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  1. Sophia, I think it is easy enough to see if someone is your friend or not. A real friend is willing to sacrifice some of themselves to you. They will do what they can to make time for you and they do not take you for granted. They are honest and sincere about their feelings and motives.
  2. What do you believe causes someone to become religious or atheist?
  3. Sophia, I noticed the same type of thing going on. I also noticed people would get attacked for asking for advice. Certain members would tell them they needed to go else where for advise. They would say that is not what the site is for. I remeber one incident where a member attempted to responde to such an answer and he got the same harsh treatment the person asking the question did. They may claim to be Christian, but they obviously are not in the truest sense of the word.
  4. Has anyone been on this site? If so what is your impression?
  5. For me it was about 21 years old. That is when I moved out and took control of my own life.