Hello to North Carolina ULC Ministers!

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Welcome to the forum ,Tina.I ve lived in NC since 1981.My DAD was born & raised here,mom was born in Detroit area... 


im about 45 miles west of Charlotte in Shelby/charlotte is the biggest city in NC,growing leaps and boundaries...I just live humbly in a singlewide on a acre lot with my cats...Unincorporated county area is where singlewides usually don t violate building codes....I learned about them as affordable housing while in basic army training for the reserves in 1975,They have parks around most military installations,a few platoon members had family in them...

The problem with Charlotte and most big cities is affordabble housing.like 900 a mo for avg apts rents...I told them they needed to do mfg home/prefab single & doublewide lots in multiple parks in the unincorporated county areas for affordable housing.

They tore down the old govt projects to build new ones ,instead of overhauling the old ones and putting new ones somewhere else...


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Hello Tina!


I lived in NC 4-5 years back, north of Charlotte. Beautiful country there, but kind of sucky for allergy sufferers. Like, I never had an issue with allergies until I lived there. Pollen everywhere!


My info is a few years old, but anything I can do to help just let me know.



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