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  1. Nice. Thanks for sharing. Peace & Love!
  2. ... gave it to Marty to eat so that he would have a little pleasure while enduring his pain but just as he was about to take his first bit of it ...
  3. ... stumbled on the rug, fell face first on the hard wood floor and busted his nose so ...
  4. Here's some interesting info on the number 108: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/108_%28number...on_and_the_arts Peace & Love!
  5. I think I can honestly say that I hold to no superstitions, including numbers. Peace & Love!
  6. My strength and energy to those who must deal with the loss. Peace & Love!
  7. Hi Rev. Shawn, Best wishes to you in finding a job. Your faith has nothing (directly) to do with the physical world. Keep things in perspective. Have you checked with the day labor companies in your area? Peace & Love!
  8. ... be over-flown by a large flock of parakeets with diarrhea so they ...
  9. Hi Rev. Campbell, In this case though I don't think Chuang Tzu would have been refering to the same kind of pearls as the ones in the story I presented. Hehehe. I know. But we had fun, didn't we? Peace & Love!
  10. Hi Rev. Campbell, Nice story. Thanks for sharing. And so, a follow-up twist on the end of the story: In one of Chuang Tzu's stories he suggests that the pearls should be left in the waters and the jade should be left in the mountains. This is because when we start placing value on objects then everyone will desire to have some. Those who cannot buy them will steal them. Those without will lament that they have none. All this brings discontent to man's soul. It would be better to let them remain where they are and know that they will always be there whenever anyone wished to view them. Peace & Love!
  11. Yeah, you should lighten up, Sweetheart. Take my love and send it out upon the seven seas of joy. Peace & Love!
  12. I enjoy the free pizza but I also enjoy talking with the many free-spirited, open-minded members of this forum. Peace & Love!
  13. And why not? Interesting, your post, as today's Taoist thought was: Every union is destined to be separated; every achievement is destined to be destroyed; every corner is destined to be flattened; every eminence is destined to be overthrown; every activity is destined to futility. Peace & Love!
  14. Hehehe. Maybe your question should be a little more specific? Peace & Love!
  15. ... find the Golden Pencil Box (Haha. Gotcha.) and the Oracle said, "It is in your destiny to find the Golden Pencil Box but the quest will be long and demanding." "You have one more question", said the Oracle so ...
  16. Hi Ian, I can't offer any references but I can offer my strength and energy to your friend. I wish you the best with your friend. Peace & Love!
  17. I suggest that you get and keep records if you can. They may help in qualifying you for some form of disability compensation. Peace & Love!
  18. ... "Does my butt look fat in this dress?" And the Oracle said, "Your butt IS fat." Next question please...
  19. Hi Bob, My strength and energy to you in working through these troubled times of yours. Keep your faith and do what needs to be done. My wishes for the best. Peace & Love!
  20. ... and this left Vanna and Marty in a state of total confusion, they both began to cry and embraced each other for moral (yeah, right) support but they were interupted by ...
  21. ... a dull boy - No! That's not it. ... makes Marty a rich man. However, on their way to Santa Monica a stranger approached them and said he knew where the Golden Pencil Box was and he would be their guide for a nominal fee so ...
  22. Yep. I have to agree. That was some beautiful guitar playing. Thanks for sharing. Peace & Love!
  23. ... opened the jug and immediately upon smelling the stuff had three successive experiences with ecstacy and when she finally recovered she ...
  24. ... they would not smell nearly so bad but then their wool would be all covered with mortar dust but that could be easily washed but washing would cause the wool to shrink but ...