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  1. True..But if it turns out to be great, perhaps a "no suicide clause" would be needed. Otherwise, it could be a wholesale run to get out of here....
  2. I agree pretty much with your definition. What has happened over time is that many things that were supernatural have been explained and are now through to be perfectly natural. Earthquakes, lightning, meteors, etc were all thought to be magic until they were scientifically understood. Ghosts are considered supernatural, although people are studying them. There are many examples of encounters with ghosts that are evidence of something being there, but what that is is not fully scientifically understood. I used to watch a TV show called Ghost Hunters. I know many people have criticized it for being hokey. But on one episode they were in a building known to haunted. They had a camera crew and a sound man with them that were usually off screen. One incident however was recorded. The sound man, was carrying a large shoulder bag filled with stuff. The bag was hanging by his neck in front of him. All of a sudden, he was knocked unconscious. The video showed him walking and cuddly, the bad lifted up and smacked him right in the face. Now, assuming that was real and it really happened, is evidence of the supernatural. I view spirituality as being different from being supernatural (I know that others disagree). I prefer to think of supernatural as phenomena that have some basis in reality that perhaps someday will become part of the physical world. I believe spirituality is metaphysical or beyond the physical world. Spirituality is something that can only be experienced by individuals in a completely non-physical way. In other words something that cane experienced but can never be reduced to science.
  3. That goes to the Gnostic character of that gospel and other writings like it. Only those who have the secret knowledge (Gnosis) can understand and see the kingdom. Obviously, that leads to a lot of interesting ideas as far as just what the Gnosis is and what those secrets are. Supposedly, those who know are keeping their mouths shut to the general public...
  4. Understand I am not opposed to Jesus at all. I prefer the Tao Te Ching but, a lot of what is in there is found in Jesus' words. I do have a problem with the "christians" who prefer every bible verse BUT the words of Jesus. But that is another matter. These inconsistencies are a problem for the Christian Theologians, who have studied this for millennia, I am sure. FWIW
  5. I understand that claim. However, many scholars disagree with with that interpretation as the transfiguration happened 6 days after Jesus said that so, the line about some of you will be alive makes no sense. See, http://biblehub.com/commentaries/matthew/16-28.htm. Of course, for Christians, this section causes some problems because if Jesus really meant the coming of the Kingdom of God, that clearly did not happen. So, faced with that problem, the church had to come up with other reasonable solutions. Otherwise, the sanctity of Jesus would be in doubt...and they can't have that... Mark 13:2 causes other problems in that Jesus said that no stone in the temple would be left standing....and yet, one wall remains to this day.....
  6. Actually, Jesus said that the kingdom of God would appear in that era: Matthew 16:28: "Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom." ‚ÄčThat didn't happen then and it hasn't happened yet-despire call over the last 2,000 years that it was happening soon...FWIW...
  7. Welcome to our growing family of friends here on the forum. We're glad you could joins us! As you feel the need, join us in the discussions and let us know a bit about yourself. It's always a pleasure getting to know new folks. Blessings of Peace, Al