we meet again; May God hold you in the palm of His hand.Amen
  17. I took a Mental Health/Social Work major at a Detroit suburban college.It was a para professional type of major, where I was qualified as a therapist,under Drs,Masters of Scial Workers & Psychologists. On Alcoholism,They taught about disulfuram therapy.Its a drug the court can order a defendant to take under a court mandated program. It does nothing by itself,but if someone taking it takes a drink,it gives them a severe headache .2 or 3 more drinks that alcoholics take after that,they better go to the emergency room,or it could be fatal/ They also mandate breatholizers to be installed in their cars,besides things like group& individual therapies ,& AA meetings. Pop inspections at any time to see they have the disulfuram in their urine specimen ,& could be a call to drop a specimen off in the emgcy room . The Chinese make a extract of Southern Kudzu root to lessen cravings for alcohol .L Glutamine has been known to lessen cravings for alcohol at apx 6000 mg a day after a couple weeks of taking the amino acid /freeform powder,not the caps .Whey protein concentrate,not the isolate form usually has this amount in it. Be Blessed,RevKHBostic,Hon DD.AASc,Soc Work & Mental Health Tech
  18. we hear about the opioid epidemic,Adolf Hitler had a shortage of painkillers in WW2. So,he had his scientists develop Dolophine, a synthetic,Known as methadone /A.K.A.[also known as]. The difference is its 50 cents to $2,50 a daily dose for the generic form of the drug,you will find this referenced at,just type methadone in their search engine. The detox ,method of treatment lowers the daily dose given ,over say every couple of weeks ,thru about 6 months of detoxification. On the cocaine,anti depressants are used in the top 4 abstinance programs,but I feel the anti depressants, at the health food store type outlets are kinder,& gentler to our nodies & minds. My personal go to for a anti depressant is Whey protein concentrate,not the isolate.It has methionine,phenylalanine,tyrsine ,glutamine ,gaba,among the amino acids that separately could be purchased as anti depressants ,besides 5-HTP ,which is tryptophan,also used as a anti depressant ,among the top 4 treatments for stimulant abuse as a abstinance adjuvant treatment.. This can also help the other stimulant problems like methamphetamine ,amphetamine type stimulants,... Also,for pain ,the minerals magnesium oxide apx 400 mg dose can dramatically help with pain,as well as potassium at 250 to 500 mg a day dose ,besides using the O.T.C.meds like excedrin,aspirin,& acetominophen.I hear the Ibuprophen can weaken the heart & I have heart troubles myself ,so I put my Ibuprophen in storage,& coffee helps with the excedrin,aspirin,& /or tylenol /God Bless us All,Amen,Rev KHBostic,Hon DD,AASc,&SWT/
  19. I m into the health food type healing & maintenance /on supplements myself. There s a book called" Prescription For Nutritional Healing" by Balch,5th Revision by Bell.Its America s no 1 book on natural healing. Bell is a PHD,with Harvard Med School ,& said she teaches all the health food approach type of things in nutrition class at the Medical School. Over the past 30 yrs,I have been doing a Health & Long Life Resource pages ,coupled to a 4,or 5,or 6 leaf clover for charity fundraising/mainly for the Red Cross. Alternately,a talisman set,coupled to my Health & Long Life Resource pages.My health & Healing pages agree with the info in this said book I refer you to. I passed the State Nursing exam in S Florida back in 1980,while working at the S FL St Hospital as a Unit Treatment & Rehab Specialist for the State. Since then,I ve done independent studies in alternative ,complementary,& integrative medicine/ie,the past 38 yrs. Use your search engine for health food store types of outlets.Swanson Vitamins & Puritans are 2 of the largest. I recommend in my pages that if nothing else,a good one a day vitamin is the foundation of any health plan. For instance at Swansons,they have Condition Specific Formulas,& in your dads case it would be the one for lungs/.apx 10 bucks.Mainly the lung formula would be used for things like asthma,bronchitis,& other respiratory troubles. .The Flu has been epidemic this yr,& it impacts on the lungs secondary to the flu,Its a killer in older folks.The former president was hospitalized thusly this yr. They make a conditions specific formula for Immune essentials, that fights infections,& its great for viral infections /flu ,as well as most infections. Its a great thing to keep in reserve ,for most everything as we get older. The Japanese had medical mushrooms that boost the immune system & have used them for thousands of yrs.The immune formula has a little of these mushrooms incl in the formula along with arabinogalactan,immunoglobulin,beta 1/3,1/6 glucan,elderberry ext/its anti viral,also apx 10 bucks for 60 caps. Lysine is a amino acid thats a potent anti viral,& is found in whey protein powder concentrate,not the isolate,apx 20 bucks for 2 lb at big box stores like wall mart .Its great for all recovering illnesses,it also has another notable amino called glutamine. Glutamine cuts healing time in 1/2 ,according to Dr Atkins in his book called" the vita nutrient solution". I hope my typing this in will also help others with illnesses of diverse kinds. Vitamin D3 at 1000 to 2000 I U s ,a day,is a immune system stimulant & can make the difference in the scales of life & death Colloidal Silver is effective against over 600 pathogens,& is available at herbalhealer dot com,which is the strongest Ive seen available anywhere.All who read this,you can get a free membership with the herbal healer academy by asking for same.Its run by a naturopathic doctor,& everything there is also available without a prescription.Lots of resources there ...Be Blessed ,RevKHBostic,Hon DD,SWT,AASc
  20. Our Father,who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come;thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this dayour daily bread, &forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us; & lead us not into temptations; but deliver us from evil. Now theres 2 forms of the Lords Prayer in the Book of Common Prayer: the 1st ends with a Amen after the above the 2nd goes on with: For thine is thekingdom,the power & the glory.Forever & ever.Amen Speaking of the book of common prayer,Ive started on page 37 of the 1979 version of the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, to start a service after a couple hymns,whatever music is to be injected ,evev from a stereo. On pg 42,after the genl confession,theres a alternate absolution I marked in my copy,on page 332 On pg 45,after the Venite, interject a sermon or lesson. I bought 1/2 doz used copies of The Ministers Manual for maybe 5 bucks a copy,plus 4 for S/H at edited by Cox.Somewhere between 60s to 2000s yrs,. I also have a set of Martin Luther s lectionary reprinted in Engiish ,I picked up for 20/30 bucks at I have a few other sermon books... After sermon a hymn or2,& marked in my book copy,'proceed to pg 52,we praise thee to be said." Then 2nd lesson like scripture passage for the day or just move into Benedictus or psalm 100 to be found on pg 50 or 45,also marked into my book. then back to pg53 for Apostles Creed or Nicene Creed found on pg 326.All this written in on pg 53. The the Our Father on pg54followed by one or the other \,I just readf thru the whole ento into the collection,then one of the prayers on pg 55 ,then A collect for peace as 2nd prayer,then 3rd prayer A collect for Grace found on pg 57 .After which a few more hymns of your choice injected into the service. Then the Genl thanksgiving prayer after collection,I also took the old one out of a copy of a 16th century copy of the Book of Common Prayer ,zeroxed it & put over the Genl thanksgiving prayer Then the prayer of Chrysostom& a couple blessings.A couple closing Hymns,Dissmissal for Low services without communion ,or to communion in the old 16th centuryversion of the book of common prayer Starting on pg 254:" Hear what comfortable words our Savior Jesus christ said to all who turn to him" OpCit ISBN 0-8050-2284-8 The Book of Common Prayer,a 1992 reprint of a 16th century copy available at for about 15 bucks with s/h in that amount,used I looked it up last week The 1979 book of common prayer is there too.Seabury press,according to thr use of the Episcopal Church ,which started after the revolutionary was to be separate but equal to the church of England,to keep people from leaning towards England after the war of Independence. I always stated I m ordained thru the Universal Life Church,its a non denom service for all that wanted to matter what their denomination.Theres a lot of prayersin those books,Be Blessed,Rev KHBostic,non denom,Hon D.D. ,& AASc,SWT
  21. I also thought it interesting but am fond of it as is...
  22. I d also say the above reprint of the old 16th century book of common prayer is to be bought as it has a funeral service ,about 20 minutes to read thru it .Marriage ceremonies,ships captains could use it; baptism s of babies,children,& those of older yrs,catechism/sunday school stuff... morning & evening services... visitation & communion of the sick... i
  23. St Micheal the Archangel ,defend us in our battles. Be our protection against the wickedness & snares of the devil. May God rebuke him ,we humbly pray,& do Thou O Prince of the Heavenly Host ,by the Divine Power of God- cast into hell ,satan & all the evil spirits ,who roam throughout the world ,seeking the ruin of souls.Amen St Micheal is a patron to those in the military ,& law enforcement,security,etc....All that need protection.../ PS I thought I d mention my moms side was catholicshe did catholic school for 11 yrs.,while dads side is protestant. Dad was raised baptist,his ma was a baptist ministers daughter. Dad went Episcopal while going to Michigan State U ,Wayne St campus,taking a Education major,with a specialty of art/ back in the early 60s
  24. My latest revision on my Health & Long Life Resource pages,coupled to my 4 leaf clovers/or Talisman sets,I included a page of prayers that had the Genl confession & absolution as visitation of the sick/or last rites. I also put the Travelers prayer,For All Sorts & Conditions of Men;The Lords Prayer;The 10 Commandments;The Apostles Creed;& For Those In Trouble or Bereavement,got those all on 1 page,with a few small power prayers/Along with nostrums of things obtainable thru mail order houses of health foods & maybe at local health food stores that generally charge a lot ,lot more... Ive studied alternative & naturopathic medicine over the past 35 yrs,as my independent studies program. I passed the State Nursing exam at the S Florida State Hospital while working there back in Dec of 1980. They told me it was the very same test that RN s & LPN s take to get their State license,I got a Medication Administration certificate,which isn t recognized in private hospitals,talk about dicscrimination!!!! It was good at any State facility.prisons,St Hospitals,Retardation Facilities... Anyways,In my Health & Longlife Resource pages,I stated most everything relating to those supplements can be verified independantly thru the Life Extension Foundation materials if you join for apx 85 bucks of dues,they throw in such materials that cover about everything in there. Ive been a member off & on for apx 16 yrs.One of my best resources...20% of the population are at retirement age now, so there is a big need for such resources.Paying for everything you can do for yourself is cost prohibitive,especially if you had to get all the health food store stuff prescribed,it would bankrupt our country.So ,i figure Ive done the public a big Health service on a shoestring,while using the charity funds raised for the Red Cross,& a few other institutions & charities.I even sent 5 grand worth of my 4 leaf covers with the health & longlife resource pgs to zerox off a set foe each clover to the ULChurch Modesto HQ/ Ive told the Red Cross to hand said health & long life resource pgs out & put it on the bill as ancillary therapy,Im registered as a Mental Health Technician,Soc Work Tech,& Health Care Tech,all the way back to 1981 here in NC. Fo ra Person in Trouble or Bereavement O merciful Father,who has taught us in thy holy word that thou does not willingly afflict or grieve the children of men: look with pity upon the sorrows of thy servant for whom our prayers are offered .Remember them ,O Lord,in mercy, nourish their souls with patience ,comfort them withy a sense of thy goodness ,lift up thy countenance upon them & give them peace;through Jesus Christ our Lord.Amen Emgcy Baptism :Make the sign of the cross on their forehead & say:I Baptise thee in the name of the Father,& of the Son,&of the Holy Spirit.Amen use water or full immersion. I also managed to get this emgcy baptism on the prayer page as well as here now,where anyone may avail of ths resource from here on out....Be Blessed in the name of the Father,son,& Holy Ghost .Amen
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    I also wanted to say Im sorry for your loss.Be consoled with thoughts that she has gone to a better place.Her suffering has ended & she s now in a fine place with all our ancestors helping her ... As for you & yours,go to & play whatever music you especially like to help take your mind off of those troubles.Be good to yourselves God Bless... Revkhbostic Nov 29