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  1. Hi Grateful, Sorry to hear about your sister-in-law . I will certainly be happy to add the power of some White Witchcraft to the positive energies already being sent her way.
  2. Hi Atwater Vitki, Being a Rosicrucian is like getting a "liberal arts" metaphysical education, while being a Celtic Witch is a something of a specalization. Rosicrucian teachings address a broad range of metaphysical subjects and practices. Since Rosicrucians believe that their teachings are universal truths or principles, they see elements of Rosicrucianism in all religions. Although their are some Rosicrucian groups who view their beliefs strictly as a form of esoteric Christianity, both the AMORC and CR+C view Rosirucianism as a philosophy instead of a religion. Since it is a philosophy, members are free to practice whatever religion they choose. I really cannot contrast my practices with other CR+C members since there are certainly other Wiccan Rosicrucians whose practices are probably very similar to mine. That being said, their are also Buddhist and Hindu Rosicrucians whose practices may seem widely divergent with mine but who still maintain the philosophical tenets of Rosicruciansim. Rosicrucian concepts like actuality (the true, ideal nature of a thing which is eternal and incorrupt) versus reality (the way we perceive something through the limitations of the physical world, time, and earthly perception) can be applied across the board to numerous situations. I am actually kind of inverse in my situation though because my core belief is Celtic Wicca since it was the first path I followed after leaving my Christian upbringing and (as you correctly stated) it is based on my "heritage and ancestral culture". Rosicrucianism came much later. I guess I specialized first and then went back and obtained a comprehensive general metaphysical education through the CR+C, kind of putting the cart before the horse. I am not active with the CR+C (although I still value their teachings), but I am still actively practicing Celtic Wicca. I hope my answer did not confuse more than it clarified .
  3. My heritage (Welsh/British and Irish) drew me to Celtic Wicca, basically Gardnerian blended with Celtic mythology and folklore. That is also why i studied Druidry. I imagine that if I were of Saxon descent I would have liked Seax Wica, or perhaps Stregheria if I were of Italian descent. If I were Nordic, I would have propably followed something like Asatru . I was briefly a member of AMORC in 1996 for about 9 mos. I ended up studying with the CR+C for over 5 years, to the end of the Ninth degree (I didn't submit the exam to go into the Tenth Degree, and let my membership lapse). CR+C, the Confraternity of the Rose Cross was the Rosicrucian order created during the split in AMORC in 1990. The Grandmasters of AMORC and the then Imperator (Gary Lee Stewart) mutually accused each other of wrong doing. The Imperator left and eventually continued his line of transmission through the CR+C which uses H.S. Lewis's original monographs, while Grandmaster Christian Bernard was chosen to be the new Imperator of AMORC which uses the updated/revised monographs. I don't take sides in what happened during the split; CR+C just was more to my personal taste.
  4. Bright blessings PaganPeaceMaker, I am new here as well. I have been a Celtic Witch (Wiccan) for over twenty years, but I have also studied Druidry, Rosicrucianism, and Spiritualism. Nice to meet you .
  5. If no one was harmed intentionally to obtain the flesh, I personally wouldn't object. I think the body is inconsequential once the spirit has vacated. There are cultures that eat horses, cats, or dogs; I do not believe we have the right to enforce our beliefs on those other cultures. And if the human remains were battered, fried, and smothered in brown gravy, then so much the better .
  6. Here's hoping everyone is having a happy Halloween (and a merry Samhain) . BTW, I cast a spell earlier tonight so that all Halloween candy will be calorie free and full of vitamins and nutrients. (This includes left over Halloween candy as well.) Enjoy!
  7. Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you come aboard. I hope you'll check out all the site has to offer and join in when you can! Blessings of Peace, Al