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  1. ~ OK. You're writing a book on your faith & you need help explaining it?

    Can't help you there...

    A good suggestion for any writer is to get many notebooks.

    The first one you write down your ideas. { I suggest little 'post-its' to mark new ideas } & just write what hits ya!

    Spend time writing in that book & let stuff percolate in your mind while you work on...

    another with thoughts settled & phrased as you're happy with.

    Then you work on those for the next & ...

    Allow your thoughts to wander & be wild at first. Keep that. Keep your original ideas.

    You may find that when you get down to working on the finished part you need your original concepts to focus you back.

    The process of writing { OK! Typing! :rolleyes: } does help me to focus. Hope it helps you also :)

  2. ~ Mary, Thank You very much for your patience and willingness to re-post :D It's very appreciated!

    I don't know much, but do agree that careful steps should be taken.

    I personally shield strongly because otherwise I'm useless. I haven't been able to control anysuch much & so just don't. Safer not to, y'know?

    There are times & places I really have to concentrate on shielding...

    I use concentration on white light pouring down & mirrored outside. It does work well for me & easy 'up-keep' is a plus ;)

    I do apologise if I'm not clear or if I'm annoying!

  3. ~ We lived in Canyon Country California. A newly manufacture city, Valencia, went up abutting. Big money community, developers hired a new police force.

    Very aggressive on getting that 'One of the safest communities' badge. Yay.

    Had some neighbours that spiraled waaay out of control in our house & wouldn't stop, called 911. They were there quick :)

    I explained the situation & the officers removed them & everything was cool until the one officer came up to me, in front of my husband & said,

    "When you want to dump him & this crap, give me a call" & dropped his card down my top... My husband called in & made a complaint.

    ... Seriously bad berries from then on!!! He was pulled-over & hand-cuffed on the curb & vehicle searched at least 3 times a day!

    Yes, three times a day! This went on for over a year until we moved.

    The neighbours would tease, " Yo! What ya got donuts in your trunk?" while it was being searched...

    No tickets issued, no reason given.

    The courthouse there was a joke. Our son was arrested for drugs { he's a 'junior', thought for a while they were after him,

    but come on, same cops over & over & over? Buddies are as buddies do, right?}

    Anyway, the judge was so drunk in the afternoon, he couldn't read the paperwork & fell asleep at the desk.

    In the morning he was just nasty with a hangover...

    Developers own the land & the taxes & the local legal system. Like I said, Yay.

    :D This you'll like! We were camping at the beach when our son & his 'gangster' friends showed up.

    Already a rowdy bunch next site, noticed the big bong & cases of Jack, the young men partied all night by camp-fire light with the rowdies.

    My husband got up early & cranked-out enough food for all, which was good...

    By morning's light the 'rowdies' were the sherrifs that had been stalking all those gangsters & they all just huddled-up, agreed not to mention. :lol:

    { Y'know fresh coffee & sausage sandwiches helped ;) }

  4. ~ Murph? Please, know that we are all are very grateful & please tell Kevin he's marvelously appreciated!!! :wub::friends:

    It is sad a few days of posts of such variety have been lost, but the Site isn't gone :homesweet:

    & without Kevin paying for & maintaining this wonderful place we'd none of us have a place to complain about a malfunction, would we? ;)

    We all really out to offer-up a Big Cheer!

    Yay Kevin! He's our man!!!

    If he can't do it, no one can!!!

    Yaaay KEVIN!!! :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy:

  5. ~ Never smoke in the car or house when the grandbabes are around or going to be around.

    { Not totally true. When it's below freezing we go in the back bathroom & run the fan, have a half & close the doors. }

    Baby lungs, my stupid choice, they're not going to get polluted by it!

    Ugh, I remember driving the 3 hrs to my Gramma's house in the back seat of a 65 Mustang { yes, I KNOW! Not really much backseat...}

    & my father smoking cigars & listening to baseball on the radio. Me barfing in a bowl. Still dislike baseball announcers :( { Do they clone them or something? }

  6. ~ Interesting thoughts. Thank you all :friends: you do make me think...

    Words & personal definitions, so different sometimes, huh?

    I never thought as 'evil' as a religious-only word. { I'm not religious. }

    Or is evil simply people and actions (hideous people and hideous actions) that I simply do not understand?

    ~ Thank you Von :) War is an example of what I cannot understand. I believe that war is evil. Death, pain, torment, destruction...

    I do understand that sometimes good people for what they feel are good reasons are involved in such, but the entire concept of 'war' is evil to me.


    It's gotten to be a pretty small planet with the amount of humans & the technology & all

    & I just feel it's time to make-up the bunkbeds { so to speak } & everyone share their s'mores & stories with no more fighting about pillows & such.

    I know, siblings & cousins are always going to fuss, but if ya can't play nice, don't play...

  7. ~ Oh, Hon! Yes, those steam tables need to be taken care of...

    Managed that cafeteria for 15 yrs, & every day, drained & cleaned, every Friday de-limed, nursed those things. :(

    Perhaps posters??? { I tried that with teen-agers in our home, actually? Didn't help a bit. :rolleyes: }

    Yep. It's time for you to just wipe your hands at the end of your day...

    :friends: I give you kudos tho'!!! :friends:

  8. ~ I would double-check that my remains were pre-paid & that my family didn't have to fuss on that shtuff. { Clothes & such, removed. }

    I've been working on giving away possessions our children aren't wanting { Thank you my friends here! 'Things' are not 'self' & I've been enjoying surprisingly gifting }.

    & then I guess I'd be the person I am, probably a bit more whiny, depends on the cause & the drugs I guess :dntknw:

    ~ Mark, my sympathies & thoughts to you :wub:

  9. ~ Some days are just dopier days than others, y'know?

    I work with women that have wotked there 5, 10, 15 yrs. I've been there 6 mos. WHY are they asking ME what to do??? :dntknw:

    I am not going to take on responsibility I have no authority to deal with. { Learned that one long ago the hard way! }

    ... Yeah, 5 carts of big-booby bras with no home according to the computer & they're just left? Managers gone home? Not My Problem.

    Seriously, $8.45 an hour does not pay me to stress over stupid crap like that. & evidently what our manager gets paid wasn't enough to deal with it either.

    :dirol: :dirol: :dirol:

    & so hum a song that gets ya thru the day with a happy step & smile, right? :D

  10. ~ Thank you Sparky ;):wub:

    Yes, I smile. Differently than I used to, front teeth broke. Always found that the most important part of a smile is in the eyes anyway, y'know? :)

    Our grandbabe mentioned today she can tell I'm old because I have wrinkles on my hands. But my face isn't tooo wrinkly yet :lol:

    ~ Now for something completely different! The new Cran-Cherry juice? Very good! Rather strongly flavored. I think it would be a perfect mixer with vodka.

    ~ Read an article that mentioned snow-fall in 1887 in Montana that produced the largest snowflakes ever recorded...

    Fifteen inches across & eight inches thick :shok: { Yes, I wrote it out so there's no confusion! ;) } Really.

    RGJ.com 2/19/2012 , Mike Alger's column. Or ask Mike Alger -at- malger-at-ktvn.com

    { Not advertising, just verifying where I got the info. }