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I myself have placed orders for certificates (Title, Sainthood for someone, Ordination) from both the ULCHQ and here ( For other supplies such as a Degree (Dr. of Divinity and Doctor of the Universe) I have went through here (again Books I have went through both here ( and the ULCSeminary. Other supplies such as Wedding, Baptism, Vow Renewal, etc... I print off myself from the Wedding Words and More on Disc that I purchased from here at, for a decorative seal I have an embosser i ordered on amazon and emboss my own gold foil seals. Other supplies are purchased from other sources such as Family Christian Bookstore and Michigan Church Supply (luckily both have a physical location here in the Flint, MI area) or even Amazon.


Books I have purchased here are the Ultimate Wedding Workbook, and Weddings Funerals and Rites of Passage. From ULCSeminary I purchased an additional Ultimate Wedding Workbook, More Weddings, Funerals and Rites of Passage (both a physical copy and a digital download copy), along with Weddings, Funerals and Rites of Passage (digital download copy). I also purchased a couple of the ULC minister pins, ULC Minister patches, ULC Minister notepads from the ULCSeminary. I have one patch on the messenger bag that I use to carry my supplies (bible, ceremony books, small sick call kit, etc...), the pins I have on the lapel of a couple of jackets, the notepads I will use to jot down note when doing a consultation.

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Yes, its the ULC seal found on on the disc (had them remove the "starburst" from around it.


I did purchase some small white candles and small candle holders for them from a local new age store that I have in my sick call kit (have 6 of the candle holders, 2 I have engraved a cross onto with a Dremel Rotary Tool clone (its a Chicago Electric Variable Speed Rotary Tool bought from Harbor Freight) then filled the cross in with gold paint I have for painting pewter gaming miniatures, the other 4 candle holders are currently plain), this is the same place I purchased my copy of "A pagan ritual Prayer Book" by Ceisiwr Serith.


I also purchase pure olive oil from the grocery store for use as anointing oil, and for the blessing/making of holy water I purchase Kosher salt from the local Dollar Tree (Dollar store). For the anointing oil it is cheaper then going through a church supply store (the anointing oil you get through them will be pure olive), in fact I have talked to a couple of other ministers who have said their church does the same thing, instead of paying $14 for a 4oz bottle of unscented oil you can get 48oz bottle of olive oil for about the same price. If I want to have scented anointing oil such as Frankincense and Myrrh or Balsam I will add a couple drops of essential oil of the scent I would like to add to the oil, which is still cheaper then purchasing/ordering the scented anointing oil for a church supply store.

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