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  1. This is my pentacle I made. Bought the pendant online (thanks roommate ) its got slipknot adjustment and simple knots but I love it! Edit: Oops missing link brb
  2. I figured as much.. just kind of a curious is all.. I by no means would want anyone to think I'm trying to take advantage of the privilege.. I had just thought abt that cuz I was just like that's kinda an iffy one IMO... I was hoping we would have more of a debate but it just didn't.. oh well lol
  3. I do need glasses but I could care less if I'm hard on reading.. but what about for reading and helping others in my church? Is it legal to get exempt on those?
  4. Ik its a bit of a ways out but what are u all doin for samhain/holloween/whatever name you go by? I personally am going to do the weirdest thing. I'm gunna go drinking and trick or treat as the character I play in order and chaos. Haha pretty nerdy for a 21 year old but it'll be a good time haha.
  5. Well I'm doing it for several reasons... I want to start up an open circle.. I also do healing and its like a certification that people request so I could do professionally on the side. Of course you don't need to be ordained to do anything (in my belief) but it gives people a thought that I take this seriously and have done it for long enough to know what I'm doing.