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  1. ~ Personally, I find patience to be a really important part of love :friends:

    I am not a Christian, as ya all know. I'm just always curious about how others believe so I better undestand { because I'm often confused ;) }

    I do believe understanding leads to more peaceful conversations rather than arguements... Well, I always hope so :)

    Dan, just wondering...

    Do you deeply believe that how ever good a person is, whatever their wonderful deeds, if they are not New Testament Christian they are doomed?

    Because then Hon, I'm sorry to disapoint you. Really. I don't want to diasapoint you...

    I will continue to be the best person I can possibly be. Promise!

    ... I'm not going to post any more here because any further questions would be probably be considered offensive :dntknw:

  2. ~ Hi Dan :)

    Yes, I'm gonna ask questions, just because Im easily confused & I know you're patient with me ;)

    Thankx! :wub:

    If a person does something horrid repeatedly, revelling in it, repents as dying, in your belief they're OK then?

    :dntknw: That's difficult for some to understand.

    The concept of 'Hell', as Eternal Punishment for those that have done horrible things,

    that does assist some people that have been harmed badly in their lives by others within your belief, yes?

    Or am I wrong?

    I'm probably confused as usual, & I apologise for being annoying!

  3. Any moment which liberates me from the clutches of fear is a Holy Second and it takes quite a few of them to make a Holyday :)

    :wub: I'm with ya there Fawzo Sweet... :biggrinthumb::drinks:

    Personally, I'm willing to celebrate with lights & decorations & feasting with family & friends at any time for any reason...

    Every day is a gift { that's why it's called the 'present' ;) } & yes, I know that's a bumper sticker, but why not? :dntknw: Enjoy now. That's important.

  4. ~ Yep, definitions again, huh? ;)

    Snake mentioned "stealing pens & speeding"... is that 'Evil'?

    It's illegal.

    To me 'Evil' is harming others in whatever way & not caring or even taking pleasure in it.

    { Not counting consensual encounters, whatever makes everyone happy! ;) }

    I believe that most everyone does not intend harm to others.

    Some do. But not the majority.

  5. ~ Have you tried saying that word? :rolleyes:

    { Conversationally, it's definately gonna halt chat while definition is chanted & probably gonna put a chill on the vibes... }

    & unless ya post-it nearby, unlikely to be used often in writing either I would guess.

    { You'd still have to explain it every time anyway, huh? }

    Well, guess it's good to know there's a word for yet another of those fears & phobias & such...

    & yes, I know what is said of assuming.

    & yes, I am assuming that anyone that would "thoughtlessly and mechanically repeat the theology of the past, blindly accepting the beliefs, wording, doctrines and proof passages of prior theologians as primary authority, rather than restudying Scripture afresh." may have fears and/or phobias...

    Could just be lazy.:dntknw: Don't know.

  6. ~ It's dark & gloomy 'round the Winter Solstice...

    Evergreens & lights & gathering to celebrate we're heading towards Spring & non-frozen tootsies, not a bad thing! :biggrinthumb::drinks:

    Personally, never been Christian but always love little twinkly lights & enjoy the colors of the festival midst Winter...

    Ya, it's commercialized. { Try to avoid most of that, make gifts & such.}

    ... I work at Walmart & the inflated snowmen invaded the garden center last month! :rolleyes:

    One big squished-together retail Palooza, Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas-Summer Clearance :lol:

  7. ~ Newt, Thank you very much! That was lovely :)

    { Sorry fo such a muss-up over a straight-forward expression of joy... Discussions often wander about, don't they :lol:

    Just a-wondering --is this forum a place to trying to find a common a denominator within religions, belief systems and understandings--or is this place a forum to find more arguments, differences within and amongst our different beliefs. If we follow the latter path--all that comes out is more tension, agression, antagonism and negativity. Aren`t we suppose to try and undersand the other--we don`t have to accept it, but respect it and try to understand it--see with `heart` where the other is coming from.

    What does it matter in the realm of things who believes or what an other believes if it makes them a better person? Whether one prays to a statue or an image or to the entire Greek pantheon, whether the rearl Buddhism or Hinduism is if you go study in an Ashram only-- If this place , the ULC is a philosiphical way in accepting all and trying to find compromise, peace and serenity --then we should all simply pat each other on the back --and say, `well done the way you are follwing your path and nice to understand more about your faith`--for it all leads to the same place--. Well for most. Please don`t ask me where, for I shall not dignify it with an answer.

    This is not a comparative religion course at university where every detail has to be examined, proven and shown that it is the exact theology, philosophy or written truth according to `the ` texts. Then I shall go once more back to university and take some more comparative religion, as well as theology classes.

    This , place, maybe I am insane--as we most seem to be, have different ideas of creating a better environment for our future, for the world and the whole human species. Maybe very`new age`--but hey, it makes all kind of `woo-woos` to make up the world, consider me one.

    Only my humble observation, it is not a Phd that makes a person--a cousin of mine always says, a Phd is just `Piled higher and deeper--and he has 2 Phd`s in science--a measure of a man is how he respects others, life, nature and the whole of creation-and lives a noble life and the world becomes a better by them/ me being here.

    ~ Quetzal, that's wonderful! :drinks::friends:

  8. ~ Sorry... I'm quite a guilty one there.

    I do enjoy discussions & learning from others.

    I truly dislike horrid disagreements & arguments.

    I've found that just in chats I learn a different angle to another's beliefs that they don't or can't share when feeling on the defensive in a debate.

    Conversations do not & should not charge along in a debate mode... Life would be just really unpleasant that way, y'know?

    Perhaps simply at this point in time this is how it is?

  9. is the spiritual belief behind cannibalism of your enemy ok and acceptable and due all the respect of any other spiritual beliefs?

    ~ Yes Bro. Kaman, I believe it is a belief deserving of respect, though illegal by virtue of various societal restrictions,

    As a religious belief practiced in that manner it is probably extremely rare if not extinct.

    You can realise that the concept of cannabalism is an uncomfortable concept & so can cause some rather innapropriate humor :dntknw:

  10. ~ Thank you for this topic Tündér :cheers: Good one! :biggrinthumb:

    Yeah, sorry, I'm gonna add in my thoughts. You're all welcome to ignore, no prob!

    Personally, I find the exclusionist concept of most religious beliefs difficult.

    I feel if one's beliefs support a person to be a better person & gives them comfort, then that's wonderful!

    I'm certainly never going to deny love or comfort to a child of mine just because they defy or ignore me, I find that a difficult concept.

    Anyone that in whatever way is kind towards others & gentle towards the world, you're all welcome in my existence :wub:

  11. ~ Well, for a while it was rather rambunctious... We had members that disagreed quite vigorously without calling names & it was really cool :)

    Those type of folk are evidently difficult to come by. :(

    { & even the brilliant ones we had did get frustrated... That's the problem with a lively debate that lasts several months. I just gets peevin'! :taz::dntknw: }

    Perhaps it could be the 'be civilised' rules that are restricting more active participants. May be that 'rules of debate' aren't taught or learnt anymore.

    Don't know.

    Certinaly hope Christians & Pagans & Jews & Atheists & Satanists & Agnostics & Everyone still feel WELCOME here!!! :friends::cheers:

  12. ~ Well, my father worked on a program for the Hague in the 60's to determine the damage that would be caused if the ice caps melted. < News break! Not good. >

    { Yes, global warming has been a concern for decades }

    People do look to the future when they realise it's going to affect them.

    Considering the torrential advancements in technology, wouldn't be surprised that some look at this as something do-able & desired.

    Crud, the lines of folk waiting for 'the latest' toy? ::tease: How many people at this moment are engaged with their devices & contemplating their avatars & what-all?

  13. ~ Now I feel like a child.

    I met my now husband when 16 { he 17 } & we've been together since. Never lost that kind of love.

    Lost my Grandmothers, lonely for them.

    Lost my Father, & honestly? Never really knew him tho' he was there. Miss his scent, & perhaps even his growling.

    My Mother said, "Dogs live a short time so we can know & love more of them."

    Miss them. Do love more now.

    ~ I do believe that each love, each attachment & connection enhances us in one way or another...

    We expand to adjust to another & each stretch allows us to extend ourselves in directions we may not have explored before.

  14. ~ Yuck.

    I mean seriously...

    Unless you're programming some serious 'down-time', life can be kinda monotonous & grinding & after 300 yrs or so, boring as a donkey's butt.

    This shtuff sounds mega-money. & most probably being marketed to get that money before the sales-folk die themselves :dntknw:

  15. snapback.pngQryos, on 16 September 2012 - 04:40 AM, said:

    ~ Hyper Real, how do the laws of physics deny free will? I'm sorry, I don't understand. Could you please explain?

    That is simple, think of the consequences if we would have free will: how could there be laws of physics if we could simply ignore them?

    The actions of a human are simply the result of incredibly complex computations in his brain, but all these computations simply follow the laws of physics. A single cell does not have free will, and neither does a fertilized egg cell, nor an embryo or an adult human.

    ~ I know I'm being dense...

    { I SO do apologise for being annoying! I don't intend to be!} I'm just not understanding clearly...

    Perhaps I'm not understanding the definition of 'free will'? :dntknw:

    How could the laws of physics be endangered by free will?

    & I thought the laws of physics were about physical stuff? Y'know, magnetics & gravity & the chemical composition of what-such?

    {I know that humans are chemical compositions of what-such,

    but generally don't rely on instinctual triggers for each movement like most critters...

    hell, major cities with the stages necessary to create such, from building bricks to forging iron to... Traffic lights! :dirol: }

    Or perhaps Hyper Real you're saying that everything created is 'pre-ordained' or 'pre-programmed' or 'pre-set'?

    That every human is crafted to believe & behave & exist in a manner that they have no option or choice in?

    ... I'm sorry to be bull-doggy on this.

    I need assistance & would very much appreciate any help given. I do want to understand.

    Thank You! :D

  16. ~ Hyper Real, how do the laws of physics deny free will? I'm sorry, I don't understand. Could you please explain?

    & NO one operating simply by the laws of nature would run into a dangerous situation to save a stranger.

    Or travel to a foreign country to offer aid.

    ... The 'Laws of Nature' insist on preserving one's self & one's own before anything { well yeah, after food water & shelter }.

    Don't they?

    If I'm incorrect, please explain...

    I would appreciate very much understanding better. Thank You! :)

  17. ~ I do apologise if I offended anyone in any way by my statement;

    I understand the discrepency in social strata aspect & how that is distressing, but it's a capitalist country & this shtuff happens often.

    She's guaranteed his estate as a legally recognised heir & since she's of age & not blood-related they can monkey-about as they wish.

    Seriously, do you think this is the worse the massively rich do?

    ... Quite right to call me on that. I am very ignorant of what the very rich do.

    I am sorry.

    It does seem that money would allow power & privileges that are otherwise not allowed to others tho',

    so, curiosity & perhaps envy & all that such of stuff are going to be involved in any discussion about large distances between 'classes'. :dntknw:

    Actually, adopting her is a simple way of ensuring she inherits, a lovely way to tangle the courts in his DUI manslaughter case & all things are shiny there...

    That's all.

    Again, I apologise if I offended.

  18. ~ Well, I work weird hours & my husband wakes me.

    Our small dog doesn't like me woken tho', he likes his cuddle... Doesn't growl anymore! { That didn't go well :( }

    So now the sleep-sponge lays across my feet when he hears my husband coming & tries to block the waking.

    This does wake me! :rolleyes:

    { The little snot-ball then ignores me all day. Small dogs can seriously pout! }

  19. ~ Ahhh Angie :friends::wub:

    When our grandbabe was 2 yrs she was giggling in the yard at a toy tea cup & I went to see why... She was playing with a spider. She giggled & it bounced.

    I freaked-out, Spider! Baby! ... Later, actually thinking, that itty critter couldn't have harmed her { just a garden spider } & I let my 'freak' kill a life good for the garden.

    When I told her father about it, he freaked too... but finally calmed & agreed that it was pretty nifty she could giggle a spider to dance :D

    { He's still afraid of spiders, found a bunch of black widows once when young :( But now lets his daughters watch the garden spiders calmly :D }

    Yes, I know ya brought up much more sweeping fears & ingrained prejudices.

    { & yes, I realise you didn't use the word 'predjudice' because many assume it's only in reference to human differences & often offensively. :dntknw: }

    People fear.

    Good training method for certain things... playing with gasoline, running into traffic, eating 2-day old sushi... There are things needed to avoid!

    There are necessary fears

    & there are UNnecessary fears caused by trauma, repetition & societal pressure.

    ... Please excuse my babbling... Just an interesting subject. Thank you!


  20. 1. Why are we actually here and what is it exactly apart from the biochemical and other components that we are?

    ~ Why we are here is the BIG question, huh? Is it simply to biologically continue the existence of our life-form?

    Don't know. But I do feel that the act of questioning & questing for an answer... May be important.

    2. What is the point and purpose of existence? --this is for all believers, and non believers inclusive?

    ~ To exist. Wasn't our choice as far as we know, could be some nefarious plot... Don't know. Better than not I guess ;)

    3. If we presume --as some, that there is no afterlife, then why are we (most) clinging to life? If we go with that theory is it not easier and better to end it sooner or later?

    ~ Don't. It all plops soon enough.

    4. Why have children--simply to perpetuate the cycle of suffering??--if we presume that is no God, no spirituality, no faith as Hyper surmises--which maybe correct, non of us can prove the `pro or contra` for it is simply personal experience of experiencing the divine.

    ~ Suffering. Yes, many places & many many people are suffering. Babies get made anyway...

    It's the continuatin of Life-thing that has crafted this planet into such a richly Alive place. { Nag at the termites! They are seriously busy!!! }

    5. Why are we killing each other, the planet and all of creation deliberately?

    ~ Well, don't know about me being part of the "we" part of that... But yes, generally humans are destructive & creative on a wobbly scale ...

    { Scales shift as ya know. Not always horrid, not always great. Have no idea what the scales are at now, sorry. :dntknw: }

    ~ So glad you're still here Dan! :friends: We don't agree on beliefs, but you're a patient teacher & I appreciate that! :)