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I wrote a subject on this on open pulpit

But i assume you all might like it here

Women preachers there many thoughts on this my own bro is one he does not believe in women preachers . But i do as a women . I think people should be more open minded when it comes to this but we are only human .

Women preachers are pick on and made fun of why i have no clue but i do know is these people who pick on us women preachers they will have to answer to our boss jesus christ

And i think we should read the bible and our history about women preachers some people might be surprised


How/why does gender matter in religion and/or spirituality???

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Many religions are accepting women into their priesthoods. In almost all religions of the world, women have distinguished themselves as contemplative mystics. They have also been spiritual teachers of many of the male members of the priesthood. But stil there are many women that are deprived of their right to hold the priesthood. Time will come when women will participate openly in all the aspects of the spirituality of their religion. Here in my region of the world women have taken a very important part in their respective religions.

Hermano Luis

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