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  1. Michelle's Wish is recorded, get a refurbished studio and come ready to repair the apartment units in "stacks". We really need you all NOW, please forward,

  2. Made a wish, yesterday. Ever read Occult America? The book is a presentation of America's religious notions and related developments. I get some sense of that book in this forum, a forum I found after a person told me they were an Ordained Marijuana Minister by U.L.C. I'm missing that part somehow in the forum. “Where is the Beef”? The person was real proud of the Ministry, saying a person does not need a Medical Marijuana Card, so become Ordained to freely use Marijuana for spiritual satisfaction, oh, O.K. So Michelle Fernandez made a wish yesterday, she has at best a year to live on Chemo-Therapy. She is now nearing the beginning of a new experience, as her body is dying from the condition she finds herself in after surgery for cancer that resected her digestive tract and left her with removed internal organs. There are no offers by the medical community for restoration options. Really, no research anywhere to rebuild stomach and what-not for her? Guess not, I am not in her exact shoes, but she said to all of us who live at the Hawaiian Colony her time has come. Michelle Fernandez has been dedicated to her recovery from serious “smoking journeys” for 30 years and is performing as a Resident Manager for one of the older motels in the Waikiki area, one that had become a den of ill repute, complete with an International Youth Hostel in a few of the rooms in a approximately 60 unit building of three floors. Michelle has become the “Queen of Second Chances” by bringing in all the “Chronics” and other challenged (Meeeeeeeeee) on the various programs to recover to a semblance of Sobriety in their own personal air conditioned studio apartment, all utilities included. Michelle's wish is for her project, the restoration of the Hawaiian Colony building, the community safety and the people of clinical challenges be completed. And there are/have been/will be set backs. Here is your invitation to get involved, we need good tenants, places available at $1100.00. We need whatever we can get as Michelle explains her needs, dreams and wishes for us before she goes. Contact her to offer help, find out what she needs and come work for us here as volunteer or what...? The building is maybe a 1950 - 1960 model and needs what Michelle says and the M-7 Corporation can pay for or get any other way. The building is sound, has two businesses, a retail souvenir shop and Youth Hostel/Moped Rental, AND, has a area out front that would lend it’s self to a drive-up/through,“Michelle's Coffee” and “Shave Ice” - a Memorial to Michelle and staying Sober, allowing for some handicapped residents, a place to do a shared task leading to only God knows. The M-7 Corporation's phone for the property at 1946 Ala Moana Blvd., Honolulu, HI 96815, 808-396-4700. The address is M-7 Corporation, Executive Plaza, Ste., #201, 6700 Kalanianaole Hwy., Honolulu, HI 96825.,+Honolulu,+HI+96815&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x7c006df4a28db289:0x81f4d556afaaeb17,1946+Ala+Moana+Blvd,+Honolulu,+HI+96815&gl=us&sa=X&ei=PPa1U9DLEcjhoASLj4G4BQ&ved=0CBUQ8gEoATAA Michelle is acting very strong but is consumed with her care and rest and a bit of “anxiety" her dream and work might “slip away” when she passes on along to Heaven. Write Michelle at Michelle Fernandez, 1946 Ala Moana Blvd., apt., 124, Honolulu, HI 96815, atten: Resident Manager and offer what you can and see the rewards from the Big Guy. Should you have a priority need, offer, call 808-949-5330, remember she is tired, busy and all too willing to exhaust herself. Please come in from everywhere and flood this lady with the “Luck of the Irish” to get her sent off well and Waikiki keep the devil's at bay for as long as we can here at the Hawaiian Colony. Thanks, Star Seed. I going to help as I can and probably meet my maker from here as well, not a bad launching pad at all..... Ask, an, 'yee 'haw, shall receive, RIGHT??? I need this kind housing to be successful and honest like my neighbors. Mahalo.
  3. Gosh, good thing I got a clue about Divine Provinence, otherwise the things going on to me the way they are happening are unfathomable in any other context having me wonder if I or other's will ever be able to do right. Having the idea to be exceptional and strive for perfection is an American value imbued into my German self. Anybody have an idea how corrupt things have become? I believe I'm relocated to corruption central. How do people devolve and find satisfaction serving "money" greedly rather then "people" honestly. An example, today, is, the neatest foodbank, a charity, is not included in the neighborhood's renewel plan. More displacement by the monied who keep the rest unmonied. I'm sick of my fellow inhumans telling each other what they are not worth, do the work and send in all of your kids to war for profit of... So much for the come-along, hear this one, "Besorah of Yahushu", ever hear of it, I found a copy in the rain in the park a week ago? I got the Natsarium Version. From the text, Besorah is Hebrew for message, testimony, report - sounds military. Yahusha is Hebrew for Yah is our Deliverer - Yah is a karate sound or sound a swordsman makes to me. Love one another, a point the text prints on the cover pages must be how we get delivered and plenty people do not love me, go figure. They do want to love my money and things but not me. So how does this work? Who loves who? Or WHAT. Royal Ysraelites is a sticker in the book by Bringing the 2 SCATTERED Houses of Isreal HOME TO YAH. Matithyahu (YAHU) 24:14: "And this besorah of the reign shall be proclaimed in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end shall come". WHAT? What end, what means end? Matithyahu 24:13: "But he who shall have endured to the end shall be delivered". Ahhh, like telling the person next to you on the bus the seat they are in is occupied - occupied by the person you commented to about the seat. Matithyahu 24:12: "And because of the increase of lawlessness, the love of many shall become cold". So here is a noodle. a thread, a string to discuss the BYNV, the truer truth, better translations "Prepare the Wineskin of your Heart to receive New Wine". - men's teaching are Old Wine, what does this say for WOmahn? The angel has spoken again through enormous discomfort, into pain, hoping to hook in a meaningful way. I'm curious about the sharing of the Besorah and then the end. Yep, what a deal. ISBN: 978 1 4675 8347 3 90000 BYNV 24-3-6-14 Natsarim Version, Edited by Natsarim, True Name Restored, Revised and Published by Turah Institute, POB 436044, Louisville, KY 40253- 6044 Torah Institute - Restoring the Lost Tribe of Israel I'm enjoying the reading, maps and symbols and all the more correct spelling, translation, still strange. Any Priest here want to mention Communes or other community of folks that practice love not the devolving practices insisting on money from the poor, of bind and fine for cheap labor? I need a whole World of these kind folks, not just a Parish or City or County, but anything would be a good start. I also want a better hope then divine Provinence actually as an answer. See you and asprin later, sure tired of my insides feeling like they are ripping.
  4. Do not miss thread, News Flash, G.M.O., God Move Over, Kauai Never Conquered, Ministry and Ministers must move on this NOW.

  5. I have seen banned Ministers on this website, who and what does the banning is not arbitrary or in the area of freedom, more a mousetrap here waitng to "go off because it does", this and other forums have "Nazi" power hungry wrong doing folks that exzempt the first chance they get to feel important and "have a meal that day". Religous Ministers know Jesus was also not liked for his speech and actions by the power drivers. The most undemocratic forum I've run into is a flight simulator website forum, guarantees no free speech, a website that is proud there is a "wing clipping" immoderator, if you ask me, banned should not happen, poor speech and improper speech, should just be marked as sensative to whoever needs the protection or transfered to the colorful expression thread in a forum. Restore any banned person and get with it not against it, whatever it may be.
  6. Welcome to our little family of friends here at the forum! I hope you will give us the opportunity to get to know you better and look forward to your contributions to the many discussions. It's always a pleasure to meet new people, thus new perspectives and new ideals to throw in the mix. Blessings of Peace, Al

  7. People being Ordained must just will these to be free and fun...