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  3. Altar Setup for August 3rd of 2020’s Full Moon I kept it simple yet nice. I use my windowsill each month so I can charge my talismans, amulets, and my hair feathers by the light of the moon overnight. Since I burned a ritual candle, I just stayed at my windowsill for the duration of my Full Moon Ritual for safety reasons. I have a sweet but hyper puggat dog named Snowy and the blinds in my windowsill are a fire hazard. I always have a ritual candle. This time around I lit sage for home cleansing because I learned about it in a prior lesson in this course. This was my initial time using sage, however, and it was sage I harvested and dried. I attempted to burn it in heat-proof glass candle holders. The smell was wonderful but the sage would not stay lit. I later learned that it is best to spread the sage out so I found seashells to place the sage in. I offered a gratitude prayer. Sometimes I engage in candle magic of a protective or of a healing nature. I will inscribe sigils or a deity’s name on the candle if that be the case. Sometimes I will leave offerings of home-baked sweet breads outdoors. Sometimes I offer a dance. Sometimes I sing. Sometimes I make a Youtube playlist of appropriate music. 95% of the time, however, I celebrate and worship as a solitary which I prefer. Always prior to Full Moon Ritual, I do an extra special housecleaning in which I get down to the nitty-gritty; do a full scrub down; donate items I am no longer using; and rearrange my home a little bit. I also take a cleansing bath in lavender essential oils. Sometimes I treat myself and my dog, Snowy, to a nice feast. Take care and be well. Peace unto you. Priestess Autumn Penn The preparation for my Full Moon Ritual lasts longer than the actual rite itself for me because I may initiate the extreme housecleaning 2-3 days prior. The rite may take me 10-15 minutes.
  4. Embracing Your Inner Child Exercise August 13, 2020 I thoroughly enjoyed this exercise. As far as toys are concerned, I gathered together a few kinds. A friend gave me his daughter’s box of abandoned Magic the Gathering cards when I mentioned I often regretted giving mine away. I hit the Halloween section at both The Family Dollar and CVS and found a skull bobble-head & small black light bulbs (never had any before). I am looking forward to decorating for Halloween this year. I am considering making homemade play-dough dough ornaments and preparing an easy homemade candy like I did as a Girl Scout. It’s been over 30 years ago so it will be experimental for sure. As far as letting go more and being playful, while walking I gathered some rocks and then cleaned them in alcohol/allowed them to dry/and painted them in dark iridescent hues. I also painted some Halloween sun catchers. I printed out more coloring pages. Lastly, I recalled while reading the assignment how much I used to relish picking dandelion heads, Queen Anne’s Lace, violets, and clovers and pressing them. Therefore today while walking my sweet dog I gathered a few dandelions for pressing. I made a unicorn mask simply out of whim. I bought a box of unicorn Little Debbie cakes for my neighbors and noticed as soon as I was giving them the box that there was a cute unicorn paper pattern on the back of the box. I kept it, colored it up a bit with solar crosses and a heart, and stitched it onto my Indy Covid mask. I've made other masks using felt. Thank you for your time. I hope you are faring well. Peace unto you. Priestess Autumn Penn
  5. Chakra Meditation Via Coloring August 7, 2020 Autumn Penn I chose two coloring projects for chakra alignment meditation. I found both to be helpful and enjoyable. 1 The Root Chakra (Red) My interpretation of a balanced Root chakra = Feeling grounded/experiencing financial stability/ being ‘rooted’ in place/having a healthy spine and proper posture. While meditating, what I determined I should do to better balance my RC = Stop ordering Doordash and stop buying expensive coffee. Otherwise, I am a successful budgeter. Additionally, I have time right now to update my resume and I should do so to prepare for the future. I am fine with money at the moment but I need a plan for a part-time job after my 401 K payment runs out. Also, my Yoga Teacher Certification classes are due to commence. 2 The Sacral Chakra (Orange) My interpretation of a balanced Sacral chakra = Being able to express one’s sexuality & creativity freely and safely/having a healthy reproductive system. While meditating, what I determined I should do to better balance my SC = I am in my mid 40’s and The Change has commenced. I am healthy and I am creative and I don’t see the problem with my waning desire. I feel that it has been replaced with deeper concerns in life. It remains but my mind has changed & I am much pickier because I am interested in one's mindsets and daily habits as opposed to one's physical appearance. My logic and wisdom are now more active in my life. 3 The Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow) My interpretation of a balanced Solar Plexus chakra = Possessing a well-functioning GI system/learning to manage anxiety and depression. While meditating, what I determined I should do to better balance my SPC = Follow my physician’s restricted meal plan and take my colon & my pain meds because everyone has a challenge. Continue doing yin yoga and hatha yoga. Practices from both spirituality and science will be required to control my digestive disorder and I fully commit to them. 4 The Heart Chakra (Green) = Actualizing one’s ability to unconditionally feel love/taking good care of one’s heart and the nearby chest cavity. While meditating, what I determined I should do to better balance my HC = In life, carry the good and leave behind the bad. Focus on my dog, my solid friends, my good family members, and my spiritual community. Don’t focus on problematic persons. Release the experience of them. 5 The Throat Chakra (Blue) = Freeing up one’s power of voice but without causing harm to others unnecessarily/controlling any disorders of the throat/proper hydration While meditating, what I determined I should do to better balance my TC = not respond at all to the hood thug men in my area. No reply is good. Silence holds great power. I should continue to sing and to write/recite poetry. 6 The 3rd Eye Chakra (Violet) = Honoring one’s own intuition and inner wisdom/trusting one’s innate instincts without being swayed by another While meditating what I determined I should better do to better balance my TEC = I feel I should continue to trust myself and any dream insights I receive. 7 The Crown Chakra (White) = Connecting to The Divine Energy by whatever name(s) or lack of name one so chooses to call The Divine Energy/having faith that one has a purpose for being alive/knowing that one should control what one should and leave what one cannot control to The Divine Energy/knowing that one is valuable like all other living beings and that, “We are stardust.” While meditating, what I determined I should do to better balance my CC = Let go of the political climate. Let go of the race war. Let go of the gangs acting up in my area. Let go of all negativity I have nothing to do with, that I cannot change of my own accord, and that I did not cause. Vote by mail ballot. Remain out of heated disputes. Stay safe. Be quiet around the gang men. Prepare for the future and a possible relocation to a safer area. Gain more life skills. Be prepared for the possibility of self-employment. Pray. Meditate. Be happy. Drink a hot cup of chocolate tea with sugar and coconut milk while listening to Ensiferum or Nox Arcana. Thank for your listen. Be well. Peace unto you. Priestess Autumn Penn
  6. Telepathy Exercise with Shapes and Color Autumn Penn August 7, 2020 I finally completed this exercise; however, I had to bypass a few steps due to my friends either working too many hours or being underemployed and consequently emotionally overwhelmed due to the Covid right now. About two months ago, I posted on Facebook that I needed to complete this homework and thus I needed 2-3 willing participants. I explained that the exercise would be like the scene in the movie Ghostbusters I but without the flashcards and the electric shock if either party (the sender or the receiver) failed. Time continued to move on like it happens to do and everyone was still overwhelmed. Finally it came to me that I could try this exercise in a different way. Therefore, I selected my 3 most intuitive friends for this project. I used the following friends as receivers: one who is a professional tarot card reader; one who is a Death Witch; and one who is an Astrologist. I opted to use the shape that is a protective sigil in my religious system (the Star which some also refer to as the Pentagram representative of Earth/Air/Fire/Water/Spirit) along with my favorite color (a bright blue). Because everyone in general seemed so stressed and somewhat sad, I chose to visualize sending verbal messages of hope and happy tidings along with my blue stars. Then, I specifically mentally told each friend that I was wishing for the best for them and that I will love them always. The responses from the 3 of them alarmed me and I took a week off from my homework to process the depth of telepathy. Within a few days, my friend who reads tarot cards messaged to let me know he had crafted an amethyst gift for me and also added me as a character to one of his Pagan Fantasy flash fiction pieces. I was aware that he was an artisan and a novelist but I was not expecting this reaction from him. Our bond is stronger than I had realized. We are soulmate friends for life. My Death Witch friend is also my neighbor and we began waking up near the same time suddenly. We were laughing about it and I reminded her about the Facebook post and I told her I had sent her the blue star. She suggested I try a telepathic Go Away Message with a correlating color and complementary shape when we walk to the store together on unwanted, pesky suitors and on scary, aggressive panhandlers and see if it works. My Astrologist friend started sending me jokes and memes. The odd occurrence about this is he only sends them on days my anxiety is high. He and I had already had prior telepathic experiences in which I would be worried about him, contact him to check on him, tell him I was worried and could not relax until I checked in on him, and he would admit he had not told anyone he was ill. I learned from prior experiences that I receive messages properly from other intuitive empaths. I learned from this experience that I send messages properly to other intuitive empaths. The questions that stand for me are, “What about the ‘non-intuitives’? What about the sociopaths? Are only other intuitive empaths able to engage in telepathic communication with other intuitive empaths? If this is the case, does this explain why criminal minds find one another and set up gangs and such? Is it much easier for the same type of mind to telepathically speak to another same type of mind?" Thank you for your time and your listen. I hope you are faring well. I am still learning. Actually, I imagine as human being we all are forever still learning; nevertheless, if anyone has any helpful pointers or constructive criticism I would appreciate it. Peace unto you. Priestess Autumn Penn
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  8. This evening I read that the most popular st medals for males ,!. St Misheal,2.St christopher,3.,St jude,4.St Anthony of padua,5,st Peregrine,6,at gerard,7.,At joseph, 8,st francis of assisi,9st Sebastian patron of athletes,10,st thomas aquinas,11,st florian,12st benedict patron saint of all of Europe continent;13st valentine patron of friendships; 14,st nicholas,15,St patric,16st peter;17st thomas more 18st Maximillian Kolbe patron of families and people with substance abuse issues;19st Camillus,a patron of Drs ,nurses,hospitallers 20,st Thomas the apostle...Top number 1 female saint was Mary,mother of Jesus.../Theae 4 ways are 4 medals in 1more bang for the buck...have st christopher,miraculous medal mary,jesus with joseph,holy ghost as dove,...
  9. They make and sell religious medals at catholic gift shops ,you have to shop the sales if you are like me, on a limited fixed income, is a site to check out,I ve got some stuff there this yr...You might write down , they have some stuff like st rafael medals on a budget,might save a few bucks if you are in the market...I dont work for them or recieve money... just saying ,it could save a few bucks for oldsters like me on a budgst...and possibly provide some spiritual comfort/
  10. No. I simply have a higher standard for proof than 'it was written down long ago after the facr as prophecy, so it must have been true'.
  11. Your use of Lincoln does not support your argument. The address was handwritten on his way to the location the speech would be delivered. That draft was saved. Handwriting analysis could, and has, confirm he wrote it. As for the other historical figures, we'll never know, maybe.
  12. Maybe. We don't know that it's possible. We don't know what would happen if we tried.
  13. If you could travel to the past and stop Booth from killing Lincoln or Oswald from killing Kennedy, your interference with what had happened could very well change what will happen. That's what I meant by freewill and time being interlinked, what we do in the present determines the future.
  14. By your logic, its also safe to presume that Lincoln did not write the Gettysburg address either... You can't trust any historical records. There's no solid evidence that Cleopatra ever existed or that Pontius Pilate ever ordered anyone to be executed, etc. The 4 witnesses who recorded the crucifixion were persecuted or killed for their testimony, but none reneged on what they recorded. The fact is, people who lie are generally not willing to die in order to maintain a falsehood. That in itself gives credibility to the truth.
  15. have the originals of the gospels available as proof of when they were written? Astonishing. See, i know you think they were written in contemporary timing to christ. But you take that on faith and dress it as fact. You can argue as you wish about the gospels, but there isnt evidence that they were written by who they claim, let alone when. So no, you dont have multiple witnesses.
  16. Nothing that you said was in any way offensive. It's all friendly conversation. All is well.
  17. Please, no offense was meant! I was explaining to a response to my post why I was inquiring about whether (and I am aware you had not yet responded to that question). I tend to fish for limits and definitions because there are often hidden assertions (of which i provided an example which was no way meant to be an accusation to you in particular). This is a big topic, studied both within and without of christian theology (mediaeval monks had some way groovy arguments on time travel btw). And the statement regarding my position on free will was more about my own experiences trying to talk on this matter. Again I apologize
  18. That would be me. I had a simple proposition. If the future exists in the same way as the past -- fixed and unchanging -- then free will might be an illusion. I was not talking about God. I was not talking about God knowing the future. The question in my mind was about the structure and nature of time. We can not change the past. Maybe, we also can't change the future -- for the same reason. The illusion of free will would still exist. For practical purposes, it would be the same. Travel into the past would change nothing. (IMO) If I travel into the past, I become part of the past. That means it already happened. Travel into the future, means that the future already exists. If the future already exists, then I can't change it. I also can't change the present, because it's the future's past. Still, there would be the illusion of free will. Do I have free will? Or do I have the illusion of free will? It feels the same. I'm not sure it actually matters. It's all speculation. I don't know. I'm not arguing. .
  19. Oh, and in response to the presupposition of a something or someone who "knows" the outcome, either a higher being exists in some way, OR the problem does not exist except if time travel is invented, thereby inventing the problem. Weak monotheism (the universe has a will and wants...) winds up accidentally presupposed in many of these arguments, which was why i tried to pry as to if there were some kind of determiner in the original argument
  20. 5 people mentioned it. King David (Psalms 22:18), Matthew 27:35, Mark 15:24, Luke 23:34, John 19:24... That's multiple sources... The 4 gospels were written between 40 and 70 AD. My Caesar comparison was not diversionary, its very relevant in proving ancient history. For example; Very little hard evidence about Cleopatra exists. Most of what know about her today is based on a biography written by Plutarch 200 years after her death. Early accounts of her life were given the anti-Cleopatra, pro-Roman slant promoted by Octavian. So with regards to the details of the crucifixion, I doubt that 500 written reports would meet with your satisfaction? It boils down to whether a person chooses to believe in the accuracy of what people of any time period recorded. Would you believe that Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address if there were no pictures? Did Lincoln write it or was it the work of Edward Everett?
  21. In the time travel experiment, I don't think knowing the outcome is proof of predestination. I have to assume a lot of things (1. A grand unified theory that allows time travel 2. That the past is measurably exactly the same in absolutely all possible ways including quantum level and 3. Travel to the past itself does not introduce any change whatsoever). So simply watching a rerun of the past, whether live or on tape is basically the same thing. Even in this case, the ability to change anything at all in the past (including ambient room temperature) is not addressed, which I think is fundamental to the overall question. I am on team free will myself. If for no other reason than because people who think we don't have free will argue with me as if I had the agency and free will to change my mind 😀
  22. What do you suppose it could be? The one premise is that we may not have true free will if all outcomes are already known. If that were true, then it might possibly be argued that time travel might likewise be unchanged, as all things led up to the possibility of said time travel. There are many other theories, of course. What are your thoughts?
  23. This is for clarification before I respond to other parts of the topic (a topic I LOVE and does not yet have a 100% answer for one side or another imo), but doesn't pre-determined/pre-destined sort of presuppose a determiner? And if there is not, on what basis is a lack of free will argued (the time travel is discussed next). P.S. I am currently at work and cannot view the YouTube videos though I can guess their general content and will likely add to responses after viewing
  24. How many people reported it? What is your source? When were these reports written? That about caesar is diversionary. I dont believe you can prove the sources youve stated exist and are authentic.
  25. Chakra Cleansing: Chakra Chanting with Seed Syllables & Vowel Sounds Autumn Penn August 8, 2020 I have performed chakra cleansing by chanting before. My problem has been that I have had trouble recalling the sequence of the seed syllables on my own. Therefore I decided I would take some time to sit down, to read about the seed syllables, to study their pronunciations more thoroughly, and to create a mnemonic device to remember their order. The online site I am using is called Yoga Freedom and the title of the article from their site I will be referencing is called Chakra Chants: Seed Syllables & Vowel Sounds. 1 Crown None 2 3rd Eye Aum/Om 3 Throat Ham 4 Heart Yam 5 Solar Plexus Ram 6 Sacral Vam 7 Root Lam The good news is that Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam, and Vam are easy to pronounce. They all sound similar to the same sound in the word ‘lawn.’ The bad news is the disagreement in how Aum/Om is to be pronounced. I have a number of books and each expert disagrees with the next expert. I believe some of this may be due to regional, dialectal, and spelling differences; but, I am unsure. Thomas Ashley-Farrand, deceased priest/chanter/teacher, wrote that it is accurately pronounced as “I’m.” Sadghuru chanted it as “Oh-ohm.” Others have and will debate that each of the 3 syllables of Aum are to be pronounced separately and distinctly. It took me about a week to come up with an mnemonic device. Finally I did it. I will be using, “Light victoriously rights your heart again”, to assist me in never forgetting the sequence of the seed syllables for this chant. Thank you for your time and energy. Peace unto you and may you be well. --Priestess Autumn Penn
  26. For one, more than one person recorded the same thing. Can you prove that the story of Julius Caesar being stabbed to death by the senate was accurately reported? I personally trust the source, but nearly every historical event is accepted by faith. We really cant even trust that anything on CNN is accurately reported.
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  28. On further reflection -- yes. More to the point -- rude and disrespectful.
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