In Memoriam: Rev Al – Atwater Vitki

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Hello friends,


I hope you are well and hanging in there through all of the changes going on with the forum. The process of the big changes is nearly completed. And there are some things to come in the near future which will hopefully express a sense of genuine gratitude to all community members who participate on the forum. :)


Truly, the members of the forum community care for one another. There are special relationships created and built here where connections have lasted for years. I cannot thank you enough for choosing this forum to make it your place to come together.


Regretfully, it appears that sometimes there is a disconnect with relaying what happens at the office and what gets passed on to the community. It is a work in progress that we are working to remedy.

Such is the case with the recent passing of one of our volunteers, Atwater Vitki. Last month, Murph advised of the sad news regarding this loss to our community.  The expression of my thoughts was posted out to the ULC community, and unfortunately did not make it as far as the forum where - of all places it clearly should have landed/


In the meantime, a major renovation of the forum has been going on. Communications to complete this task were fast and furious. With the cleanup and a moment to get a view of the scenery, it is clear that a very important part of our forum is missing.


I would like to properly extend an acknowledgement of Rev Al – Atwater Vitki’s service to our forum community. The loss is one that runs especially deep here.

He was the type of contributor that when he posted, one would go out of their way to read what he had to say. He was cheerful and colorful, and a person who was quirky and charismatic. He held a great deal of compassion for people, and this extended to his love and concern for animals.


Early on, Atwater Vitki would send each new registered guest a personal welcome message right into their inbox. And he would also send happy birthday messages or even a welcome back message for returning members too. It is clear that connecting people was important to him. He touched everyone.


His temperament was one that the world needs more of. We were so lucky to have him with us here on the ULC forum. He was truly one of a kind. He was well loved by many and he is missed.


I know that many of our staff and members are still grieving. Please keep in mind that as ministers, many of us are here to be of counsel. Especially among our Administrators and Moderators, we hope to extend support that you may need for coping with grief. Our door is always open.


We continue to send our deepest gratitude to our departed Atwater Vitki for his years of dedicated service to ULC Online, and to his family. They have recently communicated their gratitude, thanking the ULC community for all of the love and support you have shared with them.

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As we go forward with laying new groundwork for communicating from the office to the open community, I hope we will be able to communicate to everyone on the forum that we care a great deal about all of you.  Even if things are silent from our end, at the office we get to know you on the forum when we check in.


In the future we will do a better job with presenting information to keep you in the loop with what is going on, and make everyone a part of a community sharing in the same ideals to make our online venues a better place! We also hope to do a much better job with communicating our appreciation and gratitude to you.


A sincere thank you to all of our volunteers, and to all of our members who have devoted countless hours of participation and sharing experiences and trials, and to all who have offered support and encouragement to one another.


Rev Al was such an example to the community as someone with an open mind and an open heart. He spoke with fairness and understanding. His energy continues to flow through here for many of us. His passing is a great loss to us all and we hope to do what we can to support anyone who can use a shoulder or an ear.


From me, and on behalf of Brother Kevin, thank you all for your love, your support and patience over the years. We hope to communicate the same to you in return, to honor you more openly and much more often.



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I am  beyond shocked! I have not been here for a long while and I this news about  Rev. Al is so deeply saddening  . He was  such a wonderful shining soul- compassionate , understanding and filled with love and  deep wisdom. I loved his insights and words. The world has lost a beautiful soul-and heaven gained a shining one back . I  am thinking of him with much love......many of his wise words are with me.  Blessings dear Al, and may you always be in the light of the "Infinite".   Suzanne

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