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Hearing My Heart


> If my heart whispered,

> it's deepest scerets, would you hear my heart

> would you hear it's dreams,

> and wishes?


> If my heart found itself,

> crying in silence,

> would you hear my heart,

> would you take the time,

> to find out why?


> when my heart feels,

> it's hanging on by a thread,

> ready to let go,

> ready to give up,

> would you help hold on?


> when my heart is broken,

> and the pieces are needing,

> to be put back together,

> are you willing to help,

> to put the pieces of my heart together?



> What if my heart feels,

> that no one cares,

> or evens feels loved,

> would you be there,

> to show alittle comfort and care?

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The Spirit Never Leaves You

When you feel your Heart is Broken,

and Your Dreams are leaking out,

You feel noone is watching,

Or cares what you're about,

When you wish you had a hand to hold,

Or someone to light your way,

Or a hug from a friend, to sooth your soul,

Or a smile to brighten your day,

Stand in front of a Mirror dear Heart,

and look behind your eyes.

The Love you seek, and dearly need,

Is there! It's giant size!!!

The Spirit is with you, at all times,

With Glue to mend that Heart,

Not a single dream may escape you,

When you let The Spirit do it's Part.

The Love you seek is all around,

The folks here will hold your hand.

We'll always have a word for you,

So come to us to make a stand...

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