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    Theology, philosophy, drawing, painting, playing the guitar and piano (badly!), writing, hypnosis, and so much more!
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    love cats. My last cat, "Jack" was a human in disguise
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    being a searcher
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    when I am weak then I am strong
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    retired from full time work (but a "forever" student)

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I have a vivid imagination that never seems to stop.  I am interesed in everything but also question everything.

I love ballet which usually makes me cry it's the gracefulness of the movement that does it.  Mozart is my favourite composer- the melodies of his music touch the soul like nothng else - it's like peering into heaven for me.  I am in Christian ministry and particularly enjoy preaching.  In worship I try to be imaginative using puppets, pictures and stories I have created myself. I also draw cartoons on my tablet and use those in worship too besides writing additional verses to hymns to fit in with my chosen theme.


I have a BA (hons) degree in theology from an English university and wrote my final thesis on the subject of discipleship in the Synoptic gospels for which I earned a first-class mark.  Theology in my view is the most amazing subject to study not least because it creates more questions than answers.  I value all the learning of have done especially with the ULC.  Some people knock the ULC but I do not.  In life we get from it what we put in.  Learnign is an invstment in oneself.  Here's one of my own quotes which has particular significance for me as a hypnotheropist: "there's no future in the past."


For me truth is always knocking at the door but just beyond reach to be certain of anything.  The poems and songs I write reflect this.