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Eye Trouble epidemic

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I have been having eye troubles the past few years myself.Last week .a ABC News article said 1/4 to a third of even young people are having eye troubles.

I Joined the Alliance for Advanced Health last November.They had a article that said 20 mg Lutein,& 4 mg Zeazanthin are the core formula to feed the macula for eye troubles.

They were selling a premium formula big price,so I had to shop around & find a bargain basement price supplement on my SSec Check,thats 1/4 lower than the avg,lucky to have that.


Most larger health food stores sell such a formula,which may have other things that help in a nutritional formula,ie,patent formula that may take 10 days to start kicking in.You have to keep taking it,maybe with a one a day type vitamin.

They say all the LED s are using blue spectrum light,wich is the hardest on eyes,in flat screens,night time ,& latest tech style lighting including power co street lighting.They need to get the light out of different spectrum light ,other than blue spectrum.The former president bush pushed flat screen tech to save on electric power costs.Our eyes make it too costly in the long run.


The rabbits thump their feet for danger to the other rabbits,so this is like their thumping thus....


Be Blessed,Rev KHBostic


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