New Jersey (Camden County) Questions

James Franklin

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Hello friends,

I am officiating a wedding at the end of the month and I had a few legal questions.  This is my second wedding and I didn't think of these before.  The wedding is in Sicklerville, NJ which is Camden County.  

Question 1 - Does the ordination expire? I was ordained in 2014.  Funny thing is, I was actually "ordained" at a small local church I had attended for years.  I was their first youth pastor and started in their training program.  They ordained me as a youth pastor before I could be on the the regular pastors (can't think of a better way to describe it).  I left there because of them personal issues.  But I never signed any paperwork for ordination.  A friend asked me to officiate their wedding and did it through ULC.  The friend who asked me to do her wedding this month just brought up the question of if the ordination expires.

Question 2 - I know that NJ doesn't require anything to perform a marriage but I know some counties do.  Is their anyone in Camden County who knows if anything is required or know whom to contact?  

Question 3 - I moved a few months ago. Do I need to change my address with ULC for any legal reasons?

Thank you all for any input! 

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