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You have a broad question, my friend, so I'll respond with a broad answer:


"Recognized" for what, specifically?  Conducting marriage?  Simple services of the ministry?  The right to call yourself a Minister of the Church?  If it's the last couple, that's definitely not a problem; that's an Establishment Clause issue.   As to solemnizing marriage, that's a civil issue, and is a matter of law.  Brother Kaman's recommendation is a good one.  I would speak to your county's clerk -- or whoever is the guarantor of the vital records in your venue; and there's not thing wrong with getting the opinion of a Judge/Magistrate or two, either.

Let us know what you find!

--Rev. Samuel
Universal Life Church of Michigan

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On 4/12/2016 at 9:40 PM, Anthony Cherry said:

Is ULC recognised in Panama City Beach FL??


Yes, it is. Florida Regulates Officiants and clergy at the level of state law.  The several counties then implement the requirements of state law. Therefore, you'll need to look up the relevant Florida Statutes.

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