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Murph -

I got the below email from one of our members yesterday and it seems they are experiencing some problems getting posts to work on the forum. I'm c/p the bulk of the e-mail regarding the technical issues so there is no loss in translation.

Blessings of Peace,


I have a question for you.
Recently my old Dell XP puter went caput and I am now using my wife's Toshiba Windows 7 laptop.
Anyhow -- with all the changes of the ULC forum which have recently been made, I now find it impossible to post at all. I get a super pale box frame and when I try to type -- it looks like a very pale olden type typewriter. When I go to review what I have written it tells me that my post is empty -- and -- of course -- it will not send at all now. Right before this latest dysfunction began -- I could no longer 1) use "quote" nor "multiple quote" and 2) I could no longer use the very first menu at the top of the post where it has toggle for BB code -- smileys -- etc. None of this works at all now. In order to log in -- I always have to refresh (F5) the page because initially when I go to sign in, it ignores me until after I have refreshed the page. But -- now -- I can no longer send a post at all. hmmmm.
I notice that others are also having some problems since the so-called "upgrade."
Any suggestions?
Anyhow -- methinks that recent "upgrade" probably has a few unresolved bugs?
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I'm really not sure...that doesn't sound anything like anything I've seen. I'm using 3 different versions of windows and 3 different types of browsers, and they all appear to be working normally.

if i could see some screenshots of what they see, that'd help with starting the investigatory process...but...yeah, that sounds really odd.

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