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  1. Very shortly, I'm down to me, one kid, two dogs, and some llamas out back.
  2. It's Sara Evans on that one Little Spidey.
  3. Party Like a RockStar...........cuz I did last night!!!!
  4. This is how I feel today. "Instant Karma"
  5. Alone I stand And the Wind And the Storm Shake the trees Call my name And sing "Come Sister" Run with us Fly with us Dance through the Sky And sing "Come Sister" Raise your arms Find your voice Set it free As the Wind And sing "Come Sister"
  6. Sweetheart you should publish. I love it...keep 'em coming.
  7. I require sunshine to live, but I love to dance in the moonlight.
  8. More please, I enjoyed that one very much.
  9. He's my grumpy bastard and I love him like that.
  10. Phil my Sweet, this is making you grumpy. Go to my room, I know how to fix that.
  11. Claire's Monster Box Again unlocked Windows opened Doors unblocked Pass the pie To Phil and I We'll have a slice ....make ours with spice Pretty please I giggle, tease And leave you wondering What's he plundering?
  12. You have to admit, we do play pretty well together.
  13. I know you get a kick out of it CeeTee