Glasses For Tax Exempt?


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Assistive devices are rarely exemptable, and the main criterion is is it ONLY used for the tax exempt purpose, or depending on the locale, MAINLY for the tax exempt purpose. A cane, walker, or wheelchair would not qualify in most areas because you would need it to get to the ministry task, but you also need it to get from it.

Glasses, usually a no because you can use them elsewhere. The safety glasses example is the only one I can think of, and then, usually one is asked to leave them at the workplace.

Your best advice would be to ask a tax professional. Most H&R Block locations would be happy to tell you if you qualify for an exemption - in my area, most will answer basic questions at no charge, provided you are not interrupting a tax pro from preparing a return and not giving them a list of questions.

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I figured as much.. just kind of a curious is all.. I by no means would want anyone to think I'm trying to take advantage of the privilege.. I had just thought abt that cuz I was just like that's kinda an iffy one IMO... I was hoping we would have more of a debate but it just didn't.. oh well lol

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