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  1. ~ Yes, lovely! Thank you Blue :)

    Our 3 yr-old granddaughter on the way to my husband taking me to work yelled out,

    "Pink trees Gamma! The trees have flowers! That's craaazy!" :D Yep, & not for long...

    We've grown strawberries from plants pre-grown & tomatoes which the grandbabes have loved, but just as they're cranking up, <*frost*>. Sigh...

    Our lilac bush is blooming already. The cat's happy, it's her summer retreat { all winter she's on our heated waterbed }. Has been in the 70's this week.

    ~ Yep Dreed ;) Susanville's a cute little town, huh? We drove thru on the way to Eagle Lake to camp.

    { Spent more time in their emergency room than the rest of the town 'cause I stabbed a knife thru my finger... Eh :rolleyes: }

    ~ Sonster, glad you enjoyed that tomato! You deserved it { ya mater coddler you! :friends: }.

  2. ~ I work retail... Really, humans 'skip the groove' sooo often :rolleyes:

    I realise there are a variety of reasons why someone wouldn't notice the 6 aisles of shoes they're standing in front of when they ask me where the shoes are,

    or when a gentleman asks me to find a bra & panties for his wife who's not there & he doesn't know her size.

    { Usually she's about his size, makes it easier... ;) }

  3. ~ OK. I love playing with words, but I'm of less use than a brick with this. Whaaat? :cray:

    { Givin' me a complex... A co-worker the other day said, "Tom was really tired & wanted to use my car & I went to the bathroom & I can't find my phone!"


    & then a manager started talking to me in Tagalog & I thought I'd had a stroke until she said, "Ooops! Sorry."}

    ... I've had a stroke before. I'm gettin' nervous...

    Grandparents? :dntknw:

    ~ Thank you Songster! :friends:

    I'm alll confuzzled...

  4. ~ No need to worry about slugs or snails here, there are none {gets waaay to cold! }

    Trying to describe to our 5 yr-old granddaughter what a snail is? Never seen one? Odd conversation :rolleyes:

    Lilacs grow well here & pine trees & roses are tough, trying tomatoes in a 4 month season is more than I'm willing to challenge!

    { That's why the surprise at last summer's pansies. Silly things are blooming already! :dntknw: }

    ... Our daughter buys me flowers to plant with her daughters to enjoy during summer, zinnias never make it. Sometimes it snows in May. Snowed once in July!

    Northern Nevada is funky on weather with the mountains so close & such.

    ~ Congrats on that Songster! :biggrinthumb: Was it edible? Or did ya just lacquer it for posterity? ;)

    ~ We have a 100-gal. fish tank. The water from that is marvy fertilizer ;) 'Fish emulsion' doncha know!

    Maybe that's why the pansies are so tough? Fishy pooop! :lol:

  5. ~ Wow Blue... No, I hadn't heard of allotments. That's neat! Sounds like you're busy :)

    We do have a 1/4 acre yard, but it's all down-hill & Nevada rocky dirt. For us to plant anything but thistle & thorn we'd need machinery to dredge & trucks of soil :(

    { & actually we have some mighty grand purple thistle every summer! 4,5 ft. tall & purple & "Where did Scottish thistle come from?" talkin' :lol: }

    Have my flower bed & was surprised 2 pansies made it through the winter... Hits 2* I'm surprised anything has! Snapdragons toughed it out too :)

  6. ~ Humans are creative, always have been. Imagination rampant & craftful in creation...

    Not always pretty, quite true. At times quite vile. At times transcendant...

    Humans be the craziest critters! :lol:

    There's really nothing new being done that hasn't been done over & over & over & over & over & over before.

    & before that it was done too :(

    ~ I believe that Hexalpa is proposing that perhaps humans may be able to get past that repetition.

    That mayhaps humans may be at a point that they can 'calm the savage beast' & not simply react as was done before, but act more civilised.

    ~ I believe that Happy was saying that stating that all humans are inherently infested with darkness is insulting & not nice.

    ... I could of course be wrong & probably am.

    I do apologise if I unintentionally offend anyone!

    Please, I would appreciate any assistance to understand more clearly! :wub:

  7. ~ Ya ask a question of a silly person like me, you're gonna get a silly answer :dirol:

    I vary too often to actually have a definitive answer...

    I have very strong images of past lives, & tho' I have vivid dreams they're always emotionally tinged. Past lives aren't. So I don't know.

    I have had moments of extreme clarity of wherein I am in a unity with Creation and peaceful & joyous, mostly I'm disconnected.

    Could just be me being manic/depressive. So I don't know.

    I've felt deeply within me powers connected to Elements { Fire, Earth, Water, Air } & 'know' that I've existed within each to learn. I'm creative, so I don't know.

    I do know one thing. "Be the best person you can be." In any situation.

    Whether it's a dream or 'reality', wherever or whoever, 'Do What Is Right' is a good mantra.

    ... Sorry I don't have any claryfied thoughts for ya :dntknw: Maybe Agnostic? :shades2:

  8. ~ Had a friend that worked at the old Busch Gardens bird sanctuary in Van Nuys, Cal.

    Had a customer leaving with something under his coat & asked, "What's that?"

    He said, "Oh, it's my bird. You guys should really provide bags!" :unsure: "Security!!!"


    { It was a nifty place, tour the brewery, walk through the lovely gardens, see the Clydesdales, get drunk, Nice! :D }

  9. ~ That's an elegant way to ensure human error isn't involved in an "Ooops!"

    Thank you for the explanation md :)

    ~ They're installing 'smart meters' in Reno, section by section now.

    What I understand is they monitor the usage by time & amount to clarify billage so if you choose to spread the payment over a year rather than monthly it's easier.

    Installation costs, but if you have solar panels or such it's more efficient.

    I could of course be confusing something for another... I'm quite capable of that! :lol:

    ... Lot of older areas around peeved they're getting meters at all... { " I can't afford to keep my pond if I have to pay for the water myself!" :dntknw: }