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  1. I like this forum because no one judges you And we can speak our minds It is nice to ourselves and not soneone else Lordie
  2. Yes cuchulain your are right some people i know went to school and still end up at mcdonalds working and pay school debt That is not right and grateful i am sorry about your mom . Sometimes people judge w out looking or w out an open mind Lordie
  3. Oh lannah i did try match eharmony christian mingle . But no guy i like so i tried datehookup Thanks Lordie
  4. Ok i read all you guys replies Ok. Grateful an iphone is 200 for the phone 45 a month . ( straight talk , family talk , net 10 ) For decline my bro has a neuro disorder bad so i told him to apply .and for raincloud i agree we do not see or hear about big business fraud and we pick on welfare that is sad Brother kaman i agree i was raised poor i got picked on alot but the rich kids didnt care they pick pick .to the rest of you yes i have seen people take advantage of the system . But for those who dont we shouldnt punish . Lordie Ok i read all you guys replies Ok. Grateful an iphone is 200
  5. True raincloud , but some religions dont allow it to me it seems odd and not mention stupid Fawzo no you are not a bigot if you realized it and no one had to tell you
  6. Yep bravo but i still think there is too much racism against women preachers . And we are as equal to man so why
  7. I just got done look at the news wheel on a social network site were they had about foodstamps and a iphone I thought well so what someone on foodstamps has an iphone no big deal they aint that expensive . And so i read the comments unbelievable the hatred towards people on welfare and foodstamps . It turned my stomache . As religious people we shouldnt make fun of any one esp one that is different than us . So i posted a comment You dont know someone until you walk a mile in their shoes !! I thought well it might stop the picking i guess i wasnt the only one who thought that some other peo
  8. Thanks for the replies and leopard boy your religion is neat thanks for sharing Lordie
  9. May i ask your religion I keep thinking different ones Thanks Lordie
  10. True even men find it easier to talk to a woman about women Peace Lordie
  11. lordie


    So i have been stalked by my sister i finally got courage to call a lawyer and so they told me to Call the cops . I told the lawyer about how people say i cant do nothing w out proof well Apparently i got lied to but this lawyer straighten it out which gave me peace So i want to tell you all dont believe what people tell you find out Lordie
  12. I wrote a subject on this on open pulpit But i assume you all might like it here Women preachers there many thoughts on this my own bro is one he does not believe in women preachers . But i do as a women . I think people should be more open minded when it comes to this but we are only human . Women preachers are pick on and made fun of why i have no clue but i do know is these people who pick on us women preachers they will have to answer to our boss jesus christ And i think we should read the bible and our history about women preachers some people might be surprised Lordie
  13. It sure is great advice !! And i think some of it i ll try . So thanks Lordie
  14. I pray for a boyfriend . But no man seems to be the one for me Or i get weirdos or they dont understand how i can be a reverand or they wanna make me some one i am not But i still continue to pray
  15. I am impressed in all what you do and keep up the good work why you say because i was old catholic until i switch i cannot find any one who knows that religion thanks Lordie