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  • Birthday 09/17/1949

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    Rev. Tom
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    Wooster, Ga

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    Christianity, all spiritual paths, political reform, astronomy, handcrafts, art, poetry,
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    Lucky, my trusty Canine pal, and his best buddy, Bootsy, my cat
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    Life, opportunity
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    Love, Peace, Forbearance
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    owner, Hidden Glen Treasures, minister of universal truth
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  1. You will note I have changed my avatar, my worldview a bit, and my belief system has evolved. I hope this will be the basis of good camaraderie and healthy exchange of ideas. Much has happened with me in the past couple of years. I got the flu from hell in 2015 that was going around, and to make a long story short, developed pneumonia from it, which caused me to acquire Congestive Heart Failure, which I take a multitude of medication for. Anyway, I am glad to be back, but will most likely be in observer mode for the most part, until Ifeel the ebb and flow here.

    1. RevTom


      I have once again changed my info. Because of my evolving worldview and return to my Christian spiritual roots, I have changed my username from Windwalker to RevTom. I hope it doesn't create a great deal of confusion.