The Tingle On The Back Of Your Neck


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I had something happen this morning while I was out for a short walk and would like to share.

I had decided to walk down to the local "pick me up"( like a 7-11) store after I found that I had no milk. SO I got all bundled up (due to the wind and snow we are getting now) grabbed my cane and off I went.

And for some reason I just started to sing parts of "39th street bridge song" by Simon and Garfunkel.

I was in sight of the store when a tingle started at the back of my neck. I stopped and turned around. And Lo and behold I found that I was being followed by a group of people. Mostly younger than myself except for an older couple. As they got closer I could tell that they were also singing the same song.

The older man placed his hand on my shoulder when he got to me and said " thank you, we really needed that this morning." I smiled and said "your welcome". The whole group then said " Merry Christmas!" and continued their walk on down the road towards a local church.

Now I'll stop my story there simple due that the rest of my walk was uneventful.

However I would like to "hear" if others have had The Tingle on the back of your neck?

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Hmmm...funny you should bring this up now. Day before yesterday (Dec. 13) was my father's birthday. He passed passed away Dec 28, 2009. I did my usual "ritual" regarding my memorial of his life and nothing eventful occurred while doing that. However, several hours later, my wife and I were playing Scrabble™ online and during our second round I got the "electric sizzle" up the back of my spine and neck...I literally figured I would look back and see her standing there, but no one.

But that's a tad on the paranormal side. Was it my Dad's spirit? Who's to say, but I'd like to think it was.

As far as singing/humming/whistling a tune...I can only think of one incident, many years ago while fishing along the Trinity River in No. Calif. I had a silly tune stuck in my head and found myself whistling and or humming it over and over... and over...and...well y'all know how it goes. When I got back to the road where several vehicles were parked, a fellow comes up the trail whistling (very well I might add) the same tune. When I asked him about he said "Don't know, I was down by Turner Flat and it just popped into my head and now I can't get it out of my head for nothin'!" A couple hours earlier I was near the same spot. Though we didn't see each other then (this area is very over grown and shrubby) it's quite possible he heard one of my less in-tune renditions.?.?.

The tingle up the neck has happened to me, and I'm sure many others, many times in my life. The worst though was in Viet Nam as it always meant impending doom. The most positive and enlightening have been during paranormal investigations and one's I genuinely look forward to.

In 2000 while I was studying in Sweden, I had an occurrence while sitting at "Seigert's Risting", the largest of all runic inscriptions (aprox 20' x 40') along an old creek bed. Besides the "tingle" I absolutely "felt/heard" being surrounded by the clank and clatter of what sounded like old wagons, animals and people in a group walking. One of the highlights of my trip.

Blessings of Peace,


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Yep they all qualify. Love those types.

It wad a good vibration( hmm Beach Boy's) that gave you comfort. And if I was you I would love for it to have been him.

The whistler well it could have worked the other way around also. But in any case you got a treat for his performance.

I like thinking that the energies that comes to one in war, are of those whom where watching out for you. Friends, Family and the fallen. Thank you for your service.

I have not been on an investigation, although my parents have told us kids that we lived in 2 home that where. I only remember their stories. I wonder how that would work out for a deaf?

Seigert's Risting ? WHere in Sweden is it? Would love to find out more about it. DO you know if it is currently being used for the now popular Halloween?

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