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  1. ~ Truckers! ... Though I don't know as how I'd announce in a truck-stop " Hey! Let's all Thank Hermes!"

    { Most may perhaps mishear & misunderstand :( }

    Jonathan, quite a few prophets are, well, like dead?

    Ya have to wait & wonder & dread...

    We do have recent 'prophets' tho'

    { Yeah, the yr 2000 folk are still licking that one :cray: }

    The 12-20-2012 appears to be a bit of a 'thang' ... Don't know as it's a phrophesized thing, some seem to think it's attached to Biblical Prophesy.

    But then again, some folk seem able to attach anything to whatever...

    Humans are creative :D

    I do believe the original start of the discussion tho' was Nostradamus?

    He was predicting right around the time opium was available in that part of the world... Or am I mistaken? :dntknw:

  2. ~ Hi Veri! :wub::D

    Well, if everyone wants to get technical, plants couldn't see any animal, human or other as pacifist...

    C'mon folks, a pacifist is simply someone that seeks a non-violent solution to a problem before just yellin' "Cowabunga! Nuke 'em!"

    A peaceful protest like a sit-in instead of a riot.

    A candle-lit vigil rather than a shouting match.

    Pacifism doesn't necessarily mean cowardice or running away, it means striving to find a peaceful resolution to a difficulty, one not involving violence.

  3. ~ Yes Dan... it seems you may have mis-understood that a 'pacifist' is someone that runs away from any type of confrontation.

    Conflict happens in everyone's lives. Pacifists strive to keep such conflict peaceful, trying to find a path that does not escalate into violence.

    Being a pacifist does not involve running away when acts of violence occur, nor does it mean hiding under the table... { well, unless it's my mother! ;) }

    It means violence is a last resort when other means are not effective. The use of effective self-defense for one's self & others is always acceptable if necessary.

    Because a person finds the concept of damaging or killing another person wrong does not necessarily make that person a coward.

    Disagreeing with unnecessary violence used by anyone is what pacifists do, it's a personal & moral thang & irks some. Sorry!

  4. ~ I voted 'pacifist' because I don't think violence solves much besides the instant gratification of unleashing wrath.

    Pacifism endures evil, so in a sense, pacifism resist correction and is content to allow evil and injustice to thrive.

    As a pacifist I don't believe in 'enduring' evil Dan. Neither am I 'content' to allow evil and injustice thrive.

    I do believe that there are personal paths each chooses to take and that I prefer a path that does not involve violence in thought or deed.

    { Not always successful, but as you said, we're all sinners. }

  5. ~ Personally, I believe that abusing language is the only way to make it squeal right ;)

    No, not correct. Because if you're doing it correctly it would squeal left :crazy:

    ... OK... All that would be left would be the squeal from the center & that would be where I was right & ...


    Desipere in loco! :cheers:

  6. ~ I'm freakin'. We were just talking about the KFC in Santa Clarita, So Cal.

    It was sooo filled with dead pigeons & rats & ick they had to TEAR THE BUILDING DOWN & build another KFC... :shok:

    Yep. :rolleyes:

    I'm thinkin' perhaps maybe the corporate environment is perhaps a bit slack in quality standards that should be in place? :dntknw:

  7. “Hope is the power of being cheerful in circumstances that we know to be desperate.”

    ~ Thank you Rattlesnake :D

    I relate to that line strongly :) { It's often my job :lol: }

    ~ Yo Happy, we'll just keep dancing & let those that gloom await their doom & we shall remain to play :drinks:

  8. ~ As myself, I do respect all beliefs as true & important to each that holds them. I respect their faith & hope that it gives them strength & comfort.

    I don't think I've been intolerent.

    Been impatient with some perhaps because "Jesus was blonde of course! I've seen His picture!" kinda was annoying... :rolleyes:

    Whether someone believes this or that, fine.

    I can be intolerent of someone's behaviour if it infringes upon other's.