Problem Validating E-Mail

Belyn Mawr

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Hmmm... Admin- chime in if I'm wrong-

but I'm fairly sure that since you are posting you have been validated.

If you are talking about the getting validation e-mails from posts you've made (and response) please try re-doing the settings under "My Settings>Notifications" in your profile.

Hopefully that should help.


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Hi Atwater Vitki,

I know it is strange. But if you look at my member status under my profile pic it says validating and some topics on the forum, like The Debate Team, aren't showing up as if I were logged out. Thank you for responding. You're right, I can still post though. Weird. I am well versed in arcane sorcery, but concerning modern technology, not so much. Give me a crystal ball or some Tarot cards and I can penetrate the great mysteries of the unknown, but just don't ask me how to set the clock on a microwave oven :).

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