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My path is that of a Celtic Shaman. A more culturally specific term would be that of Awenydd which means "inspired one" in Welsh and is roughly equivalent in meaning to shaman. My path is a combination of Celtic Paganism, shamanic techniques, and Reiki. I have been a Celtic Pagan in one form or another since 1988 and practice shamanism within the cultural context of my Welsh (and Irish) ancestors. I work mainly with the Celtic deity Lludd (Welsh) or Nuada (Irish) , who is often considered the Celtic equivalent of the Roman god Mars. In the context of shamanism, I am a Two Spirit shaman. In some tribal cultures homosexuals or bisexuals were considered as marked by the spirits. It was believed that they were especially suited for the role of shaman due to their affinity with both masculine and feminine energies (the "two spirits" or types of spiritual energies) . I have bachelor's degree in psychology, and I am a shinpiden (master/teacher) in the Komyo Reiki lineage. I refer to myself as a "werewolf" because my primary power animal is the Wolf, and when I make spirit journeys to the otherworld it is usually in wolf form. (My other power animals are the Hawk or Osprey and the Dolphin.)