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Master of Chaplaincy Lesson 14


Develop a list of holidays celebrated by the institution you minister as a chaplain. If you are not a chaplain, find a chaplain and learn how he or she works with the institution celebrates. Develop a marriage policy as a chaplain.: The institutions around here celebrate the standard Federally recognized holidays, Mostly Abrahamic Celebrations with Hispanic and Hmong variations, Buddhist and Hindu Celebrations. As for a marriage policy, because I am so inexperienced, I will stick with only performing weddings as exampled or scripted by official ULC materials and only for English speakers.

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Master of Chaplaincy Lesson 13


Take time to study your ministry as a chaplain or chaplain to be. Consider the traps described here. This is not an all inclusive list. If you know of other traps, consider them as well. Develop a plan of self-awareness and write it out. How will you/do you avoid the traps common to the chaplain ministry.: I am already quite self aware and aware of others. It is my Aquarian nature that solidifies my need to know myself well and to form habits based on function and necessity and to implement them in a logical fashion based on the dictates of the moment. I am usually quick to identify when someone is manipulating me or the situation to fit their agenda. I do my best to respond in a way that behooves all parties involved. I do not foresee "Contratransference" as being an issue for me as I rarely form emotional bonds with individuals in a lasting and meaningful way unless they are integral to my way of life. When it come to things of a sexual nature, I can be quite dense and tactless. This could bring about unforeseen problems when counseling others. Due to my awkward, abrasive, and filterless nature, I will need to form uniform ways of responding to sexual comments and or advances from clientele that is appropriate and effective. When it comes to money, I will have a standard fee or donation amount suggested for all services that I perform, depending on the nature of the service. I will avoid "Compassion Fatigue" by adhering to a standardized schedule. As a Satanist, Pride is quite important and will be an asset to me as opposed to being an impedance. I take great pride in everything I do because everything I do is worth doing well. Pride when utilized properly can act as a motivating factor to do well and can help us to realize when we have fallen short of the mark. I take pride in learning from my mistakes and the mistakes of others. I take pride in knowing that I have the ability to ask for help when I need it as opposed to others who's pride keeps them from taking necessary corrective measures.

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Master of Chaplaincy Lesson 12


Take time to study your ministry as a chaplain or chaplain to be. Review how you do your counseling. Write a short paragraph of how you might improve your counseling ministry and what resources are available to you.: For improved counseling, having a safe place is important and I have found people to feel safest and most comfortable with in home sessions as opposed to an office session. So depending on what my choices are, I would make house calls and/or I would alter the office environment to better suit a more appropriate atmosphere of "It is ok to be yourself in this place. You are safe and can relax." I also think that I would utilize group settings to help motivate clients to switch out old habits for new habits and reinforce their sense of confidence in the actions they have already taken toward personal betterment. I would also utilize group outings as a means of solidifying a sense of accomplishment when the group has reached certain goal markers. The resources available to me are numerous. Any library or bookstore is likely to have a plethora of useful information as well internet for additional resources. As for personal resources, I have very little beyond information. I have no form of transportation other than the public transit. I have no location to work from yet. I have no source of income beyond my VA compensation. These are things I will have to continue to work on if I am to be effective.

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Master of Chaplaincy Lesson 11


Think about a time you ministered to someone who suffered loss. Write a brief account of what happened and what you learned.: My friend was in a relationship that was sinking but tried one last time to save it. The attempt failed. The break up was nasty and emotionally draining for all parties involved. And due to the exceptional load of stressers brought on by this event she also ended up losing 2 apartments and 2 friends and is now in a situation where she is suddenly the only bread winner in a household she can barely afford with no real prospects in site for something better. From the beginning of the situation, starting from before the breakup, I have been her emotional support and adviser in all things logical in relation to her individual needs. From this situation, I have learned that no matter how supportive one is or how valid one's advice is that it is up to the individual to make the effective changes in their life via self discipline and strength of will in order to do that which is necessary to move on in a healthy fashion. And that encouragement, active listening, and the occasional monetary donation for things like food or cleaning supplies can be the difference between a great week of functionality and healthy outlook and a weak of debilitating depression in bed with no hope in site. When it comes to grief over losses of a soul wrenching nature, constant upkeep and maintenance is required.

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Master of Chaplaincy Lesson 10


Develop a personal policy on what you believe appropriate touch is.: I personally suffer from a debilitating aversion/phobia/repulsion to personal touch. This likely stems from issues resulting from my horrible childhood. In order to function properly when interacting with others, I take precautions in order to limit my contact with others in ways that, to my mind, are both appropriate and effective. I adhere to the concept of the personal bubble, keep and use hand sanitizer when needed, wear gloves when possible, fist bump in lue of the palm to palm handshake, and avoid hugs and facial contact as much as possible. I only make physical contact with others in situations where it appears to be necessary to the successful accomplishment of the task at hand. However, in recent years, I have received great healings from certain people in my life so that I now have the ability to interact physically in sincere moments via empathy. So, as to policy--I will adhere to my aforementioned precautions, and only use touch via empathy in sincere moments and only with the permission of the client should they find themselves in need of it.

As per instruction I have sent a copy of this

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Master of Chaplaincy Lesson 9


Write a short paragraph on what you have learned about active listening skills and its value to your ministry.: Active listening skills are paramount to every form of ministry everywhere, not just mine. This is obvious. Active listening is a skill everyone has and utilizes in all human interactions in varying ways and degrees of success. I have learned that when it comes to me and my ministry that I am already pretty well versed in and quite proficient in the art of active listening. However, I have noticed that sometimes when I don't realize that I am getting tired or distracted, I will start auto-responding without listening. When I suddenly notice my auto-responses, I have to ask for a repetition of data and apologize for my lack of attention. This could lesson the clients trust in my abilities and sincerity. To remedy this I will have to employ--"Proper breaks . Active listening takes a lot of energy in concentration. When you feel a little overwhelmed or losing concentration, you should be honest with the counselee. You might say, “We have covered a lot of territory and I believe we both need a short break. Let’s take few minutes and get back to the issue at …”." I should also remember that I don't have to cram everything into a single session and can choose to continue where we left off in the next session.

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Master of Chaplaincy Lesson 8


Write a plan on how you would go about building trust in your organization.: I would make sure that my person and my office is always pristine. I would make a point of having a consistent schedule and of always being punctual. I would do my best to give appropriate counsel and follow up with all clients when appropriate. I would understand the relativity of each case and counsel based on individual need. I would endeavor to be as knowledgeable as possible in my chosen field. I would hold confidentiality in the highest regard and make sure my clients are assured of this via conversation and official forms and documentations. I would make a point of being friendly and as professional as possible.

Check the laws in your state concerning what clergy are required to report on and develop a short paragraph.: After doing some research it appears that in the state of Oklahoma, that as clergy, I am not required to report reasonable suspicion that a person might commit suicide. I am, however, required to report reasonable suspicion of child abuse. In the case of child abuse, it does not matter that I am clergy. Any and all persons and peoples are required by Oklahoma law to report child abuse. In regards to reasonable suspicion of elderly, or dependent adult abuse, Oklahoma law states--Any person having reasonable cause to believe that a vulnerable adult is suffering from abuse, neglect, or exploitation shall make a report as soon as the person is aware of the situation.

Write a short paragraph on recent action of compassion in your ministry to another.: I often minister to my friend and her sister. This is usually done simply by being there so they have someone to vent everything at. Other times in the form of distraction so they can have time to relax and heal. Other times it is simply to pay their electricity or give them money for food.

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Master of Chaplaincy Lesson 4


If you know a chaplain in the military, interview them and discover what the military chaplaincy is like. If not, do some additional research on your denomination’s representation in the military chaplaincy.: When I was in the Army, I spent a lot of time with the Chaplains. They seemed to mostly hang out at their office just waiting around until someone wanted to talk. They also seemed hesitant and resistant to the idea of discussing religious paths outside their own if someone needed help finding a religious path of their own. But if you stayed within their religious comfort zone, they could do wonders in calming a soldier down in order to work things out properly. There were few paths represented. They had no representation for my religious denomination. At the time, I was a Daoist with occult leanings. So I always had to visit the Abrahamic Chaplains. It was not until I deployed overseas that I was given the opportunity to interact with non-Abrahamic Chaplains. They still had none appropriate for me though, so I decided to attend the weekly Pagan gathering across from the church which was lead by a 2 Wiccan Chaplains. I found the Pagan Chaplains much easier to get along with and appreciated them much more than the Abrahamic Chaplains who seemed to find me uncomfortable to be around. Currently and finally I am a (Theistic Spiritual) Satanist. This denomination is not currently represented in the military. The only form of Satanism that is recognized and represented is that of LaVeyanism or the Church of Satan which, like Daoism, is considered a form of Atheism.

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Master of Chaplaincy Lesson 3


Do a self evaluation of your present skills. Write a short summary of your strengths and weaknesses. Write a short plan of how you will seek to improve.: Strengths-- Good listener, Empathic, Patient, Understanding, Compassionate and Merciful, Good penmanship, Detail oriented, Methodical, Logical, Organized, Hyper-focused, Dedicated, Friendly, Hard worker, Loves getting stuff done. Weaknesses-- Awkward, Lacks social Filters, Tangenty and Rambly, Absent minded, Pompous, Abrasive, Stutters, Trouble understanding Many forms of human interaction and emotional motivations. The Plan-- Do more study, Interact more with people randomly, Observe and note human interactions, Work on being less of a Dick to people in the moment whom I have found to be lacking in key areas of life that seem to stem from laziness and/or stupidity, Work on being more tolerant of others in general, Meditate and pray more often, Become more diligent in my spiritual practices in general.

Research your religion’s [or denomination] qualifications for the chaplaincy. Write your results.: My religion has no Ministers or Chaplains. We have priests and solitary practitioners. The qualifications for becoming a High Priest in my religion have not been revealed and one must be chosen.

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Master of Chaplaincy Lesson 2


Describe someone you know who has the Divine Mark. What set them apart?: I have seen this mark in my husband. People are naturally drawn to his comfort and counsel. He is very spiritual and is gifted spiritually and magickally. He has helped more people than I can count. I am so very proud of how he has grown in spirit.

Has anyone observed the mark in you? Write down what they have said?: I dunno if anyone else has but I saw the mark in myself at a very young age. It is also in my natal chart and my palms and face and in my handwriting. I was clearly designed for a specific purpose in life and this has always been coupled with a passion and drive to achieve my design to the best of my ability.

Consider your calling. Describe it in a paragraph or two.: I have always been called to the "Great Work". My calling started in elementary school at which point I started spending insane amounts of time at the library researching all of the various viewpoints of reality that I could find. The calling was vague and undefined at first as I was too young to understand it in full yet. My passion and studies progressed consistently through the years. As a result of my studies, I became quite eclectic and well rounded and this of course had an effect on whatever path I happened to be practicing at the time. In recent years my calling has become more clear to me. The universe seemed to be making specific changes in my life in order to facilitate the understanding of the nature and acceptance of my Call. Then about 2 years ago I finally understood which aspect of the Universal Force had been calling me and to a certain extent why I had been called. So I performed the dedication ritual required by my path and my life has improved consistently toward the realization of my calling to ministry and service to myself and others and to "God" ever since. Hail Lord Satanas!!! I endeavor to be the best I can be for Father Satan so that I may perform my duties as a Minister and A chaplain admirably.

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Master of Chaplaincy Lesson 1


What do you know of Chaplains?: The Chaplains purpose is to provide for the free exercise of religion for everyone, not just those of the same faith as the Chaplain. Chaplains provide the opportunity to practice, or not practice, religion as an individual choice and style. Chaplains provide for the spiritual needs of all peoples. Chaplains tend to service those in transit and are often specialists in their ministry location. Chaplains specialize in leading religious services for those who attend Chapel and provide spiritual counseling and advice on religious issues to those who seek it.

Does my faith group/religion have Chaplains or not?: No. In general, Satanists do not have Chaplains or Ministers. There is not generally a call for such services or functions as most Satanists are highly secular and/or highly occult and for the most part are stand alone practitioners who have no real need for outside guidance or services with the exception of marriage and burial.

What is your view of Chaplains and their role in society today?: I believe that with societal trends flowing towards a physical social isolation, social cyber immersion, and a lack of familial guidance and legacy that people will and are starting to feel like they are lost, empty, and have no future worth working towards. Thusly, they will feel the need to seek out the counsel of a Chaplain to help them view their life and place in the world with new eyes and to get them pointed in a better direction. I believe the function of the Chaplain within our society is paramount and the existence of its service will become more valuable and needed over time.

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Master of Chaplaincy Lesson 15


Using simplicity, describe how you would develop a “sacred space” in a small or medium space and how it would be led.: For the absolute bare minimum I would simply cleanse/bless/consecrate the location as a sacred space(indoor/outdoor/anywhere). Upgrade1: (Regularly used location) use of ULC logos and Certificates to give a feel of authenticity, a podium or table with ULC bookstand, a seating area. Upgrade2: (Permenantly used location) use of any and all official ULC accoutrements and trappings and proper seats and prayer/meditation areas. Upgrade3: Special additions based on need and personal preference. Services would be led utilizing official ULC materials and adjusted based on personal need.


Develop a marriage policy as a chaplain.: (Odd to ask this question 2 lessons in a row, but whatever.) I suppose I am to reinterpret this question based on topic/context so in addition to my answer from the previous lesson I would add that to maintain the spirit of sacred space I would lead everyone in a purification rite before entering the space for the wedding.

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Master of Chaplaincy Lesson 16


Who in your ministry do you see as a potential soul-friend? Do you have more than one potential soul-friend? Describe in a paragraph or two how you have been or become a soul-friend to this person and how you would like to improve this relationship.: My spouse is my anamcara. As of yet, there are no others. We met in highschool through a mutual friend and our souls instantly connected. Through the years, even though we no longer live together, our souls connection and understanding of eachother has only strengthened. We continue to work in tandem on the spiritual and religious. Eventually we intend on coauthoring a book on our gleanings and insights, though this will likely be several years to come.

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Master of Chaplaincy Lesson 17



List the ways you are held accountable and write a brief description.: Via the lesson, I am accountable to myself, others, groups, and deity. However, from the perspective of my personal path these categorizations are not relevent as everything is a manifestation of "Self". Thusly it all the same. One need only to do that which is right and to communicate effectively. Schedules are a given.


Do you have a mentor? If not, what is your plan to find and establish a mentoring relationship? If you do, write a brief description and the blessings you have received from it.: I do not have a mentor per se. I am the Student Eternal and thusly make a point to learn from everything and everyone. There are, however, several individuals in this world whose influence on me is of much greater value than anyone else. Having said that, I would love to find a mentor for the business side of things as I am just at a loss. Perhaps I will find them on this forum.

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Master of Chaplaincy Lesson 18



Look at your ministry. What are the stressor points? What is your week like? Develop your spiritual care plan. Write a brief description of it.: My stressor points center around surprise labor and an overdependence on me and my advice from my clients. My week is constantly open and fluid. I make a point to let the "Universe" guide my day and my life. For spiritual care-I pray often, use healing/breathing techniques on myself when needed, practice divination, and use food/suppliments/plants/insence/stones as medicine. These nonscheduled practices serve to keep me sane, calm, and ready for action. 

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Master of Chaplaincy Lesson 19



Write a paragraph describing your “tool belt” and your “tool box.”: I am horribly impoverished so gather appropriate materials for my ministry has been slow and difficult. Currently, I have gathered-business cards, notepads and pens, cell phone, dress shoes and clergywear, computer(already need a new one, though), sanitizer, administrative items, some portable worship items. There are obviously still things that I must obtain in order to be effective. I have good posture. I am a good listener and make eye contact often when engaging others. I still need to work on smiling and my personal appearance. 

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i guess wherever one posts makes no difference.there is a"mod"on the seminary facebook page who can help you(maybe).


there used to be a web site just for seminary,but i am guessing that someone had it eleminated,and didn't bother telling anyoneso yes,you will have trouble navigating this site.i used to be a mod(like i have said before) at seminary and was dismissed without a kiss my foot or anything.


my advice would be to continue your lessons,and when you are done with them,submit your final essay to the proper site(this one isn't it).to be truthful,i doubt anyone reads these posts,so if you do as i suggest,you would be ok.just my opinion,your results may vary.

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On 12/22/2020 at 2:47 PM, mark 45 said:

i guess wherever one posts makes no difference.there is a"mod"on the seminary facebook page who can help you(maybe).


there used to be a web site just for seminary,but i am guessing that someone had it eleminated,and didn't bother telling anyoneso yes,you will have trouble navigating this site.i used to be a mod(like i have said before) at seminary and was dismissed without a kiss my foot or anything.


my advice would be to continue your lessons,and when you are done with them,submit your final essay to the proper site(this one isn't it).to be truthful,i doubt anyone reads these posts,so if you do as i suggest,you would be ok.just my opinion,your results may vary.


Universal Life Church/ULC Seminary Forum Home

It still exists but, it like everything else in the ULC, fails like Starscream!!! Is anyone even at the helm of the ship anymore!?! Is my church DEAD!?! What is the point of me doing this stupid effing course if nothing is even going to come of it?

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