Call Me Maybe - Army Style


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Mein Göt! Das einsVideo, posted by the Bishop, ist zeine schrecklich tatto! Das Militär her un herren peinlich sollte! Das ist nichts gut, nine, das ist tatto verbötten en das werlt!! Auchdulieber, meine fruend, nichts on showing off zuch bad ink!!*

And I agree, syncro-sign was very cool! Even sent it to my daughter and she's already responded with a "Cool daddo" and to "send thanks to Br. Devon for the link". Just got text message..."Now I gots me that silly song stuck in my head!!! Greeeeeat! I gotta go work in 15 minutes!"

Blessings Be,

*I'm sure my Deutsch is terribly ragged and sloppy as it's been decades since conversing, but the gist..."OMG! those guys have some TERRIBLE tattoos!" I only saw one "decent" one.!!

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