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  2. Mark Lowery ~ Marry Did You Know
  4. I have started reading a series of books and found them to be quite enjoyable and helpful and applicable in my Christian Life. I am willing to send them anyone that wants to read them on a first come first serve basis. My only stipulation is that you honestly agree to read them then pass them on to someone else that may need some Christian Spiritual Enlightenment. Here is the first two books and First DVD available. Again, they are COMPLETELY FREE TO YOU< I WLL EVEN PAY SHIPPING, but they are on a first come first sere basis. I will include the ISBN numbers so that you may go to Barn's and Nobles site and preview them by looking them up and seeing if you would be interested. Book #1) About the CROSS, sermons on the cross~Author Dr. Jack Scaap ISBM#978-0-9819603-8-8 Book#2) "INCLUDES BOOK ON AUDIO CD"~THE WAY OF THE MASTER~AUTHOR RAY COMFORT~CD NARRATED BY KIRK CAMERON DVD#1 Fire Proof staring Kirk Cameron as a fire department captain who learns how to save his marriage through a journal project and the grace of GOD. First come first serve. I will send the requested materials to the first responders to this post. I commend you on your studies.
  5. Our Father who art in Heave, Hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. I reverently bow before thy throne to day to ask for you blessing upon myself and all members the spiritual leaders within the ULC Ministry. May you empower all of us to do your will and all that is right in your eyes. I also pray tha you send down the Holy Spirit to dwell within me as i prepare to leave for illinois today and may your words flow from my mouth and touch everyone in attendance at Your service this evening. I would like to thank you Lord for the opportunity you have given me to spread your Holy Word this evening and ask that you give me the strength and power to preach Your Word as you would have had your Son Christ do. I also ask for your protective hand to lay upon my family while I am away, and on all member of your Church, with no disern for their particular belief system. May you Protect and guide all of your children lord to become closer to you, convict the sinners heart and fulfill the saved. I your Your Holy name I Reverently pray ~~ Amen!
  6. Our Father who art in Heave, Hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. I come to You today reverently asking for a day of blessings and joy. I thank You Lord for my family and most of all my salvation. You know my hear Lord, and I pray that You use me today to touch someone's life in a way only You can do. Please look after all of my family and friends. Please Lord convict the sinner, in their hear, t that they may come to Know You and Bless the Saved as only you can. I ask all of this in Jesus name~Amen.
  7. In order to fully understand me and my belief systems you must first know who MY KING is. First off he is the only one qualified, he’s always been king, and was king before existence. My King started existence, he’s the only one older than his mother, and just as old as his Father. He was born king and the Bible says he’s a seven way king. He’s the King of the Jews, a racial king, the King of Israel, a national king, the King of righteousness, king of the ages. He’s the King of Heaven, the king glory, He’s the King of ALL kings and the Lord of Lords. That’s my King, do you know him? He is the only one that has no way of measurement of his limitless love. No far off seeing telescope can bring him into visibility, no barrier can stop him from pouring out his blessings. He’s everlastingly strong, He’s eternally sincere, he’s eternally steadfast, immortally graceful, and he’s empearaly powerful, GODS SON. He’s the sinner’s savior, he’s the centerpiece of civilization, He’s the loftiest idea in literature, the supreme problem in high criticism, He’s the highest personality in philosophy, He’s the fundamental idea in all true theology and He’s he miracle of the ages. He is the only one able to supply all of our needs simultaneously, He supplies strength to the weak. He is always available for the tempted an tried. He heals the sick, he forgives the sinners, he finds the lost, and he discharges all debtors. He serves the unfortunate, He regards the aged, he rewards the diligent and he is the well spring of true wisdom. He’s the doorway to deliverance. He’s the fast way for peace, he’s the road to righteousness and he is the highway of Holiness. He’s the gateway of glory. He’s the governor of governors, the prince of princes and the Lord of lords. – That’s my king! His office is manifold and his promise is sure. His light is Matchless and his goodness is limitless. His mercy is everlasting and his love never changes. HIS WORD IS ENOUGH, his grace is sufficient, his yoke is easy, and his burden is light. I wish I had words to describe him but he’s indescribable. God Bless and have a wonderful week to come.
  8. Excerptfrom the sermon, "Things that Are Different Are Not The Same" Salvation by Grace and Salvation by Works, are not the same.
  9. I believe in EVERY word this Pastor says and Bieleve EVERY WORD in the KJV Bible.
  10. My decision to become ordained at ULC was not as easy of a decision as some might think. I am an Independent Fundamental Baptist currently studying at three schools for what I may call my "Devine Calling". I was reborn and Baptized years back but walked the Isle and profesed my life to full time service to My Lord Christ. I have Studied and passed Eight Certificate classes at the "Frankfort Baptist Institute" " " and I am currently taking general Pastoral Studies on line at Hyles Anderson College, located in Hamond IN. My current Curiculim is:comprised o Essentials of Student CounselingSecond ManBiblical MissionsPreaching IPrinciples of LeadershipPastoral EpistlesBiblical Theology IBiblical Theology IIUnited States History IIntroduction to EducationPrayerBiblical Theology INew Testament SurveyPersonal EvangelismLife of ChristHistory of the BibleBOOK OF GENESISDaniel and RevelationChurch & School LawThe Book of ProverbsEnglish Grammar and Composition 101Acts of the ApostlesOld Testament SurveySpeechGeneral MathematicsPersonal FinancePreparation for LeadershipChristian Manhood IChristian Manhood III am also currently a student at the ULC Seminary. I spend my time Preaching and evangelizing to home bound nursing Homes in the Carroll County and surrounding areas and offering spiritual enouragment and support. to put it all in a nut shell: I am Ordained with a Baptist Background by Universal Life Church. I Preform Christian Wedding Ceremonies and Preach the Word of God as written in the King James Version of the Holy Bible. To me the Word of God is infallible and the final authority on all spiritual matters. I believe that some denominations and ministers charging outrageous fees to perform The Christian Rite of legal Weddings is an abomination to the truth and Love of our Savior Jesus Christ. I Perform all Christian Ceremonies FREE of charge. I do not discourage a love offering for ceremonies but they are NEVER required. If you would be interested in my services in the state of Indiana please feel free to contact me at: or Contact me on Facebook God Bless ~ Reverend Jason Endress Registered -at-: 1: Carroll County Clerks Office 2: Tippicanoe county Clerks Office 3: Howard Count Clerks Office 4: White County Clerks Office HYLES ANDERSON BAPTIST COLLEGE