Official Seminary Homework Location?

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your doing it for yourself i would hope.if you feel that strongly,then don't sign up for anymore.thank you for the link.i had not been able to find it for a while.not being used tho as the mod from facebook is refering everyone here.

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On 12/22/2020 at 2:47 PM, mark 45 said:

i guess wherever one posts makes no difference.there is a"mod"on the seminary facebook page who can help you(maybe).


there used to be a web site just for seminary,but i am guessing that someone had it eleminated,and didn't bother telling anyoneso yes,you will have trouble navigating this site.i used to be a mod(like i have said before) at seminary and was dismissed without a kiss my foot or anything.


my advice would be to continue your lessons,and when you are done with them,submit your final essay to the proper site(this one isn't it).to be truthful,i doubt anyone reads these posts,so if you do as i suggest,you would be ok.just my opinion,your results may vary.

Which facebook page? Which site? Are there links? And what about homework you're supposed to mail to HQ, can I post it to whatever that site is? If I have to mail my tests and homework from some classes, does that mean I can mail all my work from all my classes to HQ for grading? How will I know if something has been graded when I post it to the site? 

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to be truthful,,i don't have any answers.things are screwed up royal,and changed dramatically.

if you have homework you need to send to hq,do so.they can either tell you where it's supposed to go,or not.


i wish you the best.

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