Cyfarchion! (Greetings!)

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I've not posted in about nine months, but I intend to start posting again. I am still a dyn hysbys (wizard or cunning man) and a Welsh Polytheist. Anyway, hopefully I will see you on the boards :)

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BTW, for those who may have not noticed, I am male. I also post on other sites using my Welsh occult pseudonym as I do here, and I have found many think I am a female. Gwynn or Gwyn is a fairly common masculine name in Wales, but I guess many are confused because in America more people are familiar with the feminine form Gwen. I understand because I am American myself, although I am of Welsh descent. I may have inadvertently added to the confusion because I am a gay male. I occasionally make comments about attractive male celebrities, etc., which also may cause people to assume I am female. I have my gender listed as male on my profile, but people, myself included, do not always notice.

Bendithion (Blessings).


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4 hours ago, mark 45 said:

don't sweat the minor details.people either accept you as you are,or don't.

Hi Mark,

True enough. It's just that I don't intend to mislead people, and some people (elsewhere, not here) were upset to find they had been talking to a gay male instead of a female. I prefer to avoid such misunderstandings if possible. I was not attempting to "catfish" anyone, and there was nothing sexual involved in any conversations. But I agree with you about not sweating the small stuff, although it seemed a big deal to others :) Imagine the horror of someone finding out he had been engaging in a bit of (social) intercourse with a gay male :P 

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7 hours ago, mark 45 said:

and maybe it's time they grew up,or better,stepped out of their own shouldn't matter what the persons orientation is if the conversation is good.and if you were"fishing"there are websites for that.  


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