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  2. Over the past month,I watched a program on the bible code,different from Drosnan,s ,I think it was the History channel .Ive read a couple books on the bible code by Drosnan as a sidebar... Anyways they said North Korea is predicted to be Nuked,what they found in their studies,So ,I thought I d share that and where I saw and heard this.That is all...
  3. Well,Im somewhat physically challenged.So,I started buying the self propelled push mower.When I get at it,I usually go for a half hour to 45 minutes.Then,I will hit the couch for some recline time..Then,I will do the same the next day,for the back yard.If I find myself out of breath and my heart racing,I will turn the mower off,and go limp rag on the ground,laying down for 5 or ten minutes .I also take health food store supplements to help this kind of workout.Heart issues here.Co Q 10,a one a day/1/2 a 25 mg of DHEA or pregnenolone is real helpful for those over 35 yrs old.Thought Id share my experience,and chime in/Be Blessed /Ive got the A fib which makes it 5 or 6 times more likely for strokes or heart attacks,65 these days So,thats my philosophy where and when it needs doing. Religion,Ive been using a Episcopal Book of Common Prayer,modeled after the Ch of Englands book of common prayer,The English modeled their church after the Lutherans saying they believe the same way ,but they are in a different country...
  4. I thought I should also mention the Japanese gave us the Pearl Harbor treatment in response to our embargo on their oil supply/it could be in our future ,but the veggie oil turned into fuel could circumvent the 3rd WW .
  5. I might also mention that China moved on 2 or 3 of our top 10 countries ,that we had long term oil leases on & bought the 30 yr leases on Iraq & Iran s oil fields,compromising our fuel supply.So,putting 10 to 30 per cent bio fuel made from henp ,soy,genl veggie oil would be a wise long term move. As well as modify new cars to be flex fuel vehicles to burn the bio hybrid fuel/Also,it would make jobs here keep that much more cash here too Amen/ Sun zhu s Art of War said to get rid of what causes the war conflict ,so this is part of the solution...
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  7. I am not conflating anything. All churches have evolved from the church in the Roman empire. The RCC is the reminent of the Empires church. Much has grown from many differing opinions to that of which the church authorises. Even the nature of Jesus was a debate. Was Jesus God or the receptical of God, or was he still man and God spoke three him? These were debated and then resolved often with violence. Hence the belief that Jesus was God and Man evolved. Belief in Salvation has also developed. Belief that you need to be in gods church on earth or belief in scripture and more later only belief in Jesus came to the fore or all of the above. I know the later was Paul's view but his view was not the only view in the early days. You can say what you like about your view but it is just an evolutionary conglomerate of history and church synthesis. The produce of many voices and debate and many times violence.
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  9. Tedious. All right. If you insist. The difference is belief. Belief changes nothing. Wanting changes nothing. Need changes nothing. That's how Christians perceive the bible. Perception changes nothing. The big difference is that Christ is not dead, and belief in his existence will change everything for everyone. Empty assertions. Assertions made without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence. And of course, non-belief has consequences, which brings us back to the topic of this thread. Consequences? Another threat. This time from you. How shameful. Also, futile. Facts don't disprove a faith, and without facts to disprove what I believe, they can't very well "bounce off" my faith.. 1. I thought that you would recognize the Bible symbolism. I was referencing the "Armor of God" which is protecting your mind from external reality. Yes. Facts do bounce off you. By your intention. By Scriptural Command. 2. You don't care about facts. 3. I am not concerned with changing your beliefs. . Without faith, life is void of meaning It is your life, which lacks meaning without faith. Don't project onto others. Perhaps if y'all spent as much time trying to understand rather than disprove the bible, you wouldn't have such defiant attitudes? Defiant Attitude? Defiant Attitude? Defiant Attitude? I needed a good laugh. so belief replaces "I don't know" with the faith An honest, I don't know is worth a lot more than fantasy. Faith is strong opinion. Nothing more.
  10. The difference is belief... If someone found a birth certificate 500 years from now with your name on it, they might very well believe that you existed based on that simple written record that someone else wrote and witnessed. That's how Christians perceive the bible. The big difference is that Christ is not dead, and belief in his existence will change everything for everyone. And of course, non-belief has consequences, which brings us back to the topic of this thread. Your conflating the acts of the RCC with the gospel. Catholicism violates much (most) of what Christ taught. The faith is not defined by religion or a religious organization. Did Christ whip, beat, or torture anyone? When what a Pope declares conflicts with the teachings and example of Christ, its not Christian, its false. Facts don't disprove a faith, and without facts to disprove what I believe, they can't very well "bounce off" my faith.. Consider that when a prophecy is fulfilled to the letter, the facts support faith. I know how hard it is to believe anything these days, but belief gives life substance. Without faith, life is void of meaning. Life is nothing more than a temporary existence with no definitive answers, resolutions, or purpose. Faith is the substance of what's not yet seen, and its that hope through understanding that makes sense out of life. Perhaps if y'all spent as much time trying to understand rather than disprove the bible, you wouldn't have such defiant attitudes? Belief begins by emptying yourself of what you think and humbly considering answers that you can't literally substantiate. You won't find physical evidence, and science doesn't have the answers, so belief replaces "I don't know" with the faith that Christ was and is the Truth. Without that simple foundation, your debating in a vacuum and you'll never find any real rhyme or reason to life.
  11. Fast forward a few months and someone has reached out asking me to officiate her Mother's graveside service at the end of the month. It will be an honor to do so.


  12. Just so. Facts bounce off faith, like rain bounces off an umbrella.
  13. There is a lot of power over believers and profit. Some of the church that established the bible never were short of, even to this day. In the past they could even bring down kings and queens by coordinating their loyalist fellows. Some king endured a whipping just to apologise to the Roman church. They were for a long time the biggest force in Europe and North Africa. Why would they make this up? Because the church profited from it. I give one example. When they were building the Vatican they came across a skeleton. Without further proof and evidence the Pope declared it was Peter and this added credibility to the church and loads of tourists. The skeleton could actually be anyone.
  14. Written Record? The Bible? Long after my death -- when everybody who knew me is dead -- and everybody who knew them is dead -- belief in my existence will have no consequences. Belief in my existence won't change anything for anybody. Just like belief in Jesus. You might enjoy reading the Bhagavad Gita. It's a Hindu text about the Life of Krishna. One of the Vedic deities, who manifested on Earth, in human form. It's an interesting story that many believe to be literal truth. After all, what would be the motivation, in making it up? There is also the Koran -- which has many wonderful stories about the Prophet Mohammed. Doubting the truth of these stories makes a lot of people angry. People die for doubting them. My personal favorites are the stories of the Norse gods. Many interesting characters, with good plot twists. All believed by many, to be literal. Who would make that stuff up?
  15. One either believes in the written record or they dismiss it.. But again, what's the motivation for making it up? In a hundred years or more, there will probably be no evidence of Jonathan either, those who claim that such a person ever existed with no evidence for Jonathan, will foolishly base their conclusion on faith and fraud.
  16. "If I follow the philosophy of atheism, stoicism, and skepticism blended(and I do, by the way), then am I not entitled to enjoy the exercise of statement of that belief?" I have not read the threads on this board you described and I have not read all the replies to this one, however I would answer YES. I may not agree with you on some topics, but that's what's great about this country. We are all free to have our own beliefs and we are free to express those beliefs. If someone is being respectful of others who may not think the way they do, I think we are all entitled to our beliefs. If you are expressing your beliefs so that we may learn and understand how you feel, and what you believe I am completely on board. What I don't think anyone has the right to do is disrespect anyone because of their beliefs. That is not in line with any of the religions we associate with here. I also don't think that any one religion should be forcing it's views on others, or preventing them from worshiping and celebrating as they wish because they don't agree. If you don't agree, step out while the others do their thing. It's call respect, and being a good human being. I don't care what religion you are, if you are a nice person I will respect you. By the way, I don't know if it's right to say Atheism is a "religion" I just used that word because I don't know enough about Atheism to call it anything else. Keep sharing your beliefs here. Those who can't respect that are not worth your time.
  17. Curiosity compels. In this miasma of fraud and fiction -- why do you think that Paul was real? Or any of the disciples? Which ones? Do you know of any actual evidence, for any of it? When the obvious lies and deceptions are so thick; I have difficulty believing any of it.
  18. It is likely that Paul did exist and I am sure some of the disciples did exist. Paul never met Jesus or had much to do with the disciples. My comments are about no one having conclusive proof how they died. I also don't trust the writers of the bible to be accurate in their views. Hence I don't trust the bible. When you look at James and Paul they don't exactly gel. Also many scholars don't believe Paul some his letter and Peter 1 and 2 are not thought written by Peter. It's a mess. I know some believe it all but I don't support this. If Jesus did exist, what his message was is not proved by the NT.
  19. Of course. No evidence for Jesus. No evidence for the disciples. All faith and fraud.
  20. All based on -- what? Faith. Of course, all the other religions lack proof.
  21. There is also no evidence of the deaths of the disciples. John for instance. Many who do believe think that the John the disciple, John the gospel writer, John the letter writer and John of Revelations are different people. Such as the lack of actual knowledge of the disciples and their lives. As for the book of Acts I believe it is a complete work of fiction to include Paul. It even contradicts Paul. Any report of their deaths has to be questioned in the light of no evidence for any of it.⁸ What acts does show is the ability of the church to create stuff. I agree though that the Church did persecute people who disagreed from the start and well beyond the middle ages.
  22. Nice straw man. I was speaking specifically of the council that put the Bible together but you want to say that I was speaking of early Christian's...yet more deceptive practice to defend your truth.
  23. Yes, it is my belief... I wasn't trying to present evidence, but simply stating what's written... No one can proof it to be true or false, its accepted by faith. Both, he was resurrected and then appeared to brethren, not law-enforcers, journalists, or the general public. While his physical body was resurrected, he was also in spirit. John 20:19 & 26 states that Jesus came to his disciples, who were in a locked house, and Jesus appeared in the midst of them (twice). And when he departed for the final time, he didn't walk, he ascended into heaven. Apparently, your not familiar with scripture; "And laid their hands on the apostles, and put them in the common prison" (Acts 5:18). "They stoned Paul and dragged him out of the city, supposing him to be dead" (Acts 14:19). "The chief magistrates tore their robes off them and proceeded to order them to be beaten with rods" (Acts 16:22). "Five times I received from the Jews thirty-nine lashes" (2 Corinthians 11:24). etc. Stephen was stoned. James was beheaded. Philip crucified. Matthew slain with a sword. James the brother of Jesus, had his brains dashed out with a fuller's club. Matthias stoned and then beheaded. Andrew crucified. Mark was dragged to pieces by the people of Alexandria. Peter crucified upside down. Paul beheaded with a sword. Jude crucified. Bartholomew beaten then crucified. Thomas killed with a spear. Luke hanged. Simon crucified. John was cast into a cauldron of boiling oil, but lived and was exiled and died on the island of Patmos. If Jesus was not resurrected, why would a bunch of scared disciples who ran away, all of a sudden decide He was worth dying for?
  24. All Jews and Christians were persecuted in the first and second centuries. It was after Constantine that the church and Constantine persecuted anyone who had a differing take on Christianity and especially the Jews.
  25. They were NOT persecuted. The council that formed your Bible did a lot of persecuting. It's history, look it up. Talk about deceptive practice to defend the truth...
  26. Wait? Appeared?!? Now what is it?!? Was he resurrected, or not??? Appeared sounds like some kind of ghostly "appearance" where resurrection - to me - sounds like an empty grave and the formerly dead person walking around, constantly (so being able to be perceived by law-enforcers, journalists, the general public et cetera)...
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