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  1. Used to have a '73 Squier myself, EMG humbuckers, Peavey Audition 20 and a rack of pedals. Come to think of it I had also paid $50 for it back in high school, and I always loved it more than the $1500 BC Rich. There's just something sultry about the Japanese build. Beat the hell out of my car with her after a breakup and she only got better. Alas, I had to lay her to rest long ago. Played a number of instruments over the years, my current affair is with: Ancestral Pueblo ("Anasazi") in concert B♭, bamboo, from Erik the Flutemaker. Clarinet and trumpet experience helps with the fingering and embouchure but it's still been the most difficult challenge I've had learning to play. Man, it's just another harsh lesson in the blues. There's no fourth! Condition grounded, but determined to try... Maybe next time a Kiowa in F.
  2. All four porch babies (robins) from the second clutch of the season (my fourth summer here) survived the trip to the woods. Porch Momma would be the daughter (two years back) of Porch Bird (PB's being the first clutch this spring which fell to the cats), making this crew the grandbabies. Momma was quite vocal about her disapproval of the guard dog for the first few days. Porch Daddy tried to distract us after her "broken-wing" attempts failed. He later ditched the caterpillar and came back with a scrap of paper when he found he couldn't tear me away from my books. Well how about that. That dang bird just wrote me a letter... Oh, just shut up and feed your babies. Well, at least they worked well as a team. The neighbors could learn a thing or two from them. Domestic assault. Wonderful. Let me tell ya, if anyone casts doubt on your authority consider what could happen if a minister didn't report an incident when an 8yo boy knocks on the door saying "Can you call the cops? Daddy's beating up Mommy again." What's this, 'again'?? Yeah, sure, we'll try to defuse it. Next time I go Davy Crockett on his... Semper freakin' Fi. Some "men" just make me wanna hurl. It's only a matter of time before those boys are big enough to stand up to him, if he doesn't kill her first, and you know that's not gonna end well. I know he had a bad tour ('80s South America), but so have a lot of people. A few years after Kuwait, my best friend from high school (the only one who stood with me against the bullies) and I got together and exchanged stories over some good Canadian beers. In honor of my first jump that summer, he ceremonially pinned me with his wings and stripes and inducted me as a corporal in the Civilian Corps. Yeah, I missed my shot at Parris Island, but I still have a country to serve, if only as a tailgunner. Some may find it rather silly and amusing, but it meant something to me. Though our sails may be filled with pride, the blood and pain we endure remind us that we're here to stand up for the little guy, not harm the ones we love. The stripes, well, that just means we've got work to do. Head 'em up, move 'em out. Roll on, Devil Dogs. Urrah! She hid it well, at least outside the family. I knew they would argue but I wasn't aware it was violent. Still, I had a hunch putting up with the cadences Dutchie likes so much wasn't such bad idea. She's a smart puppis, loves Carrie Underwood too for some reason, but really, SEALs?? Well, she does like to "go swimming"... fine, but every day? C'mon, at least airborne is freakin' fun!! So, we compromise and work 'em both. Hah! She's right tho, it is good for the old legs. Just don't forget what you stand for. ((Yeah, I know. Can you believe some folks call me a liberal sissy? I guess it's 'cause the conservative in me mostly comes out at night. Mostly. "Hee-ey, Marine Corps!!")) This one's for Schultzie and the mighty Ducks: See ya next year, same bird station/-K
  3. . I mean, it's nice and all but.. really, Debussy?? Никогда!!! Ahhh, l'amour ... désolé. *smirk* Und Mozart? Ich bevorzuge "Eine kleine Nachtmusik". Good night, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest ... ?
  4. There were other people in that video???
  5. Is God perfect? Meh, close enough. Have mmmmmercy...
  6. Yeah, it was borderline whether they were gonna have to go in and get it. Next time I'll pay the five grand for the procedure. Heck, they can take my house and truck too. There were a couple smaller ones that preceded it, I think once the plumbing starts to stretch you're in for a really rough ride. The doc said the same thing to me, comparing it to childbirth. Made me want to punch her so I presume she was right. Ahh well, I know the CJ worked like a charm every time my gal was suffering from bladder infections, thought it might be worth a try. I've found amoxy to be great stuff though, hopefully he won't be miserable for long. I'll still keep him in my prayers, anything to help hurry the process along. Watch the salt content of his food for a bit, if there are calculi forming that's the last thing he needs. Thanks for the tip about aspirin.. haven't had a whole lot of experience with cats. I'm sure you know, but it never hurts to remind everyone - don't give ibuprofen, naproxen or acetaminophen to dogs either, even a little bit can be fatal. Dogs can tolerate aspirin, but I'd still recommend consulting a vet before giving them any.
  7. No UTI, but had a 10mm kidney stone. It's like shoving a porcupine through a garden hose. I feel for the poor furry little bugger. My ex used to get UTIs from time to time tho. Does cranberry juice work for cats, and can you get them to drink it?
  8. This month has been James Herriot's collection. For like the millionth time. There's a serenity in his work I've always admired, both in substance and in style. I find losing myself in the wonder of life, along with a cup of herbal tea, to be a beneficial way to settle an agitated mind after a long, hard day of ministering to crackerdogs. All Things Bright And Beautiful (Anglican Hymn) Refrain: 1.All things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small, All things wise and wonderful, The Lord God made them all. 2.Each little flower that opens, Each little bird that sings, He made their glowing colors, He made their tiny wings. Refrain 3.The rich man in his castle, The poor man at his gate, God made them high and lowly, And ordered their estate. Refrain 4.The purple headed mountain, The river running by, The sunset and the morning, That brightens up the sky. Refrain 5.The cold wind in the winter, The pleasant summer sun, The ripe fruits in the garden, He made them every one. Refrain 6.The tall trees in the greenwood, he meadows where we play, The rushes by the water, We gather every day. Refrain 7.He gave us eyes to see them, And lips that we might tell, How great is God Almighty, Who has made all things well. (Amen) ((You don't have to believe it's true, just let your joyful Spirit sing!! ))
  9. The high and mighty Kingfisher wuz in da house.
  10. Naw, here's how ya get a song out of your head... Dang, now I wanna do the lindy...
  11. Aye, she's my little Cargo Dog. Likes to "go for ride", but especially likes to "go for long ride". She's flown more than a lot of people. She suffered quite a bit of separation anxiety when she arrived, I just try to make her feel at home wherever she goes. She did real well over the holidays. Here she is defending the fort from an invading tree. In the storm, in the night, action left, action right... Was it high, was it low, where the hell did that one go? Har, how do you like THEM apples?!!
  12. This one has her begging to go out hunting... 230 and it's nearly a full moon. You can take the dog out of the Army, but you can't take the Army out of the dog. Hooah.
  13. Wie vielen Dank, mille grazie, so many thanks I cannot say... good folk artists are never truly about "making the list", and I'm glad to be reminded of something other than Sundown.
  14. Certainly sounds like a local influence and/or fear tactic. Yes, we may not be officially "recognized" by the town of Southampton, and sure, we "COULD" be legally challenged... but it doesn't sound so much like a legal restriction as a measure to dissuade. Nobody expected this to be a clean victory. Perhaps it's just a clerical (no pun intended) oversight and the documents have not been updated to reflect the changes, or it's a response to a local problem with some ULC ministers of low character? Whatever the reason for that clause, personally I would advocate performing your duties in regards to same-sex marriages, as your faith and wisdom commands, since there is now nothing that I have found in either state or local statutes that specifically forbids you. Still, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties remain stubbornly resistant. As long as they say "it's not clear" instead of "it's illegal" they are within their rights to defend their values. But it won't annul the ceremonies you perform. Ranieri v. Ranieri settled that long ago. Edited to add that the the case I mentioned was lost (or won, depending on perspective) on the grounds of the ULC being unauthorized, but the domestic relations laws have changed many times since then...
  15. My ~6yo Army brat (ret.) golden retriever ("expert treasure hunter") in her catsuit. Likes to run, likes to dig. MPs didn't.
  16. There is that, and I was pointing out that we've been discussing it all along. I could have answered simply, but it's good exercise. Like they say, there's more than one way to skin a mule. I didn't pick "Dinah" and "Jacob" out of a hat, there are layers of meaning in most everything I have shared. Kinda like an old work song. They're really gentle creatures, though they do make an impression on ya, eh?! One moonless night... {crash crash} <sniffing the tent> "Oh crap, is that a bear?" Haven't been through that neck of the woods around Acadia yet, but I've rambled around here... "I was right in picking the blueberries on Sunday, it was so pleasant, and I was so happy that the Great Spirit had provided them for me." ~ Singing Bird (Molly Ockett)
  17. Pilpalta b’chochmah? Havanta davar mitoch davar?
  18. So, here's a few of the storm... A rotating binary set of low pressure systems full of warm, moist air from the Gulf thundered up the Appalachians tonight from Georgia to Maine. The whole trail got hit at once. It was funneled narrowly between two cooler high pressure systems, one battering the mountains from the Atlantic and another massive one perched over Canada. There was a 12-20mbar variation across the peaks, so it was some pretty freakin' awesome weather deep in the Mohawk Valley, although it is rough on the old bones. The first cell got stretched out SE-NW, scraping up the Catskills before striking the Adirondacks just to the north around 2230EDT, where the lower elevations allowed it to be thrown east and crushed into the Greens and Whites. That's no moon... Night/day double exposure (I'm on that digital heart-beat, they try to copy my swagger...) just clipping a bolt tendril in the NW corner of the "eye". The second, more tropical, wing flared out and swept in crossways about an hour later... lots of high wind and spray! Ahh, Monsoon. Looks like nothing but blue skies up above!! Barak! Khazâd ai-mênu!! Hey, does that sound like a wave? (That's a Rapture joke, son.) Unfortunately the power in my camera gave out before the real light show began and I could catch the best ones. I think I burned one onto my retinas, but there were some nice trailing bolts that would have made good prints. Hope everyone came through all right. Fireflies will be along soon.
  19. I've got an interesting family tree. A Russian general, a lady-in waiting to the Tsarina, a Scottish laird and a French princess (shhhh), German peasants, Brooklyn Yiddish... I don't know about Jewish, but you could call me a Jacobite! Oi gevald!
  20. "Ah, brother Sanop, what bad news you speak! Why steals the tear adown thy sombre cheek? Why heaves thy breast with such tremendous sighs? And why despair dart horror from thy eyes? Has the Great Spirit from the world above Called home your chief, the object of your love? Ah, yes! too well I know his spirit's fled; Too well I know your Orono is dead. Each warrior Sanop now unbends his bow, While grief and sorrow brood upon his brow; Each manly youth reclines his head and cries, 'In Orono our friend and chieftain dies.' Each young pappoose to sympathy is bred, And shrieking, whoops, ' your Orono is dead.' Each sombre face in pallid hue appears, And each his grief in death-like silence bears. The great Penobscot rolls his current on, And silently bemoans his oldest son. A century past, the object of his care, He fed and clothed him with his fish and fur; But now, alas! he views his shores in vain, To find another Orono in man. For whiter Indians, to our shame we see, Are not so virtuous nor humane as he. Disdaining all the savage modes of life, The tomahawk and bloody scalping-knife, He sought to civilize his tawny race, Till death, great Nimrod of the human race, Hit on his track, and gave this hunter chase. His belt and wampum now aside are flung, His pipe extinguished and his bow unstrung. When countless moons their destined rounds shall cease, He'll spend an endless calumet of peace. The Hon. Martin Kinsley, on occasion of the death of Chief Orono. "Safe lodged within his blanket, here below, Lie the last relics of old Orono; Worn down with toil and care, he in a trice Exchanged his wigwam for a paradise." Now you've been there a little. Sorry, all my photos are hard copy. PS - The best blueberries are on the mountaintops. Watch your step, and don't forget to leave some for the bears.
  21. Ayuh. Lovely folk in Monson. Better than dragging cannon through the swamps.
  22. Boy is hot today! Deer-flies are out. Big storm coming up this evening...
  23. Absolutely... Earth Day is just like Mother's Day, an occasional reminder for those who forgot what we should have known all along. So it's just a pretty bauble to be tossed aside as worthless when a diamond catches your eye? You don't have to like it, but you have a duty to pass it on intact so that others may enjoy it. Without the sacrifice of those who went before, you would not exist to appreciate any of it. To borrow another Christian phrase - "Pie Iesu Domine, dona eis requiem." You might enjoy the Philippines this time of year. I say: Rejoice in the spirit AND in the flesh! It's hard to achieve what you never reach for, and I don't believe in part-time love. You remind me of a kid who was given a book and threw it in the mud because it wasn't a video game. Actually you sound more like a bully who threw MY book in the mud because YOU didn't get the game you wanted. Gaia rained on my holiday too, but I'm still smilin'. Saw a black squirrel today.. it'll make a nice addition to the red, gray and flying squirrels that live around here driving the dog crazy and getting into everything. Just caught a glimpse so I don't know if it's a male or female yet, I think it's one of the babies of the gray that lives in my barn. Either that or it's a refugee from Pennsylvania coal country. "Requiem æternam dona eis, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis, ** sanctis Tuis in aeternam; quia pius Es.." (Sigh... first Japanese, now Latin... Murph, please tell the filters to stop giggling like a child going to Bangkok.)