It is Possible to Catch a Living Ghost

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A ghost is something left over from the past that no longer exists. An example of ghosts are memories, artwork, writings, etc. This essay will concern itself primarily with ghosts from bad memories. A bad memory will disturb people long after the person that caused the event is long gone. This memory will haunt the person like a ghost would because it is a form a ghost. This type of ghost could be said to be living because living brain cells are storing it. 
The concept of catching ghosts is not new. There has long been folk methods of catching ghosts such as candles in bottles or the use of buried boxes. Modern day ghost hunters try to use electromagnetic containment, EMF meters, and thermographic cameras. The Ghostbusters movie was based on this. 
A more provable concept of a ghost is what has been left over after a person dies. An imprint on the Earth, so to speak. Dante wrote about artists that gain immortality thought their art, instead of having children to gain the same goal. I first started thinking about this when I saw the shadows left of people at the location of the Nagasaki nuclear blast. People sometimes video record their wills and have it played back at the lawyer's office for the descendants to listen to. A ghost like this has an effect in the living world. Some people even created interactive computer chatterbot programs that would respond to questions as the creator would, making it possible to talk to the dead and get a response. 
Long term memories are stored in various parts of the brain that fire in a pattern to recreate the past experience, For example, the memory of sight is stored in the visual cortex. In other words, unlike other types of ghosts that are imprints of a dead person's life, this type of ghost is alive.
There is a reason for bad memories. It aids in survival to remember wrongs to a person. If a person does not remember a wrong, there would be no way to retaliate and the person would be extremely vulnerable to the point of not being able to retaliate. It would not be possible to convict a criminal without bad memories because the victim would not be able to testify. So bad memories have a useful purpose.
If the evil person dies, the bad memory stays with the crime victim. So the ghost of the evil person lives on as a bad memory in the person's brain. There is no need for this type of evil ghost.
The living trauma ghost is real and is alive. It is an evil ghost it lives in brain cells where it causes harm. It is working on behalf of the evil person who is in a grave or crypt. It is a haunting from the grave.
The way to catch the ghost is to use techniques out there that are used to treat trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder. It is not within the scope of this essay to include techniques to deal with traumatic memories. The intention is to demonstrate that a living ghost representing a dead body can be caught.
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