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  1. Hey, wait just a minute! Brother Kaman, does this mean you're the Lightbringer? (*Giggle*)
  2. Wait...I thought that was Fenrir? Or was it maybe an angry dragon....? So confused....
  3. Guess I prefer to stir the cauldron in other ways, LOL! I'm allergic to proselytizing, in most of its forms.
  4. I believe it does- but can't prove it empirically! (Which is fine.)
  5. Then it boils down to belief- which was pretty much what I saw comin' on this thread anyway.
  6. I think that's totally OK, too- you don't have to believe anything, or you can believe everything. I think most of us are in-between, one way or another. I'll admit, my bias usually tends to be against anyone who declares that they have all of the answers, or the only "right" way of doing any given thing, very much including spiritual doings and religion. Or those who demand cash, to get those answers. Especially those! And it's OK to call crazy, well, crazy.
  7. Maybe not all- we all know that there are reasonable exceptions to any rule- but many of them, yes. My take on it is that yes, it does sound crazy, it feels crazy, but it happens. Perhaps that puts my character (and sanity) in question. But I don't automatically disregard it, when someone tells me that they've been spoken to by a god, a goddess, a ghost, what-have-you. Why should I? I don't think that deities are unapproachable, and I think that they approach their chosen people, too, at times, without regard for how those people may react.
  8. How does Therapeutic Touch differ from, say, Hoodoo laying on of hands? Or other (Christian) faith-based laying on of hands?
  9. That's the crux of the problem right there, isn't it? It's subjective. I can tell you that what I have seen, felt, and heard. You can choose to believe me or not in no way diminishes the experience, for me. People say that they have heard the Voice of God, or other voices, other gods (lowercase, as a nod to the other discussion). I believe them. It's happened to me, too. But sadly, it doesn't ever seem to happen in a laboratory. Funny, dat.
  10. Wow. Just checked 'em out. The basis for their disdain of divination is, well, unscientific as hell. Just because someone tried to fake some people out does not necessarily mean that others aren't perfectly capable of genuinely being able to perform solid readings. That's like saying that because I'm not fond of performing readings with cards (I don't), all forms of divination (such as pendulum work, which I do like to do) are a fraud. Derp. Not sure you can count quackwatch as a good source for solid points of argument! LOL
  11. I would be willing to go with the capitalized God as the Biblical one, for the purposes of this discussion. No skin off of my nose! (But I will still occasionally refer to Gods in other threads with a capital G, even if I'm not entirely sure that it's the correct moniker for 'em.)
  12. Neat! We have Tiger Swallowtails, and Zebra- but nothing blue, like that! The Owl is lovely, too. Thanks for sharing these, that's so cool!
  13. *Hee hee* Being a baby creature of the 70's-80's, when I think of Mother Nature, I don't think of some longhaired lady....I think of the Mother in "Year Without A Santa Claus", from 1974 (which played on the TV every winter that I was growing up, during the holiday season). She was ready to kick BOTH of her Sons' butts. She appeared to want nothing more than to attend to her garden. Was this the first pseudo-explanation of El Nino and La Nina, or was it insight into the weirdness that would come in the later years? I can soooo relate, to all of the above. But I concur, about the dumbing down of our people, in general. Contact me, Jonathan H.B. Lobl. I want to know who you are. BTW- who says Jack Frost is a minor weather deity??? Ever live with the bastard?! Or at his mercy? He's not minor, if you live at his whim. Just sayin'.
  14. What kind are they? Is the brown a Mourning Cloak? (We have very, very different butterflies here, so not familiar with these lovelies!)
  15. No, I hadn't- sorry about that! I'm at work right now, so I get sidetracked easily. Uh, I'm not a Reiki Master- you have me mixed up with someone else, I think...? I'm just a hearthwitch.
  16. No, not really. *I* see them as being the same- but I also was doing my best not to offend anyone, as I have known Christians and others who DO make that distinction, rather strongly.
  17. I like that analogy- good explanation! Prayer and spellwork is like that, for some- a blessing can be interwoven into the most mundane of chores.
  18. Sounds like we're all pretty much in the same boat, then!
  19. Can't say as I blame you, for telling your son that. I wish this wasn't true, but from what I'm seeing, the youngers are mostly being taught by their parents that it's OK to be a bully. Seems to be the case, around here, anyway. It's why we're moving my youngest to a different school, in fact. I do think that sometimes brutality does have to be met with brutality, guilt or no. You, good sir, are exactly the sort of fellow I'm looking around for while I shriek like a harpy, when I see a domestic in progress! Thankfully, there are a lot more of you guys out there than the wife-beaters, LOL!