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  1. Hearing My Heart > > If my heart whispered, > it's deepest scerets, would you hear my heart > would you hear it's dreams, > and wishes? > > If my heart found itself, > crying in silence, > would you hear my heart, > would you take the time, > to find out why? > > when my heart feels, > it's hanging on by a thread, > ready to let go, > ready to give up, > would you help hold on? > > when my heart is broken, > and the pieces are needing, > to be put back together, > are you willing to help, > to put the pieces of my heart together? > > > What if my heart feels, > that no one cares, > or evens feels loved, > would you be there, > to show alittle comfort and care?
  2. Forgive Me I know I have, counted on you, more then I should, and I've been a total pain over silly little things. For all you do and, all you have done, it's more appreciated, then you ever know, even when I may not show it. I just wanted to ask of you, to forgive me for being a pain, and for counting on you, way more then I should. you have been a great friend, more then I deserve, and I thank god everyday, for giving me such a friend.
  3. My Heart Dear Lord, I am down on my knees, cause theres a war going on in my heart, and my heart is so full of doubt, and somewhere along the way, I have lost my faith. My heart has been in a battle, is this where my heart is meant to be, cause my heart has felt, as if it no longer belongs or even a part of a team. I have been reaching out for your hand, only hoping you will take my hand, and help my heart make it through, when my heart feels it stands alone or is feeling lonely. Oh Lord, sometimes my heart feels, as if theres no one to count on, or to listen or even care, my heart longs for someone, to believe in me for who I am, and not what I'm expected to be.