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Got home last night to find the long-awaited Publisher's Agreement on the mat. That's a Publishing Contract to you and me, but Oxford University Press can't use easy words.

It commits 'the Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Oxford', bless them, to pay me for my little book - the advance is miniscule, but I don't have to give it back if they decide not to publish, unless I fail to turn in the manuscript - and they've had that since June 15th.

And if they bring the book out, and if anyone buys it, I get 10% roiyalties on books/e-books sold and 7.5% on books with audio.

Yippee yiy yay!!

It's still not totally certain, but it looks a bit more as if "Ghosts International: Troll and other stories" is really going to happen.

If it does, and if it sells, my plan is that it will be part of a series. Publihsers LOVE repeat custom. ;)

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Fantastic and when it becomes a best seller and big time movie like the Potter series don't forget us little people on Premier nights :)


Thank you!

It's not quite the market for a big Hollywood production, alas being ghost stories in easy English for students of ESOL.

But as soon as Spielberg starts ringing up about the film rights, I'll start on my guest list for the opening nights... :)

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How wonderful Bluecat! May your hard work and endeavors be duly rewarded! :clap::kick::clap:

It's always so cool to hear when people reach towards goals and then obtain what they were after! and Yes, I'll definitely like to be added to "Premier Night"!


I'd also like to purchase a copy when it's gets in print so be sure to update us with that jolly news and link as well!


Blessings of Peace,

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