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  1. Also in the news that the new York. synouge of Satan had came and performed a pink mass at the gravesite in wedtboro where Fred Phelps was buried at.
  2. When the treasury was passing out money in the capital part each state. to divide for each district. ours said that he didn't want to accept the money from. the treasury department. I live in Mississippi. Mississippi is looking kinda rough these. days on account of most of our counties are dry. counties.
  3. I can't find one. the job wynns don't have anything to find neither. And can't afford to travel at the moment. I have somewhat of a job. I work for a construction site. It pays a hundred dollars a week. only work in good weather. and half the time if he has something I can do.
  4. Thanks for the advice. but all my uncles going through a lawyer. One had to wait about a year. my other uncle he's been trying for the last three years and one lawyer drops the case and another lawyer gets it on a rebound. a never ending case.
  5. I'm not able to get welfare. Foodstamps. SSI check or healthcare enrollment benefits.
  6. Right now I'm learning to hold ceremonies and rituals. and practicing rites to have my own church and followers
  7. The reason why I became ordained. to obtain a legit order to start my own church. perform rituals. rites and ceremonies. and to become a leader and not a follower
  8. I prrfer the word sinister or magus. the word witch is prefered by the wiccs.s or those who practices the trre fold law and the upright pentegram. i heard of the term of warlock in some of my researches but the warlock isn't true but a myth.
  9. Gospel of Judas Iscariot where Jesus was explaining the outer realm of this universe. and he explained to him. What kind of beings there was, and who ruled over all. Also the Gospel of Peter. Only at the time when Mary and Jesus took refuge in a cave, and they had intercourse. Only the Knights Templars new of it.